Hip Hop Then Vs. Now: H.E.A.L Human Education Against Lies

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  • kowalityjesus

    “crack came and it was strange how it rocked us” God Bless these folks, they say that this type of music isn’t made because it doesn’t sell. I think there is evil decisions on multiple levels that prevent its proliferation, and it has only a little bit to do with money and a lot a bit to do with ego and myopia and lack of compassion.

    Also, these citizens could use a dose of nature, somebody get a bus and drive it far. “ask my man where he been, I found it strange he hadn’t been past downtown”

  • echar

    N.W.A. – Natural Born Killaz is in my mind where things started to go down hill.


    Even though Esham had paved the path for a rap shock schtick

    Esham – Esham’s Boomin


    Then P. Diddy, Mace, Master P. (with his shiny packaging), and more came along to sell ideas wholesale.

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