A List of School Violence Committed by People On or Withdrawing From Antidepressants

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Via SSRI Stories (hat tip: Jacque Fresco at Hang the Bankers):

School Stabbing Med For Depression 2011-10-25 Washington **Girl, 15, Stabs Two Girls in School Restroom: 1 Is In Critical Condition
School Shooting Zoloft Antidepressant & ADHD Med 2011-07-11 Alabama **14 Year Old Kills Fellow Middle School Student
School Shooting Meds For Depression & ADHD 2011-03-18 South Carolina **Teen Shoots School Official: Pipe Bombs Found in Backpack
School Massacre Plot Prozac Withdrawal 2011-02-23 Virginia **Teen Sentenced to 12 Years in Prison For Columbine Style Plot
School Hostage Situation Med For Depression 2010-12-15 France **17 Year Old with Sword Holds 20 Children & Teacher Hostage
School Incident/Bizarre Zoloft* 2010-08-22 Australia **School Counselor Exhibits Bizarre Behavior: Became Manic On Zoloft
School Knifing/Murder Meds For Depression & ADHD 2010-04-28 Massachusetts **Sixteen Year Old Kills 15 Year Old in High School Bathroom in Sept. 2009
School Shooting SSRI 2010-02-19 Finland **On Sept. 23, 2008 a Finnish Student Shot & Killed 9 Students Before Killing Himself
School Shooting Threats Celexa Antidepressant 2010-01-25 Virginia **Senior in High School Theatens to Kill 4 Classmates: Facebook Involved: Bail Denied
School Hostage Situation Cymbalta Antidepressant WITHDRAWAL 2009-11-09 New York **Man With Gun Inside School Holds Principal Hostage
School/Assault Antidepressant 2009-11-04 California **School Custodian Assaults Student & Principal: Had Manic Reaction From Depression Med
School Shooting Plot Antidepressants 2009-09-22 England **Two English School Boys Plot to Blow Up High School
School Bomb Threat Med For Depression 2009-06-29 Australia **Vexed Father Makes Bomb Threat Against Elementary School
School Shooting Med For Depression 2009-03-13 Germany **16 Dead Including Shooter: Antidepressant Use: Shooter in Treatment For Depression
School Knife Attack Treatment For Depression & Strattera 2009-03-10 Belgium **Three Dead in School Day Care: Two Children & a Caregiver: Happened Jan 23, 2009
School Shooting Plot Med For Depression WITHDRAWAL 2008-08-28 Texas **18 Year Old Plots a Columbine School Attack
School Threat/Lockdown Lexapro* 2008-04-18 California **Violent High School Student Shot to Death on Campus by Police
School Threat Antidepressants 2008-03-20 Indiana **Teen [16 Years Old] Brings Gun to School: There Is a Lockdown
School Stabbing Med For Depression 2008-02-29 Texas **Teen [17 Year Old GIRL] Stabs Friend & Principal at High School
School / Child Endangerment Antidepressants 2008-02-27 Canada **Wacky School Bus Driver Goes Berserk: Also Involved Painkillers
School Suicide/Lockdown Med For Depression 2008-02-20 Idaho **Teen [16 Years Old] Kills Self at High School: Lockdown by Police
School Shooting Prozac WITHDRAWAL 2008-02-15 Illinois ** 6 Dead: 15 Wounded: Perpetrator Was in Withdrawal from Med & Acting Erratically
School Threat Prozac Antidepressant 2008-01-25 Washington **Student Takes Loaded Shotgun & 3 Rifles to School Parking Lot: Plans Suicide
School Shooting Antidepressant WITHDRAWAL 2007-11-07 Finland **Student Kills 8: Wounds 10: Kills Self: High School in Finland
School Shooting Antidepressant WITHDRAWAL 2007-10-12 Ohio **Teen [14 Years Old] School Shooter Possibly on Antidepressants or In Withdrawal
School Suspension Lexapro Antidepressant 2007-07-28 Arkansas **Student Has 11 Incidents with Police During his 16 Months on Lexapro
School Threat Wellbutrin Antidepressant 2007-04-24 Tennessee **Young Boy, 12, Threatens to Shoot Others at School
School Threat Antidepressants 2007-04-23 Mississippi **Student Arrested for Making School Threat Over Internet
School Shooting Antidepressant? 2007-04-18 Virginia **Possible SSRI Use: 33 Dead at Virginia Tech
School Knife Attack Med for Depression 2006-12-06 Indiana **Teen Knife Attacks Fellow Student
School Stabbing Wellbutrin 2006-12-04 Indiana **Stabbing by 17 Year Old At High School: Charged with Attempted Murder
School Hostage Situation Antidepressant WITHDRAWAL 2006-11-28 North Carolina **Teen Holds Teacher & Student Hostage with Gun
School Shooting Antidepressant 2006-09-30 Colorado **Man Assaults Girls: Kills One & Self
School Shooting Celexa Antidepressant 2006-08-30 North Carolina **Teen Shoots at Two Students: Kills his Father: Celexa Found Among his Personal Effects
School Hostage Situation Med for Depression 2006-03-09 France **Young Ex-Teacher Holds 21 Students Hostage
School/Assault Zoloft Antidepressant 2006-02-15 Tennessee **Teen Attacks Teacher at School
School Violence Antidepressant 2005-11-19 Arizona **Violent 8 Year Old GIRL Handcuffed by Police at School
School Shooting Prozac Antidepressant 2005-03-24 Minnesota **10 Dead: 7 Wounded: Dosage Increased One Week before Rampage
School Violence Paxil 2004-10-23 Washington DC **Young Boy, 10 Year Old, Has Violent Incidents at School
School Shooting Threat Med for Depression* 2004-10-19 New Jersey **Over-Medicated Teen Brings Loaded Handguns to School
School Shooting Paxil [Seroxat] Antidepressant 2004-02-09 New York **Student Shoots Teacher in Leg at School
School Shooting Threat Antidepressant 2003-05-31 Michigan **Teen Threatens School Shooting: Charge is Terrorism
School Shooting/Suicide Celexa 2002-10-07 Texas **Young Girl [13 Years Old] Kills Self at School With a Gun
School Arson Incidents Paxil 2002-04-12 Michigan **Unusual Personality Change on Paxil Caused 15 Year Old to Set Fires inside High School
School Violence Celexa Antidepressant 2002-01-23 Florida **Violent 8 Year-Old Boy Arrested At School
School Shooting Antidepressant? 2002-01-17 Virginia **Possible SSRI Withdrawal Mania: 3 Dead at Law School
School Hostage Situation Paxil 2001-10-12 North Carolina **Young Man Holds Three People Hostage in Duke University President’s Office
School Machete Attack Med for Depression 2001-09-26 Pennsylvania **Man Attacks 11 Children & 3 Teachers at Elementary School
School Stabbings Antidepressants 2001-06-09 Japan **Eight Dead: 15 Wounded: Assailant Had Taken 10 Times his Normal Dose of Depression Med
School Shooting Celexa & Effexor Antidepressants 2001-04-19 California **Teen Shoots at Classmates in School
School Hostage Situation Paxil & Effexor Antidepressants 2001-04-15 Washington **Teen Holds Classmates Hostage with a Gun
School Shooting Paxil [Seroxat] Antidepressant 2001-03-10 Pennsylvania **14 Year Old GIRL Shoots & Wounds Classmate at Catholic School
School Hostage Situation Prozac/ Paxil Antidepressants 2001-01-18 California **Teen [17 Years Old] Takes Girl Hostage at School: He is Killed by Police
School Threats Prozac Antidepressant 1999-10-19 Florida **Teen [16 Years Old] Threatens Classmates With Knife & Fake Explosives
School Shooting Luvox/Zoloft Antidepressants 1999-04-20 Colorado **COLUMBINE: 15 Dead: 24 Wounded
School Shooting Threat Antidepressant 1999-04-16 Idaho **Teen Fires Gun in School
School Shooting Plot Med For Depression 1998-12-01 Wisconsin **Teen Accused of Plotting to Gun Down Students at School
School Shooting Prozac Antidepressant WITHDRAWAL 1998-05-21 Oregon **Four Dead: Twenty Injured
School Violence/Murder Antidepressants* 1998-05-04 New York **Sheriff’s Deputy Shoots his Wife in an Elementary School
School Stand-Off Zoloft Antidepressant 1998-04-13 Idaho **Teen [14 Years Old] in School Holds Police At Bay: Fires Shots
School Shooting Zoloft Antidepressant 1995-10-12 South Carolina **15 Year Old Shoots Two Teachers, Killing One: Then Kills Himself
School Murder Attempt Med For Depression 1995-03-04 California **Young Woman Deliberately Hits 3 Kids with Her Car at Elementary School: Laughed During Attack
School Shooting Related Luvox 1993-07-23 Florida **Man Commits Murder During Clinical Trial for Luvox: Same Drug as in COLUMBINE: Never Reported
School Shooting Antidepressants 1992-09-20 Texas **Man, Angry Over Daughter’s Report Card, Shoots 14 Rounds inside Elementary School
School Shooting Prozac Antidepressant 1992-01-30 Michigan **School Teacher Shoots & Kills His Superintendent at School
School Shooting Anafranil Antidepressant 1988-05-20 Illinois **29 Year Old WOMAN Kills One Child: Wounds Five: Kills Self


**    Indicates a school shooting or school incident.
* Indicates a legal case won using SSRI defense.
++ Indicates an important journal article.
+ Indicates a highly publicized case.
num An age < 25 covered by FDA black box for suicide.


6 Comments on "A List of School Violence Committed by People On or Withdrawing From Antidepressants"

  1. Earthstar | Jan 1, 2013 at 11:06 pm |

    There’s a good story on this at Reality Sandwich: http://www.realitysandwich.com/shooters
    I tried suggesting this story a few times, but couldn’t get the submit to work. Anyhow, people should check this article out. This is something people need to know about.

  2. Jespeak22@aol.com | Jan 2, 2013 at 12:29 am |

    My mom put my sister on Paxil. Now my sister’s kids have asthma. I read about a connection.

  3. What does this prove other than the obvious: that these people had/have mental issues to begin with and are/have been seeking treatment. Don’t get hung up on the treatment they receive or decline….if they were going to a witchdoctor instead of a psychiatrist, you’d instead read a headline something similar to: “Man who refuses psychiatric help for voodoo curse shoots up school”…. and if we lived in a society where a witchdoctor was the acceptable fix for such ailments, the headline may read: “Man refuses WitchDoctor’s healing magic and goes on to shoot up a school”. As it is, we live in a Big Pharma nation, where one’s action of shooting a school is blamed either on the patient “taking the pharmaceuticals” or “refusing the pharmaceuticals”. Yet still, patients in both dynamics: medicated and un-medicated, will shoot up schools regardless of what you or I discuss as the root cause.

    Murder is sadly in the human nature. Murder is an animal condition that seems to be in beasts of “higher intelligence” (or animals that have a crude, primitive sense of “problem solution”). There is no industry of murder or conspiracy to create assassins by the Big Corporations…..
    There is no “blame” directly on pharmaceuticals for this (apart from naively assuming Big Pharma is a cure-all to a broken system and society that pushes people to limits of competition, sanity, and chronic anxiety)…..
    as much as you could blame Glaxo-Klein for H.H.Holmes and Jack the Ripper….or as much as Johnson &Johnson perpetrated schemes to keep Vlad Tepes in power…..In those days, it wasn’t BigPharma blamed for such “humanity”…..but Satan or bloodthirst (or the act of turning away from God)…..

    Did Satan shoot up that school? Or was it someone who wasn’t *IN* with Satan, but who nonetheless was (by a majority vote) “godless”? Or was the shooter doing as he claimed: “Following the will of god”? Or was it Prozac that drove him to it? Or was it the “Lack of Prozac” that made him do it?

    But here’s a thought straight out of Rocket Science: maybe it was just a “troubled person”…someone allowed to grow up unchecked, ignored, neglected, and turned away from all sources of help within a system that only postures as proactive for a fix for a few months after a terrible tragedy takes place….. but which goes on with Business As Usual….as if nothing ever happened…. when it comes to really implement change to social behaviour.
    What’s in a name?

    How many of these people did LSD once? Is that in the article? How many were violently abused by someone they trusted? Is that in the article? How many were socially/emotionally “castrated” by a misandric and heterosexist, homophobic,and gender specific culture that allows open season on anyone outside the distilled essence of how one should act in this media culture… an environment where even on a mellow day of laundry one may end up in a National magazine like Gawker or Vice to be ridiculed by the “hip” and “in tune” crowd……because your pants clash with your shirt or you’ve got bed-head…..etc. etc.
    Do you really think it’s the pharmaceuticals pushing people over the edge? Spelling it out like this one might realize that we humans are damned if we do and damned if we don’t…that means the only common thread of these stories is the humanity alone….not big pharma, not lack of big pharma…not Jesus, not Satan, not possession by demons…

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