Thirty-Five Times Westboro Baptist Church Lost Badly

Apparently God loves epic lulz. Check out this round-up of 35 hilarious and moving rebuttals to the hate-filled shenanigans of Westboro Baptist Church. My favorite sign of the bunch is carried by the Anon in the Guy Fawkes mask: “I herd God lieks Mudkipz”. Humor and ridicule can be powerful weapons.

See all of the signs here.


  • DeepCough

    I’ve come to a stark revelation. If “God” works in mysterious ways, maybe the Westboro Baptist Church is “God’s” way of bringing us all together…..

  • BuzzCoastin

    it’s not about winning or losing
    it’s about how you play the game

    if I had to choose between a bunch of kooks carrying “God hates Fags” signs
    or pigs dressed in military gear searching me & my things on the highway, airport or school
    I’m picking the kooks

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