Consciousness: The Urgent Importance of Our Willful Transformation

Gabriel D. Roberts delivers an essay on what consciousness is and why it is important to recognize and work  toward a heightened state of consciousness.

“For some readers, the word consciousness conjures up visions of bearded Hindu masters, to those from a traditional Christian view, consciousness is associated with the devil’s white light intended to fool the eager initiate into allowing a demonic possession. But what is consciousness, really? The standard definition is simply awareness. Doctors judge levels of consciousness while prepping a person for surgery, because the level of awareness of the patient is integral to judging when a surgery can get started. It is simply a term for the level of an individual’s ability to accurately percieve the environment in which they exist.”




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  • BuzzCoastin

    > For some readers, the word consciousness conjures up visions

    yes, that word and all words do conjure
    so wee spell to each other our messages in a bottle
    in the hopes wee can discover the Logos behind words
    according Huang Po
    “You can’t know it
    but you can be it.”

  • Matt Prather

    Good post; highly relevant.