Designing A City Impenetrable To Drones

Chapati Mystery lays out plans for the hypothetical Shura City, a place of beauty and atmosphere and freedom of movement, but no fear of U.S. drone strikes:

Drones work by detecting patterns, identifying individuals, and extracting data. I dreamed up Shura City to fight against drones with humanity and community. The city is a “black box” impenetrable to data miners and military-trained individuals but it is not a prison.

It is at best expensive and at worst impossible to build armor that can deflect any American bomb. Shura City instead uses inscrutability as its armor. Its windows are protected by computerized mashrabiyas that blink and recombine into various QR codes to jam leering cameras. Its expansive courtyard is protected by latticework with backlit (by color-changing LED) windows that allow for sunshine for children and stars for young lovers, but also make face detection tricky with color blocks and changing shadows.

Badgirs and minarets do their part to provide wild fluctuations of temperature (so that individual bodies are difficult to identify with infrared) and to provide high-wattage radio towers to interfere with wireless communication. Inhabitants will have to turn in their Macbooks and tablets for ethernet connections, but this is a small price to pay.

3 Comments on "Designing A City Impenetrable To Drones"

  1. Bruteloop | Feb 1, 2013 at 6:12 am |

    Fascinating idea.
    Also fascinating is why no one has commented. The whole drone issue seems to be repeatedly ignored.

  2. This sounds like an Anti-Drone Utopia. Which means it’s un-attainable. 🙁

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