Do You Suffer From Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia?

I recently wrote about the subversion of language, examining the way in which the word “apocalypse” has had its meaning changed from its true Greek definition regarding the unveiling of hidden knowledge to one of chaos and destruction. Tied into this is the subversion of a number which has become equally misunderstood thanks to the distortions of religious dogma and popular culture. The fear of this number is known as hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia.

The phobia of the number 666 (pronounced “six six six” as opposed to “six hundred and sixty-six”) stems from the Biblical reference in the Book of Revelation 13:18, which suggests the number signifies the Number of the Beast relating to Satan or the Anti-Christ. This phobia is widely reflected in popular culture and has been a staple motif of numerous horror films. It has also had an impact on politics, most famously when Nancy and Ronald Reagan moved to their Los Angeles home and changed their address from 666 St. Cloud Road to 668 St. Cloud Road.

The phobia is arguably as widespread as triskaidekaphobia – the fear of the number 13 – yet the history of the number 666 is far more complex than a single reading based on a reference in the New Testament. Indeed, even the reference in Revelations is at odds with the general perception that 666 corresponds to Satan; in actual fact it refers to the beast which comes “out of the sea” and is given authority and power by The Dragon – a reference to the serpent – a beast which is not named in Revelations.

To confuse matters more, the vision of the Beast is concluded with a riddle, in which John reveals the significance of the number saying: “Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.” As if that wasn’t confusing enough, most scholars believe 666 relates to the Emperor Nero, whose name in Greek when transliterated into Hebrew retains the value of 666.

Other religions and mythologies have their own interpretation of the number 666. In the Bahá’í Faith, the number refers to the year in which Muawiyah took office as Caliph (actually the year 661, but that depends on which scholar is dating the birth of Christ); Jehovah’s Witnesses believe it symbolizes the unification of many harmonized governments; for Kabbalists it represents the creation and perfection of the world.

You don’t have to be religious to hold strange views about this number, with some attributing the significance of 666 to everything from a super-computer in Brussels and the New World Order, that shadowy banking cartel thought to be intent on global domination.

Some believe that 666 is embedded in every barcode – as David Thewlis rants in Mike Leigh’s excellent film Naked:

“What is the mark? Well the mark Brian, is the barcode. The ubiquitous barcode that you’ll find on every bog roll, and every packet of johnny’s and every poxie-pot pie. And every fucking barcode is divided into two parts by three markers and those three markers are always represented by the number six. Six-six-six. Now what does it say? No one shall be able to buy or sell without that mark. And now what they’re planning to do in order to eradicate all credit card fraud and in order to precipitate a totally cashless society. What they’re planning to do; what they’ve already tested on the American troops; they’re going to subcutaneously laser tattoo that mark onto your right hand or onto your forehead.”

In mathematics, as you’d expect, the number has far less sinister connotations. It is the sum of the first 36 natural numbers (1+2+3 etc.) making it a triangular number (and also the sum of all numbers of a roulette wheel). It is also an abundant number, and while I’m not at all sure how important that is, it’s also closely related to perfect numbers, which has to be a good thing. In Roman numerals it has exactly one occurrence of each symbol below 1000 (DCLXVI) and it was used in Babylonian mathematics.

666 isn’t alone, either. Three is a crowd, or the magic number, depending on your point of view, or the Holy Trinity of Christianity, the three jewels of Buddhism, the Three Pure Ones of Taoism, the Triple Goddess of Wicca or the three stages of enlightenment of the ancient Druids. Seven is lucky for some, the number of days of Creation, deadly sins, joys and sorrows of the Virgin Mary, and the number of lucky gods in Japanese mythology. It is both divine to the Wiccans and of particular significance in Cherokee cosmology.

Whether or not you believe all of the above to be nonsense (and it’s fair to assume that no one subscribes to all of the above at the same time), the fact that numbers are loaded with symbolism and meaning cannot be denied. The power of numbers, words and symbols is defined by the manner in which they are used – we invest them with meaning and potency through our collective cultural and historical experiences. The fact that so many secular Westerners fear the numbers 13 and 666 without truly understanding their significance is a testament to their deep-rooted impact on the psyche.

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  1. Anarchy Pony | Jan 25, 2013 at 4:55 pm |

    Should’ve known you were all involved in blasphemous satanry!

    • DeepCough | Jan 27, 2013 at 11:51 am |

      666 has absolutely nothing to do with the Devil, because the number of the Devil is really “999.”

      • Interesting point to add here:

        For all the goodness and well-meaning on the part of folks who want to use silver coins, gold coins, and-or platinum coins as competing currencies in lieu of the Satanic U.S. Federal Reserve Note (“Dollar”), their coins are often marked “999” as in .999 as in 99.9% pure — thus fulfilling the same prophecy of having to use that 6-6-6 sign in order to do commerce.

        The mega-popular “Buffalo Nickel” silver coin is so marked (999) and is designed based on the Buffalo Nickel (5-cent piece) from one Secretary of the Treasury “MacVeagh” in 1913.

        That is, of course, the same family name as was held by one “Tom McVey” whom Oklahoma’s Governor Frank Keating’s brother Martin Keating wrote of as bombing Oklahoma City in a book four full years prior to 1995 in which “Tim McVeigh” actually did it.

        “Introduced to the intelligence community through generations of family involvement, Martin Keating knows intimate details of what the rest of us can only imagine.”

        • DeepCough | Jan 27, 2013 at 5:19 pm |

          That is interesting spam, but spam nevertheless.

          • It must not only be nice from a psychological-comfort standpoint (“ignorance is bliss“) to deny the possibility that certain dots could or should be connected to form certain (certain as in “any particular”) pictures of malign conspiracy at the highest levels of power, but it must surely nice as well from the stand-point of gaining economic reward for continuing to participate in an economic order in which certain (certain as in “100% certain”) malign conspiracy of an Ownership Class continues day-in-and-day-out and year-in-and-year-out to build up a global slave plantation out of an en-darkened productive slave class, which is unaware of how the non-producing ownership class has been managing them as stock animals and giving them false-flag terror attack after false-flag terror attack after false-flag terror attack to break down old cultural and infrastructural protections against the long-term agenda of building a world-wide economic order of human obedience and control.

            Do you enjoy living in The Matrix?


            (Yes I know that the dots I drew and lightly connected above literally prove nothing, but you should see them as smoke which should sustain an investigation of fire, rather than dismissing as impossible or “spam”.)

  2. teachpeace | Jan 25, 2013 at 5:08 pm |

    hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia rolls off the tongue ever so nicely.

  3. I would say that there is no “true” interpretation of symbols, religions, or old ideas.

    (Yes, there are interpretations that attempt to be true to the older meanings — more “scholarly” interpretations. And pseudo-rational, group-thinking, yay-Reddit-upvotes thinkers will love to say “an expert says 666 means ‘this’, so therefore what you conspiracy people say about 666 is wrong.” I concede these things.)

    And I would say that what I actually fear is what happens when you have certain extremely powerful individuals, like certain leading members of the Rockefeller family, who are attracted to the do-as-thou-wilt, lie-to-everyone-below-you-in-the-pyramid-for-your-own-gain, worship-Satan-or-Lucifer-as-a-testament-to-your-disdain-of-the-ignorant-masses-whom-you-keep-ignorant religious or cult interpretations of scripture, and who choose to see 6-6-6 as a secret “gang sign” to show to other members of their elite cult “in the know”, and who want to make us all take their mark in order to do commerce. Will it be your Google Wallet? Google Chrome already has a symbol which can be seen as 6-6-6. Or will it be an RFID like this now-defunct Carlyle Group conception. (The technology has been waiting for years, they just need to get the public to not only accept it, but to even hopefully demand it.)

    Implemenatationspecifics aside, there is nevertheless an agenda to control all of humanity through control of commerce, and to make everything controlled through corporations and corporate law / governance systems — aka systems controlled by the very same “Satanic” elite who control those corporations at the board- or investor-level through our systems of money and paper ownership.

    “What we are is God’s gift to man. What we are to become is man’s gift to God.”
    -David Rockefeller, 1966

    [to which “God” does he refer??]

    • kowalityjesus | Apr 13, 2013 at 2:43 pm |

      That is some good info, you are well-inculcated in the theories which are intentionally obfuscated from our common knowledge. I think your approach is too secular though.

      666 for me is an extremely decisive sign from God. God is extremely careful about showing me this number, along with the flight of certain birds. It represents antagonism toward God.

  4. BuzzCoastin | Jan 25, 2013 at 8:16 pm |

    The fall (bababadalgharaghtakamminarronnkonnbronntonnerronntuonnthunntrovarrhounawnskawntoohoohoordenenthur — nuk!)
    of a once wallstrait oldparr
    is retaled early in bed and later on life down through all christian minstrelsy.

  5. I grew up on all that mark of the beast stuff, and even though I haven’t been Christian for ages, I confess to a small, lingering fear of one day being asked to have a 666-chip implanted in my hand.

  6. I would dare say that the number 6-6-6 has taken on meanings of its own, especially as people who understand the number in a certain way run with it.

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