Dallas police won’t do nothin’ about this pastor’s car being stolen. Satanists come to his house when they’re not melting babies. There’s no love in a gay bar…NO LOVE!

  • echar

    I am amazed that the satanists found time to visit him, with all the role playing and heavy metal listening they do. Let alone the baby melting for candles. Or was it baby fat used for a vaginally applied flying unction including nightshade? This dude needs to check his facts instead of visiting gay bars. How else would he know if there’s love or not?

  • JohnFrancisBittrich

    As a heterosexual man I can say with certainty that, at least at the gay bars I frequent (hey, they have great DJs), I definitely feel the love. In fact, it’s an all-inclusive love that doesn’t even require blowjobs or buttplay! All it requires is a non-judgemental personality (and maybe a little molly to set the mood now and again).

  • Brad Jackson

    You don’t need gaydar to see this dude hates himself.