Double Helix DNA Cloud Appears Above Moscow

Strange formations arise in Russia. Who Forted? writes:

Watchful Moscow residents with their eyes to the sky were given an interesting view on Christmas Eve, as a huge “celestial spiral” closely resembling a strand of DNA appeared over the city.

One of the strangest cloud formations ever is detailed in a handful of images snapped around a 20 mile stretch of the city. As you can imagine, this has stirred up some interesting conversation as to what could be the cause of such an event. As of now, sky-savvy internet sleuths believe the strange clouds were caused by contrails, or thin artificial cloud formations caused by the water exhaust emitted from aircraft.

  • S.C.

    Double. Helix. OHHHOHO WOW! WOOOOOOO! What does this mean?!

    Sorry, I felt someone had to.

    • Kevin Leonard

      Double Helix all the way!!!

      still laughing… thank you.

  • Anarchy Pony

    The earth just got pregnant. Prepare for the birth of some sort of Galactus type entity.

  • Calypso_1

    Morgellons Super-Braiding

  • Dick Bailey

    ive been preading my genetic material all over the place for years. do you think it something to do with that?