I Understand Philip K. Dick

While reading bits of The Exegesis of Philip K Dick, I realized just how tapped in PKD’s mind was with the coincidental ether, and how this relates with other topics posted recently on this site. Namely Opti and I, by Opticuswrangler, and my article Plant/human symbiosis and the fall of humanity – A talk with Tony Wright, which places a biochemical basis for our disconnected and left-brained state of consciousness, psychedelics, and diet into an evolutionary context.

Phil had extracted gems for years out of the mercurial mists of the minds imagination, and shared them with us all in his novels; some of which have made their way onto the big screen. Something much less known, but just as stacked with gems of insight, was his Exegesis: a document of some 8,000 pages in which he attempted to turn his mind inside out onto paper every night for almost a decade, in an effort to come to grips with the mysteries of existence. Many years ago after a number of peculiar experiences I was struggling to come to grips with I’d begun to do something akin to this and, like PKD, it too led me deep into the synchronistic billows of what Joyce called ‘the mama matrix most mysterious’. But that’s another story.

Much of his writing revolved around trying to understand his encounter with: The Logos, Other, Overmind, valis, right-brain, Plasmate, Opticus, spontaneous shamanic experience (pick your term), that occurred during March of 1974. He was filled with visions, premonitions, expanded perceptions, and odd synchronicities that went on for weeks. At times he fluently spoke in an ancient language he’d never learned, only to later translate and understand what he’d said. At one point he even correctly diagnosed his son’s illness, which was confirmed upon taking him to a doctor. Phil came to regard it as a healing and transformative experience, much like tapping into the mystery ever present behind the veil of mundane experience.

Like McKenna, Wright, Leary, Robert Anton Wilson, and many others, he was convinced that the right brain was the doorway to states of consciousness that are unimaginable to our rational, left brain dominated minds, and that something had gone wrong with our ability to access it. This insight is not new, and in fact its essentially what has been echoed in ancient ‘myths’ all over the globe, albeit in more poetic language, for thousands of years. Shamanic and spiritual techniques are employed everywhere as a means of healing or getting at this side of the brain, regardless of the dogma it has a tendency to devolve into in more recent times.

Phil knew we were left brain dominant, and interestingly he also employed a technique to access the right hemisphere which involved mega-doses of vitamins he’d read would stimulate the hemisphere. Phil got lucky and had a very unique mind to begin with, but it’s interesting that this is something which makes obvious sense in the light of Tony Wright’s work; in particular how we’ve suddenly lost 95% of the biochemistry that was involved in building and fueling the brain for tens of millions of years. Phil knew all of this on some level, and his descriptions are eerily in line with what the science is now telling us. In the Exegesis there is a letter to a woman named Claudia in which Phil wrote:

“…..Calvin is right; we’re (1) missing certain faculties and (2) what we have, the remaining ones, are very much hazed over. When I saw correctly in March it was like when you get a new pair of glasses and can read everything, see everything. Really, his distinction is meaningful between the natural faculties such as reason which are fucked up, and the other ones which we can’t even catch a glimpse of until they return.

The only thing is, how come this happened? How did we (1) lose certain faculties entirely? and (2) have the remaining ones occluded as they are , for all of us, unless somehow, as in the miracle of healing, they’re restored? Surely there must be a scientific explanation for this, having to do with brain function and dormant sections, inhibited firing of whole neural circuits….

This is precisely what I was trying to achieve back in March, to get neural firing roused, to cause circuits to fire which had never fired…..At the very least, they can be somehow made to fire, finally, whether they ever fired before or not. The next step in human evolution or a lost section of our brains…either way the results are outta sight”

With this information in mind, it was interesting then to come across the short piece ‘I understand Philip K Dick’ by Terence McKenna, which lends further insight into this giant sychro-web:

True stories have no beginnings and neither does the tale of PKD’s encounters with the Overmind. But we writers understand narrative economy, and for purposes of narrative economy his story seemed to him to begin with the mysterious break in and riffling of his papers that was made notorious by an article in Rolling Stone, which brought Phil long-delayed and much-deserved fame. The break-in date was 11/17/71. It was a date and a style of referring to time that Phil used frequently.

I turned twenty-five the day before. It was no casual birthday either. I met my natal day by sifting down and sincerely preparing myself for an Apocatastasis, the final Apocalyptic ingression of novelty, the implosion really, of the entire multidimensional continuum of space and time. I imagined the megamacrocosmos was going to go down the drain like water out of a bathtub as the hyperspatial vacuum fluctuation of paired particles that is our universe collided with its own ghost image after billions of years of separation. The Logos assured me that parity would be conserved, all sub-atomic particles except photons would cancel each other, and our entire universe would quietly disappear. The only particles that would remain, according to my fantastic expectation, would be photons, the universe of light would be exposed at last, set free from the iron prison of matter, freed from the awful physics that adhered to less unitary states of being. All mankind would march into the promised garden.

I felt I was well situated for the event as I, quite consciously and deliberately, and to the concern of my friends, had placed myself in the teeming, hallucinogen saturated center of the largest garden I could find, the trackless rain forest of the Upper Amazon Basin of Colombia. My confidence in my vision was unshakable. Had not the Logos itself lead me to this vision, not only by revelation but by painstaking explanation? I had no radio, no way to contact the outside world at all. Who needed that? I knew with perfect clarity that the world of time, the illusion of history was ending. Divine Parousia was entering the world, and the just, the meek and the humble were leaving their fields and factories, pushing back their chairs from their office desks and workbenches and walking out into the light of a living sun that would never set for there could be no setting for the eternal radiance of the Logos. Tears of joy streaming down their cheeks, the illumined billions were turning their eyes at last to the sky and finding there a consolation that they had never dared hope for.

However, Nixon’s weary world ignored the eschatological opportunity I thought my brother’s inspired fiddling with hyperspace had afforded. The world continued grinding forward in its usual less than merry way. There was only one small incident that might subsequently be construed, even within the framework of the schizoid logic that was my bread and butter then, to support my position. Unknown to me, a struggling, overweight SF writer, an idol of mine since my teens, discovered the next day that his house have been broken into, his privacy violated by the Other. How peculiar that on the first day of the new dispensation in my private reformist calendar, he had been burglarized by extraterterrestials the CIA or his own deranged self in an altered state. The torch had been passed, in a weird way the most intense phase of my episode of illumination/delusion ended right where Phil’s began.

This raises some questions…

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  1. Phenomenal book! Absolutely can’t recommend it enough. If for nothing else, the myriad and depth of his theories are bound to get your mind churning and break you out of your conceptual ruts (and the commentary by the editors is absolutely top-notch).

    I actually had an amazing bit of synchronicity myself while reading the book (in my mind, at least – I’m sure most will think it’s boring/mundane as fuck). It was shortly before Thanksgiving, and I was visiting home and had (reluctantly) agreed to go with my mom to the store to get some of the last stuff needed for the meal. We get to the store, my mom goes in and I stay in the car (mainly so I can keep reading PKD’s “Exegesis”). She gets back in the car, pulls out of the space, and begins to drive away when she suddenly realizes that the cashier forgot to charge her for a big-ass multi-gallon jug of veggie oil that was on the bottom of her cart (it was the first – and only, turns out – year we were deep frying a turkey). She feels a tinge of guilt and asks me what she should do (since the thing was like $50), and I just tell her that it was up to her. She’s a pretty honest person (and had even told the cashier to ring it up but only noticed that they hadn’t because she looked at the receipt), so she decides to pull into another parking space and go back in.

    Now, before I go on, a little on PKD’s book. As Trevor points out, it’s huge on synchronicity. And one of the things that gets pretty prominently mentioned in the book is the Logos. Prior to his book, I was familiar with “logos” as the logic aspect of speech (along with “pathos” and “ethos”) from a college course in public speaking. I wasn’t familiar with the idea of Logos equaling Jesus/Word of God/”the universal law that governs the cosmos.”

    Also in the book, PKD – on several occasions – references a scene in “Divine Invasion” where an “ugly dog” had been hit by a car and left for dead on the side of the road. The scene in question deals a lot with suffering and why “God” would allow something like that to happen (a scene in which PKD himself tried to understand the “mind” of God):

    “He learned about pain and death from an ugly dying dog. It had been run over and lay by the side of the road, its chest crushed, bloody foam bubbling from its mouth. When he bent over it the dog gazed at him with glasslike eyes, eyes that already saw into the next world.”
    (scene is about 3/4ths of the way down)

    And, at another point in “Exegesis”, he recounts the time when he had to kill a rat after if got caught in a trap he set. He said it was one of the most profoundly traumatizing moments of his life, and that the rat’s screams often haunted him to that day.

    Anyway, back to the parking lot – or parking space, rather. So the new spot my mom pulls into – fairly close to the store so it was the only open space available – is right next to a car with a vanity plate on it. The plate reads: “LOGOS”. I was like, “Okay, only car in the state with the license plate ‘LOGOS’ is right here, on the passenger side right next to me. That’s kind of cool.” Then, we pull all the way in and I look over – and on the back passenger windshield is a window sticker with a dog on it that says: “I (heart sign) My Rat Terrier”.

    So, yeah, I was pretty fucking taken aback. Especially because the only reason we pulled into the second spot was because the cashier didn’t ring up the oil (and my mom only noticed because she checked the receipt, which she never does). I know, pretty lame, and we’re apt to see patterns where there aren’t any. Still, when I think about it, I can’t help but smile, shake my head and think of old Bob Wilson’s line: “Just one of them coincidences.”

    Also, had someone out-of-the-blue recommend to me Julian Jaynes’ “The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind”, shortly after reading about it for the first time in PKD’s “Exegesis”.

    • Tom McMahon | Jan 7, 2013 at 11:43 pm |

      This is what happens when you read PKD. I got ASMR shivers as I was reading your comment, particularly about the dog, as I was holding our new pup, which as you might guess, is a Rat Terrier. Big deal, no, but the type of synchronicity that plagues studying PKD. When I read VALIS my mind seem tuned like a symphonic instrument and not just a noise generator. I think our move from living “outside” and “on the move” to “inside” and “settled” was the muffler that softened our perceptions.

      • Well put! There were a ton of “little” synchronicities I recall experiencing (but don’t remember the specifics) when reading not only “Exegesis,” but the VALIS trilogy, as well.

        (And very interesting in regards to your pooch! Thanks for sharing that.)

  2. kowalityjesus | Jan 7, 2013 at 4:14 pm |

    Pardon my cynicism, but there is some blurry line across which, for all practical purposes, this ‘type’ of information requisites the label ‘full of shit.’ Which doesn’t mean that it is wrong or not worthy of some people’s interest, just that the relevancy is so dispersed that it will virtually never hold practical value. Not that practicality is necessarily an ends. Just sayin…

    • BrianApocalypse | Jan 7, 2013 at 5:39 pm |

      One thing that distinguished PKD from many other purveyors of ‘metaphysical’ information/philosophy was that he intensely questioned his own ideas and perceptions. He never proclaimed his experiences to be absolute truth, but just presented them as a matter of interest. It was certainly important to *him*, that’s for sure, and arguably saved his son’s life… As for ‘practicality’, it depends what you’re looking for. Many fans of PKD have taken important philosophical and moral concepts from his work and integrated them into their lives, improving them in the process… This is surely ‘practical’.

      • Trevor Smith | Jan 7, 2013 at 7:02 pm |

        Well said

      • drokhole | Jan 7, 2013 at 7:29 pm |

        PKD’s self-inquiry, particularly in that book, is staggeringly impressive. I honestly think it would make for great material to study/cover in a college philosophy course (not only because of the depths he plumbed in classical philosophy/ontology/epistemology and the original insights he offers, but the very fact that he was constantly questioning).

        I’m also curious about the frequent dismissal of the “practicality” of such things. It reminds me of the derision towards and marginalization of the “mystical” experience, to which Alan Watts once responded:

        “It is not pointless because, when directly apprehended, it fundamentally transforms one’s way of living.”

        Something which is attested to well by the scientists on this site:

        The Archives of Scientists’ Transcendent Experiences (TASTE)

        “The Archives of Scientists’ Transcendent Experiences (TASTE) is an online journal devoted to transcendent experiences that scientists have reported. It lets scientists express these experiences in a safe space, collects and shares them to debunk the stereotype that ‘real’ scientists don’t have ‘spiritual’ or ‘mystical’ or ‘psychic’ experiences, builds a database of these experiences for future research, and helps us understand the full range of the human mind.”

        This one is probably my favorite account:

        My Experience of Cosmic Consciousness

      • kowalityjesus | Jan 7, 2013 at 11:40 pm |

        I find a focus on this world and the more present-at-hand struggles of my fellow humans generally worthier of my concern. Though I am also of the idea that because of a spiritual interconnectedness, anything you can do to improve yourself is sometimes the best thing that you can do for the people of this world, ascetics included. Therefore I condone such pursuits as a way of individual improvement and pursuit of knowledge, though strongly caution those who would practice it that if they can’t make it high enough, don’t kid yourself and come back to your friends and family because that is how you will best serve God.

    • Trevor Smith | Jan 7, 2013 at 7:01 pm |

      Hey kowalityjesus (nice name btw)

      Well i have to ask…have you read this book? Or the article/interview i did on the theory which i linked in the first paragraph?


      If your not at all familiar with the mass of scientific data which supports the idea that we’re all suffering from a form of epigenetic brain damage (which paradoxically by definition leaves us virtually blind to its existence) then i can understand why this information might beg the question “so what?” ….and interestingly, of course, that would be an expected reaction if the theory is true and we all basically have a form of dementia.

      The relevancy/practical value then, once familiar with this information, if one is truly registering its significance, IMO is very interesting. Its like a invisible connective web exists between a humungus amount of scientific data, ancient “myths” of the fall of humanity and a previous state of sublime beingness, shamanism, etc, and the experiences and ideas of brilliant minds like PKD, McKenna (Terences brother actually wrote the forward to Tony Wrights book btw), Robert Anton Wilson, hell even Jung.

      (I was going to go into how Carl Jung’s experiences and ideas align with this model perfectly as well, but i haven’t gotten around to it yet. Maybe i’ll make an edited version typing this into Jung and Leary/Wilsons 8circuit brain model. And other areas/idea/people)

      They’re all defining and exploring the same things with different models, approaches, experiences, and pieces of the puzzle. But whats been lacking is an evolutionary context and the courage to ask some hard questions; which may shake us to the core, but shit man…if there was even a 1% chance that our brains aren’t as functional as they might have once been then the only sane thing to do is to at least check to make sure that this is not the case.

      If it is true, then merely bringing these unnoticed connections, that exist all over the place, to peoples awareness is an important part in putting all this information into a context that makes sense and is more palatable to peoples ‘rational’ minds…Because most immediately dismiss the theory on the basis of the false assumption that these connections are simply not there. When really they seem to be all over the place

      • Ted Heistman | Jan 7, 2013 at 7:04 pm |

        If we all have epigenetic brain damage, would archaic throw backs, cropping up with healthy brains, be diagnosed with mental illness in our culture?

        • Trevor Smith | Jan 7, 2013 at 7:56 pm |

          Well I don’t think there are any “archaic throwbacks” or minds that are identical to what would have been the norm before the symbiosis was lost, but those who engage in practices to rectify this ‘glitch’ of almost always demonized by our left-brain dominanted and fear/power/greed based society.

          I mean how many people who take psychedelics or practice shamanism are automatically labelled as ‘insane’ by those who are most thoroughly programmed by our mainstream culture?

          • drokhole | Jan 7, 2013 at 8:39 pm |

            On a somewhat related topic, not sure if you’re familiar with this case but there was this doctor named Jill Bolte Taylor who had a left brain aneurysm and ended up having a pretty interesting shift in consciousness (which she can still apparently access to this day):


            Also, Dr. Iain McGilchrist is doing some fantastic work on matters of left/right brain these days:

            http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dFs9WO2B8uI (10 min. clip)
            http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SbUHxC4wiWk (extended lecture)

            He’s got a promising looking book on the subject called “The Master and His Emissary: The Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World”. I’ve been meaning to get to it, but have a few books to get through before I ‘ll get the chance.

          • Trevor Smith | Jan 7, 2013 at 10:31 pm |

            Yeah, Taylor’s account is really interesting. Its fascinating that a number of savant abilities can open up when the left hemisphere is damaged or removed, or these intense and life changing spiritual experiences like hers once its dominance is removed due to a stroke, and yet they never ever seem to occur when the right hemisphere is damaged.


            have McGilchrist’s book as well, its pretty good stuff, haven’t finished it yet though. Both of these people are mentioned in Tony’s book Left In The Dark (free .pdf he released): http://leftinthedark.org.uk/sites/default/files/Left%20in%20the%20Dark%20free%20edition.pdf

            I like McGilchrist’s work. Theres so many areas of research that show the left hemisphere as way less functionality than the right, is essentially pathological, and that its paradoxically the dominant side. But his conclusions, like many of these researchers studying this stuff, don’t seem to take all of this into account when assessing the data: it is their left hemisphere assessing it and coming to the conclusions that this is “normal” and specialized adaptation. This image from Tony’s site sort of sums that up http://beyond-belief.org.uk/sites/beyond-belief.org.uk/files/mcgilchrist%20updated%202_0.jpg

          • Thanks for the Left in the Dark link! I’ve actually had it gestating on my Wish List for quite some time. I look forward to checking it out (is it at all different from the print version?).

          • Trevor Smith | Jan 8, 2013 at 12:12 pm |

            No its the same, although paper is always nicer to read (not to mention it funds further research..) Revised and updated editions are in the works to i think.

          • drokhole | Jan 8, 2013 at 1:50 pm |

            I agree. Reading for too long on screens hurts my eyes/head. I may still look into getting the paperback.

            Also – on another bit of a side note – I just remembered a really interesting “onset” savant case I came across recently. I’m not sure if it was the left hemisphere that was damaged, but it was a result of head trauma:

            Real ‘Beautiful Mind’: College Dropout Became Mathematical Genius After Mugging

            As the title suggests, the guy “developed” his ability after getting beaten up outside a karaoke bar. He seems to “see” reality in something like fractals. This drawing of his reminds me of an image of a molecule that was captured by scientists:

            http://www.vanguardia.com.mx/XStatic/vanguardia/images/espanol/genio_100512.jpg (drawing)
            http://i.huffpost.com/gen/773297/thumbs/o-IBM-SINGLE-MOLECULE-CHEMICAL-BONDS-570.jpg (molecule)

            Here’s a gallery of his work:

            And here’s him explaining, in more detail, what he “sees”:


          • Trevor Smith | Jan 8, 2013 at 2:49 pm |

            Awesome, i haven’t heard of this specific case but there is loads of similar accounts out there of these unbelievable abilities surfacing once the left is damaged; from mathematical genius, to artistic genius, to a perfect memory. The link to synesthesia is obvious but fascinating as well . Thanks for the links

            Those are some great fractal drawings to…This guy needs try some DMT!

          • drokhole | Jan 8, 2013 at 3:35 pm |

            Now that would be something! (Would be interested in a number of certain people to take DMT, actually).

          • Ted Heistman | Jan 8, 2013 at 6:16 pm |

            I think there are throwbacks. Why wouldn’t there be? Other domesticated animals have throwbacks to the wild type.

          • Ted Heistman | Jan 8, 2013 at 6:17 pm |

            For example, what of people practicing shamanism before they knew that is what it was?

          • I’m not sure about that. Surely not every mind filling the psych wards is mentally ill. What if some are the only mentally healthy individuals there are, and they get drugged and banished. I have read the ideas about schizo/insane truthfully having spiritual awakenings, but how could one know? Walter Russel, Paul Levy, just to name a couple.

      • BrianApocalypse | Jan 8, 2013 at 2:09 pm |

        It’s interesting that PKD, RAW and Mckenna all have extremely paranoid conspiracy theories about them. These men, who explored non-physical states, plumbed the depths of their own consciousness and swam back to the surface with shiny psychic trinkets to show us, all had one thing in common: They questioned their own perceptions, never advocating their experiences as absolute truth, even to themselves.

        This stands in stark contrast to the philosophy of the conspiricists who concoct absurd theories about them, who rant about their own so-called ‘enlightenment’ as if they’ve reached the final goal of life, and insult those who dare to question them.

      • kowalityjesus | Apr 23, 2013 at 11:34 am |

        Trevor, I don’t know how I missed this thoughtful and enlightened response to my comment. I have saved the PDF and if I ever get in a skiing accident I will certainly get around to reading the whole thing (slow, thorough reader). Otherwise, I will read as much as I can, and appreciate the personal correspondence from a notable author. Cheers, friend

  3. Trevor Smith | Jan 14, 2013 at 10:50 pm |

    I’m sure they have. I agree, mental illness and creative ability often go hand in hand. This is all very clearly explained in tony’s book. My comment was just aimed at the idea of archaic ‘throwbacks’ identical to our pre-fall state

  4. PKD was a compulsive liar. His mystical
    experiences may have been half-truths, but a lot of their supposed
    interactions with the real world were entirely bogus. And these were
    the trivial lies. He also managed to get one of his wives admitted to
    a mental hospital by bullshitting a therapist (originally meant for
    himself), and later lied in interviews about altercations with his
    wife (twisting the facts to suit himself).

    All you have to do is listen to his
    interviews. I mean – egg head – a WW2 nazi term? WTF!?

    You guys need to look up the critical
    thinking wiki and take a walk down the hall of mirrors. Seriously.
    Wake up to yourselves.

  5. I call the Dickian theme that of the gnostic nihilist. Zizek said this in his perverts guide to cinema as “I want a third pill, I do not want a pill that shows me the reality behind the illusions, but one which shows me the reality constituted by the illusions”.

  6. It’s official; I’m now going to start following this site daily or semi-daily or whatever.

    I’m going to read everything it posts, via RSS, and then sometimes choose to comment, via Disqus.

  7. Trevor, I really enjoyed your article as well the link to the Tony Wright interview. I find the whole concept of species wide brain damage fascinating, particularly when linked to the “masculinization” of the brain. This theory reminds me of the study that Biologists Robert Sapolsky and Lisa Share did of a Baboon troop that lost all of it’s most aggressive and dominant males due to contaminated meat. Once the alpha males disappeared, levels of stress in the troop diminished and life for all the baboons seemed more pleasant. Here’s a link: http://bobsutton.typepad.com/my_weblog/2009/11/the-baboon-troop-that-mellowed-out-after-the-alpha-males-died-the-sapolsky-and-share-study.html

  8. rollsthepaul | Feb 20, 2013 at 7:02 am |

    Humans operate on less than 10% of their DNA; the remainder is inactive. This is no accident but was done deliberately. Our world was also handed over to beings, that would suppress our growth in consciousness, because that would activate dormant DNA. I suggest you search two videos on YouTube titled “Dan – Winter – The Galactic History Of DNA” and “Dan Winter – The Purpose Of DNA”
    We are being “contained” because we received Enki’s DNA. We should not have this DNA because we are not adequately developed in consciousness. We would have become monsters, that access to this incredible power would have permitted. Our planet is being taken over by higher consciousness beings. The Schumann Resonance(SR) started to rise near 1980 and now, about 85% of humans will not be able to reincarnate back to Earth. With the higher SR, higher consciousness souls are now being born on Earth, mostly to lower consciousness parents because almost all humans are lower consciousness. These higher consciousness souls are much better suited to gain access to unused DNA, gradually.
    The beings that have contained the consciousness growth of humans, are losing their power over the planet and will be gone, in the next 3-5 years, along with TPTB, who are the minions of the controlling beings.
    Earth has been used as a holding cell for the subangelic beings, that took part in the Lucifer Rebellion of 200,000 years ago. It is only now that the adjudication of these souls will take place. We know of these souls as TPTB and their minions. They will not be reincarnating on Earth again, although they were forced to, since the Lucifer Rebellion. The world systems will be destroyed because they are corrupt to the core. The start of the great disasters is March 21,2013 and continues in three waves, into 2016 – 2018. This purge or wiping of the slate, will see most humans as collateral damage but there will be no ELE, this go around.

    • I don’t want to say: “That’s hog-wash because I’ve heard predictions like that before around several other supposed dates of prophecy,” so I won’t.

      But can you tell me how you really know this? Does it all come down to a story that was told to you that you find believable? Or do you have something that can “prove” it beyond stories?

      • Yes you are right the above comment is hogwash, bit it is also the result of a very active collective imagination. What PKD experienced in 74 was totally genuine but all within his mind accessing our collective mind part within his (I have experienced exactly the same in early 2005 (even the structure of pieces etc, but went through a more direct path I expect because I didn’t do drugs), The collective mind is that of a hive mind, an ants nest, but vastly more complex and sophisticated, as eluded to in the exegisis. If I had read it in 2005 I would probably have been led down all the rabbit holes that he went down. So from that perspective it is a excellent piece of work and the authors should be thanked (except for some of the more condescending comments). It has evolved since then to become more concious. But its a bit of a mess to say the least. So comments like those above shouldn’t be criticised directly just remember to take your popcorn. 🙂

        • Okay, received your message.

          And what you’re saying opens up more questions for me — questions for you this time — but I’ve learned not to go all totally Grand Inquisitor on everyone every time I can’t fully trust the words being told to me.

          Fundamentally here, I was lucky to get any response. Your gratuitous response is appreciated. That I am a suspicious person who cannot trust anything without more proof is not reason enough

          ..I do have some things I believe in during times of pressure, or times that demand a quick response or quick action.

          So even though I wish I could learn more about you and even audit some of the things you have said, instead take this:

          Thank you!

          * * *

          By the way, correct English is “alluded to in” not “eluded to in”.

          But that’s surely no sin or critical error, even for an English speaker.

          • Mmmmm. Interesting wouldn’t normally reply, (not that I ever look at discussion boards normally, but something led me here when I was looking for something else so lets see where it goes…) you seemed to have pressed the synchronised button (by the way syncronised is not a good name to choose for a racehorse if something is trying to demonstrate something to you, this time last year).

            Anyway, why did you chose to correct my spelling mistake ? alluded to eluded ? That its the bit that raised my interest (its a long story) (by the way prefer the ALLuded option to ELLuded.(another subconscious error).

            Its fine you can ask me anything you like (I am audit-able too), Its a very deep rabbit hole, but its also very boring, and there is a lot of responsibility that goes with it.

            Time for red or blue pill Mr Mulder — pgrmhols@gmail dot com
            (Its always important to have a choice I feel – not that I did !)

            that is if you truly want to help –
            (I wish to stop this misguided evolution ? – and if it is us and we are it ? what then ?)

            English yes. Critical error – its how we learn and evolve, from our mistakes and errors and there are plenty of those around.

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