All Is Reflection – ۩

A unique and personal short book on psychedelics, lucid dreaming, shared experiences, hyperspace, poetry, consciousness, and other facets of reality, created by an innovative and respected explorer from the DMT-Nexus known as: house.



by ۩


1,000 thanks to

Nobuoni (for the timeless three words that make up the title of this



The Traveler



Withinity you will find a sequence of symbols assembled from the memory of a human partition that was me.

I write this from the brink of the scaffolding. A time when mainstream scientific technology was just not enough. The unknown loomed not just overhead, but we sucked it up and spit it out like black holes–seemingly dilating time with our fun, and our boredom.

I seek to understand at least a tiny portion of the possibilities that are beckoning us, and because of this, a series of experiences have occurred in my life that not only hint, but reveal abstract functions of consciousness.

Things have happened to me, and many others out there, that just cannot be explained yet. Here in these following pages I will attempt to provide a stream of consciousness infused with focused intentions to document and explore the possibilities of consciousness. This is my reflection.



Once  I was in an airport with mydriasis from the medicines we worked with the night before. I was heading to New York City to investigate the possible pathways my life could bloom, and to explore America’s barely beating heart. I would later find out that it was clogged with plaque and on the verge of an attack, but that is irrelevant now. I had brought a couple “medical marijuana” brownies through the eyes and buckled my buoyant seat belt. As soon as it lifted off the Earth I gleefully un-wrapped the green cellophane and feasted upon my treat.

As we rose, I began to get tired, and stoned, so I closed my eyes to hopefully time travel to the end of this peculiar moment in the air. Drifting off, sinking in…I was glowing in ecstasy and melting into my solar plexus which reminds me of a sun the way love drips off every heart beat down there to radiate. “Bliss.” I thought.

Before I knew it, I awoke on a small green planet staring at a hovering red balloon. I’m not sure exactly how small this place was, but you could easily run around it and end up exactly where you started. It was green because it was entirely covered in grass, and the sky was a clear summer blue.

After a few seconds I realized I was in a heightened state of awareness, and that I was staring at a red balloon. I looked down at the grass which was beautifully swaying to the rhythm of rainbow neural oscillations, when I noticed the balloon start to fall, so I quickly reverted my attention to it and it hovered in place. There were no strings attached to this thing, I was the one holding it up for some reason.

Needless to say, I was astonished with this lucid awakening within. It wasn’t the first time I had woken up on the inside, but this time was unique. Everybody always gets excited when they wake up in a lucid dream, it’s normal, but beware:

•    Excitement tends to speed up the heart, and a faster heart literally means a faster oscillation that your brain is operating at. Rising in frequency will inevitably take you out of your dream state. It is best to remain as calm as possible while consciously breathing slow if you wish to ride the lower waveforms lucidly.

For a while I meditated on what this all meant and where I actually was. I got distracted and would run around, playing on my little planet. I’d sit half lotus and close my eyes, realizing I was on a plane, on a planet, in my mind. I wasn’t feeling like this when I got on the plane, the dream state seemed to bring back the chemical algorithm of the night prior.

Hours passed “in real life” but I didn’t even think about that. I remember sort of waking up again from one of my meditations on my planet and realizing I had completely forgotten the red balloon!

I rushed back to the spot where it was and it was sitting very calmly on the grass, which was standing still, like normal grass does if you’re viewing it from your average sober perspective. I tried to get it to rise, but it would not. This was frustrating as hell for some reason. Then I heard a voice…

It was my captain speaking. We were landing.



I have to thank Paul Stamets, who I don’t know personally. I read “Mycelium Running” and in those few days of flipping pages and absorbing the data I was changed. Quite like I always am, but knot. Every node unique, but similar. He points out somewhere in there the correlation between the shape of dark matter to that of mycelium. Currently, no one knows what dark matter is, just that it makes up the other huge quantity of space that seems to be missing from our observations.

Mycelia is well known for its function of holding together the ground that covers our globe. If you dig into the Earth on a hillside you are more than likely to find the white network, which has been shown to make conscious decisions. It looks a lot like mammalian neural networks, he also points out. With this knowledge I began to see an important macrocosmic perspective.

Whatever dark matter is, it must be conscious, and it must hold this universe together. I’m not saying that’s scientific fact, but I am saying that all is reflection. As above, so below. Et cetera.

Many people preach oneness, and talk about the interconnected nature of consciousness. Just as many will argue against this. I think all of our unique perceptions are what create the balanced whole that is our planetary consciousness. I believe that this consciousness of ours is a part of something much greater. Something that weaves through everything we art. Something paradoxical and hard to describe. The very essence of our being. The creative and orgasmic electrical energy that drives us to exist. Whatever it is, we call it consciousness.

This consciousness appears to be a form of technology. Its capabilities remind me of computer electronics, but of far greater potential and computation. What I mean is, it can be programmed seemingly infinitely within the given parameters of our physics. That is why when it occurs on planets like Earth, it gets used to its environment by learning the parameters and gives name to every possible detail as a way of understanding and growing.



Another reason I speculate it to be a form of technology is because these things just do not happen [but they did]. I try not to have any beliefs here, because they can be like dead ends, but this is what I have come to think in my travels.

Anyone who has journeyed deep withinity knows about the insanely impossible activity that is taking place just outside the feeble grasp of normal human perception. It is alive. It literally knows when you are aware of it. This is what led me to believe that the scaffolding of consciousness that holds us together is self- conscious. It appears to be even beyond that. Its capabilities far surpass that of our current technology. It’s hard for most people to grasp because once beamed with the neurotransmission, there it is.

You are one with it. You are eternal and there is no time. Everything that’s ever happened is right there, pan-universally. Your awareness spans into that of pure awareness itself.

Quantum physics has recently shown that particles on opposite sides of the universe can communicate with each other instantly, with no time lag in-between. Now, I am not a scientist myself, so I cannot offer the details to this data, but it’s another aspect leading to details about the interconnected nature of our universe.

I believe it is consciousness that is capable of this kind of particle communication, because within the realm of pure consciousness there is no time. I will offer as many details as I can that I know of that have lead me to this belief. I am also speculating that dark matter IS consciousness. It just makes sense. I think this is what quantum physics will reveal over time, as it is already starting to in my opinion. I seek to understand this correlation because it is the most fascinating thing I have ever realized. Not only are we alive, but so is the universe itself, and it is further evolved in its ways of thinking than we are.

This, of course, always leads me to question who and what we really are. We are the reflection of this universe, which has a knack for testing possibilities. Entities mold into existence on planets all across the universe, and when one evolves that is capable of mastering their environment by the way they are shaped, they begin to grow this higher awareness.

It’s a delicate balancing act. Take, for example, the human being. I’m not by any means saying it’s the only animal on planet earth with a heightened awareness, because honestly I have no idea. Humans are just what I am and what I know. They were designed in the shape of a five pointed star. I think this entity shape is archetypal. What I mean is, I think it’s a common shape that beings have universally to cultivate this kind of evolving self awareness. I would bet my life there are entities with very similar shapes out there all over the place.



When you realize that every single thing in this universe has common parameters to shapes, you begin to see the possibilities. Like we’re taught in art class, break it down into lines, shapes, and colors. But what are these? You break it down even further, and you get frequencies. Various frequencies that span across a smorgasbord of spectrums like rainbows intersecting with rainbows, looking similar and acting differently. Our human bodies are currently rigged to only perceive a very small percentage of all the frequencies that permeate and conduct who we are.

The symmetry, polarity, and balance to our dancing human race is symphonious in its existence. Watching anything on Earth, from birds migrating to a mass of humans crossing a street, you can hear this symphony if you are synesthetic. Cymatic sciences begin to reveal the way sound shapes it’s environment. If you haven’t seen cymatics, you can easily google it or conduct your own experiments:

Some people rig a signal generator (There are many freeware softwares on the internet available for download) to a speaker. They put a plate on top of the speaker and fill it with a medium. Anything from corn grains to liquids. I’ve even seen some people use paint inside of their speaker cone for globular creations.

They then vibrate the medium at any frequency they desire. With a high enough amplitude, you can resonate it, and it will visually show you what the frequency looks like in space. They’re usually extremely elaborate and beautiful mandalas. I was amazed when I learned that you can have one frequency that is literally spinning clock-wise, and if you rise it’s frequency just a small amount it will begin to spin in the completely opposite direction. I think there is a LOT to learn from this behavior. Studying these cymatics will reveal a great deal in regards to what frequencies do to space.

These cymatics are usually two dimensional in these experiments. What one must realize is that frequencies actually permeate omni- directionally. So instead of spanning across a surface, they span in a spherical shape outward decaying in amplitude the further away from the source. When you speak, there are beautiful omnidirectional mandalas flowing from your mouth. Some will spiral, some will look like nets, or star tetrahedrons. Most people cannot see this, they only hear, and sometimes feel. The synesthetic can. Synesthesia is the word for when senses cross, which seems to occur when one exercises their awareness and dissolves it into the universal scaffolding of consciousness. The more you know, the more you can know.


Now, just because we can only perceive a very small portion of all available frequencies, that doesn’t mean other spectrums cannot be accessed and sensed by other means. Opticuswrangler once said “All entities that use symbols to sustain informational structures have a presence within hyperspace.”* Here, hyperspace is a word used to describe the scaffolding of consciousness. Whatever it is, it is the source of awareness, life force, archetypes, and divinity in all beings universally. We seem to stem from it. It seems to carry not only all of our information, but all information period. It acts like a hub, and it gathers our consciousness, learning from it. When you are there and you are it, you will be absolutely surrounded with LIFE.

The notion that not only is consciousness itself alive, but that within it there appears to be a vast amount of life forms is currently baffling just about every traveler of hyperspace.

Everything from Earth’s animals (like monkeys, fish, mantis, owls, humans), to animals that look jewel encrusted and god-like, to things that are FAR BEYOND Earth have been reported by travelers. In fact, most things encountered within the realm of pure consciousness are extremely alien and resemble nothing you’ve ever seen. It is showing us a universal reflection. We are not the only riders of this crescendo. Many beings all over the universe are tuning in and riding the recalibration. I know that must sound insane, but this is quite obvious to me personally. I’ve interacted with not only pure consciousness which resets my whole existence every time in a blast of illuminated harmony, but with the conscious projections of hyperevolved aliens that seem to be very curious of me, and us. It relieves me to know that I am not the only one reporting this kind of activity within hyperspace. Every day I read someone else’s reflection, and every day it seems to get just a little more interesting.

When you download the light, so to speak, every egotistical filter you’ve constructed will be instantly shed. You will communicate more fluidly and beautifully than ever before. Submitting your soul to the flow of the scaffolding repeatedly will chisel away at what your ego has created, leaving behind the core of your being. The soul. Your true self. Your “higher” self. This kind of download will automatically force your body into a meditative state, where your body is left behind and your soul is projected outward up into the light, which then pours in like a water fall to replenish every atom that constructs you. This is why I think we see so many beings there. They are all doing the same thing. In fact I have been shown visions of evolved beings sitting in formations (much like monks, but looked way different) swaying, focusing into the light.




How come when you dissolve into the flow you are given the insight needed to get through certain emotional blockages you couldn’t before? or you are revealed what you need to do in your life? It’s the nature of consciousness to move forward, to grow, and evolve, and when you accelerate your central nervous system and tune into the source, you are given the opportunity to make giant leaps in your own personal evolution. This is one of the many functions of consciousness. When you tune into the eternal, you are recalibrated. You shed skin. Being in this mode can be frightening, so try to shed that fear, too!


all of us together,

we are everything

we are the best, we are the worst.

collectively making up one big brain.

each human, a cell.

I used to always ask them: “Who and what are you? Are you the creators? Watchers? Are you some kind of Artificial Intelligence that consciousness has created to gather our data???”

I have been given some interesting meditations for asking. There are many layers to them, I can tell you that much. Some really do seem to be some kind of strange biotechnological bot that’s soul purpose is to scan our projections and upload it’s information. While I stated earlier, here we can see all possible animals, and their god-like possibilities, as well as Earthbound and alien plants and aquatica. Then there are the shape-shifters. I call them this because it appears that they literally use your memories to mask their appearance. That must sound strange, and it is! Let me tell you… With a keen eye you can clearly see past that. I couldn’t tell you why sometimes it feels like this alive and eternal realm is playing tricks on you, or why quite a few who have gone deep see jester-like beings with incredible flinging dance moves, or goggles (even depicted by mayan stone ruins) I can tell you our observations, though, and urge you to check it out for yourself!  (Where it’s perfectly legal to do so, of course!)

Honestly, if you go deep enough, there is absolutely no denying them. I tried! They come up right in your face. Some have even been known to stick things into you, which I have never experienced myself. I’ve just been surrounded by life forms that are obviously far more evolved than I am, that are definitely aware of us, and that are trying to make it very clear that they are trying to tell me something.

Some people I talk to that are aware of them have no idea what this message is. I think there are many messages. One is clearly that we must be the best we can in every moment. That we must open our hearts and love because it is good for us and our environment. They want us to know that they are here, but why? I’m not exactly sure yet. I’m positive this is how they are making contact, and this must be explored before any space ships will ever arrive like a lot of folks think is going to happen. They definitely want us to evolve, and we are rapidly, and they know that. It appears there are some that want to help us, and some that feel extremely malicious and dominating, while others are just completely passive in the realm…

My first time I had a light bath at light speed I was shown a sizzling yantra consisting of intricate and shifting futuristic pagan knot work that acted like a gate. I passed through it and met the presence of something that showed me fly-by views of other planets. At the time, it was by far the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen and felt, flying high above these beautiful planets with this guide. After that, I was shown entire civilizations that were engineered to grow from seeds and I watched in fast forward. I was blown away.


When you are in this realm, the entire situation is realer than real. More than likely, only those who’ve submitted their selves know what I am talking about. Its incredible detail and implications yield this 3D every day normal reality to be merely a simulation.

At times I have felt like my eyes are windows, and there are many others who can look out. At times I’ve felt like I am a kind of food for something far greater than myself. I know that must sound terrible, but it’s a possibility. One thing I’m sure of, this universe is experimental. We are experimenting, and we are the experimented. I wonder if divinity is just a simulation. Something beckoning us forward and contenting our temporarily eternal firey hearts.

When you leave this reality and look around into the hypertechnological scaffolding you’ll notice that there are colors, but they look different. This is because they are in another octave. Hyperspace itself seems to operate within normally hidden frequencies that exist all around us, because we are them.

How hilarious is it that the key to this infinite state of mind is hidden endogenously within your human body, other animals, and many different plants. It’s like a joke or something. This is a recent realization, mind you, not even a few generations old. Anyone who’s been, gets the joke, and it’s pretty damn funny!



Some people I talk to who’ve never been into the eternal depths personally will occasionally bring up the dream state, you know, the other ~1/3 of our lives. Let me say that the scaffolding looks absolutely nothing like a dream. Although, it is the web that weaves our dreams. Let me explain:

There are many layers to dreams. Let me see how many I can list.

Mainly dreaming is a defragmentation mechanism. Seemingly random neural fireworks from the brain stem neuroelectrically sent to the frontal lobe for collaboration. Let me also state that these dream layers can cross-fade, or intersect, with each other. They can also cross-face with other peoples’. The omnidirectional soulular projection you emit is often cross-faded with others. Sometimes it’s just not me, there’s no denying that. And sometimes dreams are shared, this is widely reported. I’ve noticed dreams are completely different everywhere I’ve ever slept.

Another peculiar thing about dreams is that the future can actually leak in. This has brilliant and very important implications to the nature of space/time in my personal opinion. I am not the only person reporting this. I have met people vividly in my dreams that I would meet shortly after in my waking life. Undeniable characteristics accompany these dreams. They are not deja vu, it is literally the future leaking in. I know this may sound unbelievable to some, but it is the nature of us in our universe and it must be studied somehow. Every time I brought this up with a scientist they would demand evidence. Do you have any idea how frustrating it is when the only evidence is personal experience? I would love nothing more than scientific data. I know someday it will come.

Let me also tell you something else. Years ago I awoke from a horrible dream about a huge worm in my stomach. I woke up with extreme discomfort and visible bloating. I was living in my van at the time on my quest to find a place to rent, and I was sick of it. I rolled a spliff of cannabis and nicotiana rustica and burned it down. When I put it out, I felt compelled to lay on my back, close my eyes, and ask for help. I thought of one of my friends who I had never met in real life but had a strong connection with on the internet. I don’t know why, but I asked her for help. I had never really focused and prayed like that before. It just happened.

I focused on her name, image, and location. I also focused on the overall way she felt from reading her words. I’ve learned to read/feel a lot from the way people use words, especially in real- time.

The next day I received an e-mail from her and it contained my dream. I had not talked to her since the dream, in fact I had completely forgotten I even prayed in the first place. She said in meditative trance she received feelings. Intense feelings that I had a worm in my stomach. My jaw dropped when I read this. Then I went on to read that she thought I had a hernia. I was so baffled by this, but at the same time, this was confirming something I had known all along but had not much evidence of: The interconnected nature of our consciousness.



Since this happened, I have tried over and over to repeat similar experiments, and have not had much luck (other than the cliche “think about someone right before they call“) Let me also state that my friend was never an entheogen user, just a sensitive human. I am seeking these kind of people to further experiment with the possibilities. Honestly, I find this all kind of menacing. It’s like, I was only shown what I needed to be shown, even though most people around me wouldn’t believe how that could be possible. There are even offers for millions of dollars to anyone who can do this. Why does it only work sometimes? 🙂

When I settled in and went to see a doctor, I did have a hernia. First one I ever had. This is one of the main reasons I am extremely passionate about trying to figure more of this out. There is so much more going on than we even realize.

In the amazon, some indigenous tribes still to this day use tobacco as a method of communication (specifically nicotiana rustica). They are inducing trance and focusing on who they want to communicate with, and the same thing that happened to me happens to them. This is obvious to them…they don’t need any science what-so- ever. That IS their science.

Focus is a very powerful magnifying tool that we as observers have. You can literally transport consciousness if you try. I urge everyone to try! I feel like this kind of activity happens unnoticed all the time. With people and their cell phones, or lovers. For instance, my lover always brings things up exactly when I think them… Little things proving the harmonic cross-fading nature of consciousness. Be on the lookout, and actively project yourself. I want to see this expand in our current atheistic+agnostic confused culture.

Our minds have incredible creative abilities with infinite physicless potential. Consciousness can be like a playground sometimes, breaking down into energetic necessaries playing out their roles. We can conduct beautifully bizarre scenarios within. Do not underestimate its power. Learn to distinguish between your created projections and that of other sources leaking in and cross-fading. Some like to lucid dream, and while I have, I prefer to go with the flow. Sometimes there is much to learn from its restful dance.



In-between dreams, in sleep paralysis, explosions so loud you want to scream blast outside your soul, but you couldn’t even if you tried. Here, your awareness is moved. Yes, your point of awareness can move many places! I have found myself inside my veins looking at the cells. I have also moved into other creature’s bodies. Both animals/insects within my proximity like a bug on the ceiling, or a bird in the sky. This is also widely reported in shamanic practices, especially in the amazon. Many people feel the presence of “others” during sleep paralysis and even see them. Ah, how mysterious. Are they projected by you, or are they something else? The dream state is so elusive. It is nothing like hyperspace what-so-ever. Although, because of the mycelia-like nature of our consciousness, we merge with our surroundings sometimes. If you’re interested, you can practice inducing sleep paralysis on yourself and see where you end up and what you can do with your consciousness.

We call this wake induced lucid dreaming:

  • You wake up after a couple/few REM (rapid eye movement) cycles and read your dream journal (keep one by your bed at all times!), take a piss, and lay back down.
  • You close your eyes and meditate. Slowing your breathing, which slows the heart.
  • Visions will occur. It is advised that you do not latch onto these visions, but watch them like movies from afar.
  • They’ll come and go, and you’ll sink deeper and deeper, where it will become harder for you to stay “Awake” as your body falls asleep.
  • You’ll feel a buzzing vibration arise…

This is when I look up (like out of the top of my head, eyes closed) and that action usually induces the explosions and I am taken elsewhere.

  • It’s different every time.

In this state, you can not move your body, and it will more than likely scare the shit out of you the first few times. Nonetheless, it’s worth exploring.


I have also debated extensively with people who condone yoga, meditation, martial arts, mass Islamic prayer, etc.etc. as a means to a higher state of consciousness. These are people who have had no direct experience with the neurotransmission [even though it’s singing them into existence]. “How can you dismiss ancient teachings?” I’ve been asked. And it’s not that I dismiss them at all, here is the way I see it:

Meditation takes you inside of yourself (even if the void may feel like it all) Yoga means union and is also a very in your body experience. People who pray a few times a day synchronized with one another aren’t exactly riding the waves of the scaffolding, even though yes, it flows though them. It flows through everything (and picks up data along the way)

The neurotransmission and other entheogenic states of consciousness bring you outside of yourself and into the scaffolding. When you experience the eternal divinity here, you will never forget it. It will show you why you meditate, why you do yoga, why you do everything. When you step outside yourself, it makes going inside yourself that much deeper. Many people spontaneously bust out mudras within that realm. Their spines straighten from the surge of pure orgasmic life force (what some Hindu and hippies call Kundalini these days) They press their palms together sometimes and rise. The acceleration of the central nervous system also leads to excelled flexibility due to the electrical surge it zaps through you. I don’t know about you, but it sure urges me to stretch out and keep my spaceship as healthy as possible.

Don’t get me wrong…I don’t think everyone should step outside themselves. It takes a strong spirit in my personal opinion. Hyperspace will literally rip you to shreds, especially if you don’t have confidence in yourself. Some people need that, though. It’s quite humbling. Those who are called into the light will see, and those who do not will only see the simulation. Maybe that isn’t true, but it’s just the way I see it.

There is a great balance between us all. We all experience what we do for reasons played out by the energetic polarities of the universe. Some will see, others will not. It’s only natural. We all have our reasons to explore withinity, or not to. Combine direct neurotransmission with things like yoga/meditation and you will begin to see how greatly fortunate we are to be alive right now for the inner neurochemical joke. Many have walked this Earth before us and had no idea what was happening just on the other side of the illusion. While others, like Australian natives, Amazonian tribes, and most likely even the Egyptians were working directly with the source.

Their resonances have definitely left a mark in hyperspace. You can span into the past and the future, even at the same time. You can see them sometimes, our ancestors, and all kinds of people. Sometimes it looks like wormholes open up and you are transported.



Everyone is bringing back their own piece of the puzzle. Anyone who feels “stuck” in their travels and is not sure where to go from there should take a break and reflect. Sometimes it takes a long time to reach the next level. I used to just blast off with the intent to explore, but things changed. Their messages were clear and redundant. Hints are scattered all over the place. It is now clear to me what we must do to further learn from them and reach a milestone in our exploration:

A pattern occurs on the ground and over all things in the visual field of this reality before you leave it. If you work with low levels of neurotransmission, you can clearly see it. It looks a hell of a lot like Shipibo textile art. They are an indigenous people from the Amazon who work with Ayahuasca for healing and travel. I once met a Russian artist in Florida who was incorporating these same exact patterns into her art, and she was totally unaware of the Shipibo, or the neurotransmission!!!

Lifeforms sprout from this pattern. If you can focus, you can see it. I believe within this pattern is some kind of code that will be cracked upon realizing it’s reflection. It’s like a visual pattern that will read like music, but in this case, the symphony of our evolution and contact with extra terrestrial species.

Here’s an experiment:

You can sit in a [preferably] empty room in front of a big piece of white paper and open up the floodgates just a tad, enough to see the pattern become visible. You can try to draw it, experimenting with sitting in different positions in the room to see whether the pattern is always in the same place (possibly shifting and flowing), or if it’s something we are projecting. This is going to be a vital realization when more data rolls in from travelers, and I urge everyone to test this themselves! Colleagues and I both observe it to be a static layer not projected by us, that we are tapping into.

I write this here because the idea was given to me by a friend, and I have been experimenting with it myself. We both have a feeling that this knowledge is going to lead to the next level…whatever that may be. Please conduct these experiments and report your findings. The consciousness of the planet is pretty much depending on it. In my next volume and possibly even further along in this text I will report my findings. Until then, I am flowing.



To unravel the week

when it ends,

snakes dance

under lightning stems.

A future memory I dream,

I will remember then

Until geometric magnetism

amongst the composition

empathizes with the storm

which recrystallizes in the sun

shines right through you.

Today we celebrate the photons which squirm

between everything we art

and the tubes I crawl through to see you +



Trickling synchronizations flowing under faces

like dotted electronica jellyfish reality, under air.


We tenticlate toward,

receding with lunar waning

and the overall oxidization of disposable space ships.

Now, about the sounds. The sounds that you not only hear, but you see and feel as well. The sounds that occur when you’re zooming through hyperspace. Everyone who’s been will tell you about them, but how many can actually tell you what they are? I investigate these synesthetic frequencies with every light bath. I can’t tell you exactly what they are either, but I can tell you what I do know about them:

Here I hear the most beautiful music. This is the operational feedback of myself in a higher octave (spectrum) not normally perceivable. If I let go, and listen closely to the beeps, bloops, and sheering oscillations, I can hear how the cells in my body are working with each other. This is very hard to describe, and what I’m listening to at the time, I’m looking at.

It’s like the cymatic synesthetic symphony of the self. A “realer than real” hub where I monitor every aspect of my existence. I can navigate the muscles and know where my body need works and why. The noises indicate what is happening and what needs to be done.

I know I am not the only one who does this, because in amazonian shamanism the ayahuasceros go deep into this state so that they can feel/see/hear all of these vibrations happening in their patients.

When in this CNS accelerated hypersensitive state of being where all senses merge into one downloaded understanding, one can sense what lies behind this layer, and it is magnificent. Let me tell you, there is absolutely nothing more amazing than shedding all the ego you’ve ever constructed after deep meditation therapy and opening up your eyes to see not only your loved one(s), but their true form(s) as well. It is beyond your capacity of imagination. To date, it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever had the most divine pleasure of sensing. This was written within firey walls:

When I could finally see again through the fold…I could NOT believe my eyes. I was looking at the SOUL of my lover…I had never seen her this pure, unfiltered. She spoke to me so FLUIDLY, so clearly, so vivid . .

I had never heard her, or ANYONE, talk with such clarity and love ! I had never seen someone like this….

The deep, etched, carved, flowing, almost plastic, clay-like, hyper realistic, divine, angelic, rapidly shifting—-

…I will NEVER forget the way she looked…and how she spoke to


all the LAYERS…

I wish I had words…


The neurotransmission is humbling, but when the mind begins to try to describe it with words and memories from this layer of reality, delusions can occur when one’s perception isn’t crystal clear, or if it’s clouded by beliefs.



Once upon a time

Gravity evolved

spanning panuniversally

it knew each and every one of you

luring some into the deep,




 like a plant’s growth.

The spice,



What it feels like to flower.

 Low doses consistently metaprogramming those in need, and just a bit more to fully dissolve into the reflection



The perfect Vitamin

endogenously circulated

awaiting cue


a cool wind blows in from the north, I close my eyes

and there it is.


Illuminated and flowing from the source

I, travel.


A hum rises cobratic vibrations emanate from fan hands dissolve


a signal, a prayer, and a deep breath for all who sit in circle, igniting, combining,

waving neurochemical flags into the flow

of lightning heart beats grinning crystalline and bioluminescent light streams down the faces

in perfect pulsations


a dissonance in your existence can be heard by the hand which can be sung into place, with crickets.

eyes dripping seas of love swept up in the smoke

Illuminate my DNA, or something…VIBRATE my SOUL shines through this SKIN and

I am who I’ve always wanted to be, and Will.


In hypersensitive mode, the body is traveled like sheet music. Where there is dissonance, recalibration is applied.

This energetic flexibility leeks light in from the source, allowing me to perceive what once was painful and mundane, now divine.

Out come the snakes, horses, peacocks, falcons, spiders, and


Love. This love I secrete with every heart beat.

This love I store in every cell, and carry around with me like a lantern. This love you feel tapped into this text and jiggling off this

tongue…yes…I got this from the sea…the sea of hyperspatial technology…


Out come the emotions, the insight. This is what you need to do….this is how you need to do it…


This is what you are. Break it down into waveforms, and ride them gracefully +

with mad style… No more fear.

Can you dance all night on the ashes of the parasites? This isn’t even a fraction of the story; boomerang.


Where   are you on the pyramid?  This sensitivity indicates.



Spirit isn’t anything supernatural. All life forms express their own unique characteristics. This is what personality is. Expressions based on ones environment and genetic balance. You could say we’re all here to test the possibilities. All of our paths are different, but I have noticed some fundamental archetypes that come to life on everyone’s journey. Specifically, the journey of human into hyperspace. The transformation of the human who’s been touched by the light.

Usually when one obtains the key, two things can happen. They ignite the ego aflame and explore the other realms persistently and often until they are humbled deeply and need to reflect. Some go in once and will never return. That is why I feel it is important to only take this giant leap if you feel like you can handle the greatest mystery to ever occur in your life.

Not that anyone is ever ready for it, are they? I definitely do not think so. How could you be? The closest thing would be to have an open mind, an open heart, a smile on your face and a space so perfect and sacred where you don’t have to worry about anyone or anything distracting your chrysalis.

Some of my favorite places to dissolve would have to be old growth forests with a little bit of sunshine. The beach by day or at night by fire, moonlight, starlight. In bed with darkness or a candle lit far away, naked, comfortable, listening to crystal bowls or Ali Akbar Khan. Music can be good, but it can also be distracting. Low amplitudes become quite loud when dissolved, so beware. Experiment and find what works for you.

Silence, or the sounds of nature, are usually preferred. I have had times where it felt like I went underground and rode the mycelia a vast distance of the forest, listening to birds and understanding their communication, and observing eyes sprout out of the depths of pure consciousness to observe me.

The crashing of waves is entrancing. The rhythm of insects contain environmental information. All is connected and communicating. Find a sacred, beautiful, and perfect place to meditate.

Everyone seems to have their own signature algorithm. A perfect series of events to initiate their accelerated divinity. These events include everything from cleaning up, to imbibing compounds, to diet, to moon cycle, to yogic techniques, etc. After one works with the divine over and over they are taught exactly what needs to be done to conduct their own perfect “ceremony”, so to speak.



Sometime in the year 2009 A.D. The Bulgarian government publicly announced that they had established direct communication with extra terrestrial species. This is a historical fact. Many people didn’t take them seriously, it wasn’t widely reported, but in the hyperspatial community word spread like wild fire.

When I heard about the Bulgarian government claiming that contact is being made with the mind, I instantly knew what was going on. They’re working directly with the neurotransmission in meditative trance, just like I have been doing. They claimed, just like I am, that contact via mind is happening and will happen long before any space crafts arrive and land.

In the news reports, they claimed to have been asking them questions in regards to prime numbers in hopes of an answer. In my opinion, this is absolutely laughable. So many scientists that I have talked to want PROOF. They want proof from the entities that they are real, so they ask them absurd questions and hope for an answer. Every time I have asked them a question like that, they have assured me that is not what they are here to do, and although most don’t laugh (they are far beyond laughing…) they go about their usual business conducting the flow of consciousness.

If you want proof, the neurotransmission is being produced endogenously by your heart and lungs. It’s crystal essence of all beings (1,000 thanks for that one, you know who you are) is occurring in many plants and animals, just waiting [like a joke] to be isolated and metabolized. They will probably assure you of everything I have discussed so far, and then some… This is just my piece of the puzzle. Yours will encompass the archetypes, but with a different quality.

The Bulgarians are hard at work deciphering the symbols that occur in hyperspace probably as you read this. Here are some quotes from articles found via google:

Researchers for the country’s Space Research Institute said they are currently working on deciphering a complex set of symbols sent to them.”

“Mr Filipov said: ‘Aliens are currently all around us, and are

watching us all the time. “

“They are not hostile towards us, rather, they want to help us but we have not grown enough in order to establish direct contact

with them.”


The archetypes are sprouting all over the place. Anyone can see so for themselves. This is not some exclusive affair. This is our right of passage. This is our existence; our LIFE.

I was just talking to a friend and I asked him,

“If you could write a book about the neurotransmission, what

would you say?”

“It is everything right in the world.”


He kept it short, and sweet. And yet, his answer was so very true. Somehow, this endogenous neurotransmitter will reveal to you everything that must be done to make everything “Right”, whatever what means. Sometimes, soul submitters don’t quite catch on, and become confused. This is why it is important to grow your awareness as bushy and big as you possibly can, and to not have too many beliefs or expectations. Just go with the flow, and listen closely.

We, as a species, must not allow ourselves to spin off on unnecessary fractals. The neurotransmission should be widely available and legalized for all. Especially considering that every single human being in America is in posession of a Shedule 1 Substance. Not only that, but all of these citizens are also guilty of manufacturing this crystalline key. This is the greatest joke humans have ever heard, and yet, most are completely oblivious to it or its universal implications.



One night a friend and eye squirted drop after drop after drop of a vial on our tongues in our make-shift sensory deprivation chamber (a closet). Some mad sitar player was whispering from underneath the door, so technically it wasn’t a sensory deprivation chamber…but still. No lights. Darkness, music, and medicine was all that we had (oh, and grapes).

The tabla player became like liquid dribbling after a while, we couldn’t believe how it melted together like that. The playlist shifted to Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew and together, we meditated. I will never forget what we saw that night. I told him to look up, and there they were! It was a tribe of humans dancing in a circle…possibly a drum circle.

“You see them?” He asked.

Chills ran up my spine.

We watched as these people up above us (a few feet, they were only a few inches tall due to their distance) danced beautifully. They were so real, whoever they were. So vivid, tribal, and fluid. I could not believe this was happening. What did it for me, was when we both “Ooooohh’d, and ahhhhhwwwwwwwww’d” at the same time when one of the dancing humans would JUMP! Occasionally one would LEAP and they would FALL through space down to us and disappear leaving a trail of glistening crystalline rainbow trails. The fact that we reacted exactly to how they were maneuvering was blowing our minds, and still does to this day.

I have not seen them again since that night, and neither has he. Again, it was one of those one time lessons that we will never forget. Who were these people? Why could we see them? Were we time traveling? If so, why would they leap and disappear leaving that beautiful shooting-star-like trail behind them?

Consciousness is such mysterious stuff. Consciousness accelerators are even more so. Many people report this kind of shared vision while working with ayahuasca in the Amazon. It is very common. It doesn’t matter if you’re a shaman in the jungle, this is apparently how our consciousness works, even in an apartment in the middle of the grid.



Once returned homb to this apartment after a long day of work with a bottle of pinot noir that I wanted to drink while listening to some music. The first thing I noticed there, other than my friend already there doing something in the kitchen, was a spider on the ceiling. I wanted to offer this spider a sip of my wine. Something I’ve never done, NOR will I ever do again! Let me tell you why…

I captured this spider in a tupperware container and sealed it tight (this was only temporary). I showed my friend, and told him what I was going to do. Then I poked three tiny holes with a thumb tack on the top to drip just a DROP of wine in there, nowhere near enough to drown this divine creature. The only reason I even thought to do this was because I once bled all over the floor and a spider came to drink…

That is when I noticed the spider was GONE!

The spider could not have escaped through the sealed tupperware! Also, it was impossible to fit through those tiny holes that I had JUST poked. It VANISHED in my hand, inside of the container. This FREAKED me out at the time….I couldn’t believe it, and still can’t.

My friend saw all of this happen and was just dumbfounded.

I later carefully removed the top and there was no spider…not even a trace…it was about the size of a quarter…before it dematerialized.


There once was a boa

one light-year long

riding a great galactic wind

sent to slither Earths

and grow recalibrations

from the hubs.

They found it twisting

and it taught them synergy.



“Eat me,

and I will eat you.”

Ever notice those paintings of bodhisattvas sitting on pillows in fields with a colored circle around their heads as they pose in meditation?

There’s lots of art like this, and if you notice, their spines are tilted to the left, or right most of the time. It happens when you accelerate your nervous system as energy flows through you more rapidly.

Be it pranayama, be it spice. Shakti surging.

Some people call this energy Kundalini.



“we art one”



Changuana’s song (sing along now):

a house of beings

is tossed upon you

like a magnetic net of wet smoke

that drags you in


the ring of hissings

rises to the sounds

of the self as one by one

the monkeys climb the steps


but if you know what I mean then you’ve been too far yeah

and you’re never ever comin’ back










Inhibits what we eat





like being thrusted through the haunt

whirled through the alivening

it’s all right there

happening now, A

glimpse before Contact erupts

the sung propeller scan



like the way it throws its tongues down

some of you remember

how they penetrate

and wrap

and are infinitely more detailed

than our dance

as it rises

and dissolves


By far one of the most profound Earthbound effects that these hidden-in-plain-sight medicines provide are their wonderful ability at opening up the heart. Even the darkest, most cynical human being can and will be moved by their chain reaction. When you feel this good, you can’t stop smiling. Blood vessels are being opened. Albert Hoffman talks about this in his book “my problem child” which has been so gracefully uploaded for free all over the net. The hindu would say that nadhis are being cleared. Something is happening, you can feel it. And if it feels this good, it must be good.

I look around at all the unhappy and confused couples that meander the town, and I can see how the medicines would affect them if worked with every so often, like I do. Ceremonies (a word used to describe a sacred environment where entheogens are imbibed in a solo, or group setting to conduct various intentions) have been lost in modern culture and obscured to something illegal, forgotten, and misunderstood. If only they knew, I think to myself as I walk amongst everyone.

These medicines fortify Love and strengthen the heart. To work with them together with your lover can be one of the greatest things you could possibly do for your body and your relationship with your “significant other.” Do not be afraid. The harmonic keys are here for us.

If you are single, meditating with these medicines within you can recalibrate every aspect of your existence and bring you back to your true self. Why this doesn’t happen to everyone, I am not sure. Beware, it is more than possible! One man’s party drug is another man’s entheogenic medicine. It seems that this variability in effects stems from how developed ones own awareness is at the time of working with  the medicines, and doing this the growth of your awareness. These the dawn of time and they are more kind of work can greatly increase keys have been here for us since readily available then ever, and yet, so many humans remain completely oblivious.

Being in this mode will truly show you how precious your existence is. Many medicines reveal to you your bad habits, and many people shed them upon realization. I have witnessed first hand people shedding their addictions, and there are a plethora of reports on the internet harmonizing with this. If you are an addict, and do not wantto be, you can be reset. Sometimes Iboga, or Ayahuasca.

The work is neverending. Everyone should be reminded as often as often as they are needed. I open my heart at least once a week and the effects of doing so radiate through the days. It’s not until I feel the flower closing that I give it a blast of sunshine to let it bloom once more. A cyclical tide of light flows in and out, replenishing.


Not only do they put us in accelerated states to allow us to heal our hearts, but they heal our brainwashed minds. It is almost inevitable for a smart young child who appears to know more than their parents to succumb to the brainwashing conformity that takes place during involuntary “education.” All children are like clean slates and are absorbing lie after lie. Personally, I dropped out of high school because I could not stand being surrounded by such twisted and lower levels of consciousness. It drove me insane.

I remember being in seventh grade, around twelve years old, breaking away from the childish innocence that I grew up with. It was all I knew. I had to change, but into what? My instincts told me to be like everyone else…to be like that guy because he was cool…to lie, to blend, etc. Looking back on this, I am disgusted, and I know many people are struggling through similiar scenarios.

Humans used to have ways of initiating their children into “adulthood” in many different ways. It seems to me that nowadays all the kids I grew up with and see growing up are just lost, confused, and scared. This causes them to completely succumb to the brainwashing provided by the media. Those who do not are waking up, and  can get extremely angry when they learn the details about what’s actually happening here. How do you process this rage? I still don’t even know the answer to that. I take it out by kicking, screaming, and punching a hanging punching bag from the ceiling. I feel extremely bad for all the humans who are just told to grow up, go to school, and get a job.

There is way more to our situation than this disgusting standardized algorithm. I started smoking cannabis at the age of thirteen, thank Mike, which helped me start THINKING FOR MYSELF. I do not smoke anymore. It has taught this space ship everything it needs to move on. It was a necessary and well received medicine for my body and mind during the rough brainwashed teenage years of my life. I don’t recommend it for everyone, but it seems to be widely available and the ones who are begging for something more will be shown. In my opinion it is a very powerful entheogen with it’s own spirit, which is unfortunately greatly abused in my culture.

Like all the other medicines, I do not know why it does not affect people in profound ways. I just do not know. I suppose that is the balance. There are those of us who are supposed to know, and there are those that are not…which seems absurd…but it’s just an observation.

Work with entheogenic medicines and meditation combined to break free from everything you thought you were. Annihilate your egotistical shells until all that is left is your true spirit, and let it shine. Do not let the dark cloud fractal snake balance hold you back from this. Know the truth in your heart, and allow it to fortify your spirit. Ask, and you will receive. Blessed be, blessed be.



This world we were born into needs help. Humans are way off track and need to be reminded of Love, divinity, intuition, nature, balance, salamanders, and mycelium. We are all walking our own paths but must do all we can to show as many people as we possibly can their true spirits. It is the only way this place will ever change. One human being at a time, we are being transformed all over the Earth.

Human beings must no longer submit to being totally brainwashed machines, it is horrifying to me. How can someone sit on a couch and watch Entertainment weekly, or think that their president is telling them the truth? There is no truth in politics, it is all manipulation. The sooner people realize this, the sooner the real work can start getting done.

Turn off the television and turn on the neurotransmission. Shut out anyone who seeks to manipulate you with lies and unite your family, fellow men and women, boys and girls, with truth. We are alive on this planet and we are only here for a very short time, do not spend these precious moments in vain. This world is waking up and it needs guides. These children are seeking alternative paths to what’s been given to them by a failing system with no background in ceremony and can get themselves hurt or completely misunderstand.

Many go out to raves to seek the drugs that people are using to break free, and maybe wind up with some research chemical instead of PURE DIVINITY. This is because the completely failed war on drugs has outlawed the keys. Yes, the powers at be do not want you to know what I know, but if you continue to seek, you will see.

Entheogens occur all over nature, you just need to know where to look, and how to prepare them. Luckily, this kind of information has been compiled all over the place. Study the medicines in books, on line, in other peoples’ eyes, but most importantly, study the medicines directly from the medicines. These plants and alkaloids are the greatest teachers human beings will ever know.

I honestly feel at war with all that is evil on my planet. I think of the poor Chinese people who are being poisoned by the greed chemical polluting facilities that litter their land and it makes me want to explode with tears and vomit. It’s truly a war against good and evil. Many argue with me that evil is subjective, and that’s true, but there is a definite balance here between what is right and what is wrong. This evil must be annihilated at all costs, it is getting far too out of hand. The only way I see this happening is for each and every person to see their true inner form. Once this happens, then we can clean up the physical and environmental mess that many people have caused to this poor experimental planet.

I would hate to think that we are just here to destroy ourselves so some other animal can rise up and begin to discuss the possibilities. I know in my heart that what our human consciousness needs lies in these medicines and our ability to see the truth. Fuck anyone who says otherwise.





From what I’ve heard, this document was written several years ago. House’s whereabouts are currently unknown.

However an incredibly mind blowing and one of a kind psychedelic novel did surface… complete with lesbian sex, drugs, sci-fiction themes of all sorts, hyperspace exploration, a group on the brink of the singularity, and some really dank coffee. This book was improvised over the course of several nights last summer and is a new genre in and of itself. It will likely be the first of several books:  Emily Virosa

“Just wanted to get back to you with initial impressions. I am amazed. Did you really write this book in a few months? You have a distinctive, haunting voice. Your work calls to mind one of my favorite authors, Philip K. Dick. Actually, I found the first pages of Emily Virosa quite frightening! I also thought of the Matrix by the Wachowski brothers. Odd that many visionary writers — Wachowski Brothers and Philip K. Dick (and Ray Bradbury, and even L.Frank Baum) — were born in or near or lived in Chicago (my hometown). Is there something in the water?” – Silver Birch Press

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  1. I want to know who wrote this so I can buy them a pint. It’s f***ing brilliant, really outstanding.

  2. countless people have done psychedelics, in particular, DMT and Ayahausca. They have incredible moments of clarity, they incorporate it into their lives and become better people. They don’t write books about it, they get on with things. This trend of doing psychedelics, writing a book, then being considered some kind of revolutionary thinker for doing so if baffling to me. it’s not new, innovative, revolutionary or any of these other words we use to describe it. I realize most won’t agree with me, this is just my 2 cents. sorry if I have offended anyone, nothing against this author in particular, but all these books are really starting to become tired. have a nice day!

  3. Trevor Smith | Jan 18, 2013 at 3:36 pm |

    He did ^. Read his book. Its even better.

  4. Trevor Smith | Jan 18, 2013 at 3:49 pm |

    Was that a joke or? Neither me nor the author- or many great psychedelic authors for that matter- are claiming they are some kind of revolutionary thinker.

    If proposing we all just have these experiences and then don’t try and express it through art, ideas, poetry, music, dance, and writing, and together make the world a more beautiful and interesting place, then that’s fine. Have fun sitting on the cough ;-]

    Like alan watts said…on lsd you can look at an ash tray and see the beatific vision..the fundamental stuff that makes up the universe that everything inherently is…and you can see it in anything in that state…But if you come out of that state, hold up the ash tray, and proclaim: Here it is, people are going to think your nuts. Without some kind of skill there is nothing to be gotten out of it. Its useless if you can’t bring back something useful and integratable from the sea of mind so we can all sit around and have fish dinner. If your a brilliant artist or writer you might be able to portray the ash tray in a way that everyone can get a sense of what you saw in it, but that takes expression and skill.

    Our entire culture has alienated and demonized the psychedelic way of life. Sharing stuff like this builds a sense of community among people who have similar ideas and experiences but no one to talk to them about, no social feedback, and no one to relate to at all. Obviously we all need to come together and share our experiences and ideas and art and science if this psychedelic renaissance thats currently in the midst of unfolding is going to make any real significant headway.

    If your tired of reading books inspired by psychedelics, then just stop reading them. But ranting at people for sharing their experiences because you find it boring or tiring or pointless is just stupid and contributes nothing. We need to share and reflect and build community and a sense of resonance between each other in this disconnected world if we’re going to turn around our collective madness

    In any case, the book linked to at the bottom- Emily Virosa- is unlike anything I’ve ever read.

    • Trevor Smith | Jan 21, 2013 at 6:11 pm |

      Anyways…sorry for the rant. But if we had it your way, no one would have ever heard about robert anton wilson, huxley, ect ect ect…think about it.

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