CLOUDS Interactive Documentary: Exploring Creativity Through the Lens of Code

I’m so glad the CLOUDS project was fully-funded by Kickstarter! Part research project, part documentary, this is a prime example of what I’m looking forward to in the future of art; immersive dreamscapes of information driven by creative content and lucid interactivity! Eventually, the audience will have total digital participation with the media at our disposal, and opens up all sorts of questions regarding authorship, artistic intent, storytelling, and our relationship to technology, media and message. What would Marshall McCluhan say?

Found via  of Laughing Squid:

The CLOUDS project is a documentary by James George and Jonathan Minard about current hacker-art practices. It features interviews with thirty artists, curators, designers, & critics and was created with an open-source software library called RGBDToolkit in the RGBD 3D cinema format. CLOUDS software gives viewers the ability to chart different paths through a database of footage via keywords or search queries rather than having a single static version of the film.

The interview subjects in CLOUDS include Bruce SterlingCasey ReasDaniel ShiffmanDiederick HuijbersElliot WoodsGolan LevinGreg BorensteinJer ThorpJesse Louis-RosenbergJessica RosenkrantzJoel Gethin LewisJosh NimoyJulia KaganskiyJulian OliverKarolina SobeckaKarsten “Toxi” SchmidtKyle ChaykaKyle McDonaldLindsay HowardMarcus WendtMarius WatzNick Fox-GiegPaola AntonelliPhilip WhitfieldRachel BinxRegine DebattySatoru HigaShantell MartinSofy YuditskayaTheodore WatsonVera Glahn, and Zachary Lieberman.

I personally can’t wait to see this real-time and interactive ‘cloud of conceptual threads’ told in the New Aesthetic.


It was a typical day in junior physics class at Point Cordial High when things took a turn... to the atypical! Mild-mannered Breshvic's seething distaste of physics broke through its last tensile straw as the very fabric of spacetime holding him in place tore like the flimsy wet blouse of an amateur porn artist! Young Breshvic found himself disembodied, floating wildly in a place with no shape or form, but more directions than previously revealed to him, and not easily explained in this format! Had he gone to that ethereal void of wraiths and gods? Had he crossed over to the land of dead? HAD HE GONE UTTERLY MAD? Had he simply fallen asleep during another lecture? NO! It was in this astral plane between reality and dream, nexus of dimension, the OMNIVERSE, that he first learned to use his powers, clawing madly to survive against nightmarish demons and malevolent cosmic shadows!

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  1. BuzzCoastin | Jan 8, 2013 at 9:43 pm |

    everyone is now an artist
    if they want to be
    this is for people who haven’t realized that yet
    but would like to

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