Illuminati Symbolism In A Disney Cartoon Series

The new-ish Disney Channel animated children’s vehicle Gravity Falls appears to have been greatly influenced by a conspiracy buff, with Freemasonry and occult references hidden throughout, and even cyphered messages hidden in the theme song. Some see it as more sinister than fun. Via Vigilant Citizen:

The same set of symbols – those of the ruling elite – are being permeated across popular culture. A blatant example is Disney’s new show Gravity Falls, a “quirky and endearing” cartoon about 12-year old twins spending summer with their Great Uncle Stan in Gravity Falls, Oregon.

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  1. Ah now if i were to make a cartoon it would be packed with symbolism too.

  2. BuzzCoastin | Jan 17, 2013 at 9:10 am |

    wouldn’t it be kinda surprising if they didn’t
    it’s on the money honey
    why not on the stuff money buys

  3. DeepCough | Jan 17, 2013 at 11:09 am |

    Surely you are not implying that Disney is brainwashing children, because that is just outrageously preposterous!

  4. Who has the time to listen to disney cartoons backwards. I mean if you have that kind of time I want you motherfuckers to bring us Donald Rumsfelds heart, that would be a good start. I think all this symbolism just kinda handed down through the ages. The swastika was a sanskrit sign for the revolution of life. It is what you make it, your intentions are very powerful. If you intend this to be an omen it will be. As it has been said here you are the illuminati you have been waiting for.

  5. Lee Swain | Jan 17, 2013 at 1:01 pm |

    I guess it’s impossible that the creators are just into this stuff and find it cool so put it in the cartoon? Because I do that as an artist and animator. But I am not a freemason or member of the Illuminati.

    Nah, that’s just crazy naiveté isn’t it? Obviously the show was created by the Illuminati as another step towards brainwashing us all and taking away our guns. /mentally ill

    • Why do people react in this way?

      It is an error on your part to be so dismissive.

      It’s better to say “some of the conclusions this Vigilant Citizen would have us draw do not follow,” — in which you would be totally correct — and also have left room in your mental space for the possibility that there is something to the Disney-hidden-symbols-and-messages conspiracy meme, even if Vigilant Citizen has it wrong in his analysis. It’s the same sort of fallacy as you would be committing if you said a scientist’s data is false just because his conclusion about that data is false.

      Disney has been instrumental in shaping the public mind since the early days of mass electronic media. It’s a massive corporate power-house and one of the six media conglomerates that currently shape the public mind. And there is a large pool of data or evidence that says that occultist lore, pedophilia, drug mafia (the ones that killed Gary Webb, not the ones you see portrayed on TV or the corporate press) complicity, and social engineering or programming has been part of the Disney media agenda since the beginning.

      I acknowledge that there are alternative explanations for some of the Disney-conspiracy-meme data. You gave a really good example of one. I am not a person who makes the sorts of illogical leaps that you have ridiculed above. And I see much error in the rabid mentality you ridiculed above, I concede that it is a problem. And yet I think there is more truth than falsehood in the statement that “the show was created by the Illuminati as another step towards brainwashing us all and taking away our guns”; I just arrive at that conclusion by a different chain of reasoning than the simple one you ridiculed.

      (And you must concede, logically, that just because you as an artist and animator would use such images, it is no reason to think that others may not have had something different on their minds when they drew such things in.)

      I would try linking you some evidence I find compelling regarding the Disney conspiracy, but (1) I specialize more in the financial / economic / corporate aspect of conspiracy and my case is much stronger there; and (2) everything is debatable, and I find that people who exhibit a pattern of denial regarding any conspiracy that touches upon the word “illuminati” will think that they have settled the whole question of “Is there Illuminati?” as “No,” if they can deny what I proffer them. And I’m not perfect. To truly settle the question, you would have to do more than just deny the faulty messenger — it would be better if you went seeking the evidence yourself and judged it, instead of shooting down the presenters.

      But, instead, try this. It’s more directly pertinent to issues of practical life. I’d rather you spend your time thinking on this than on the question of which animations or subliminal audio were put into Disney media by actual occultists and which were put in by non-occultists:

      (This has a different message than what your sorting heuristics probably tell you its message probably is; it’s well worth your time to listen to.)

    • Noris Yeltsin | Apr 3, 2013 at 3:35 pm |

      I didn’t think I was in the Illuminati either until I heard the door slam shut behind me. Then It was revealed that I’d actually been co-opted and active in an illuminated subsect for the previous18-20 years. I wouldn’t believe a word of this post I’m writing if I weren’t in possession of certain facts that only I know. I don’t expect anyone to believe this now as I write it. It makes no difference to the facts. But one day, one, or more or even all of you reading this might suddenly realise, “Shit, that mad twat Billy Pilgrim was telling the truth after all. They are real, they do exist, and they are here, hiding openly right under my very nose!”

      “Fuck it, I wish I’d contacted Billy all those years ago, and gifted him the £25,000 he so desperately needed at the time, I wouldn’t even have missed that money, and it would have made so much difference to everything that’s happening to me right now, when it really would have counted”

      Some of you might even know some of the laws of aligned investments, and the non-specific payouts that mature from them and are attenuated with precisely calculated lifestyle factoring and maturity times. Then out of the blue, an apparently random event will trigger your return, maybe not in cash, or tangible assets, but in definite and perfectly aligned needs based returns. Funny old stuff, non fiscal value based alchemy investment theory. But that’s a whole other story I cant be arsed with right now.

      Well, I expect to leave this page in a moment, and never give it a second thought. These truths take time to imprint and embed, mature, and be triggered by some future event. Memetics are really odd like that. I will tell you however, that the triggering event that began my full assimilation of the knowledge of the game, was simply a friend’s cat jumping on my lap. It started a chain of aggregated and subconsciously embedded data, the pieces of which then began to fall into place in an orderly and linear sequence that is still going on today. It’s great. Seriously. Anyway, good luck, and goodbye. .

  6. The fact that it’s from Disney doesn’t surprise me. There seems to be a lot of “hidden” messages in some Disney animated filmes.

  7. Some time ago I read an interview with the show’s creator. He’s into this stuff, but most significantly he essentially wanted to create a Twin Peaks for kids. Also, the concept of a boy, his sister and their crazy uncle (the one with the Shriner hat) is semi-autobiographical.

  8. Man, I love this show. Part of me’s certain it’s too good to last for long though.

  9. chinagreenelvis | Jan 17, 2013 at 4:24 pm |

    Are you joking? This is explained by the entire PREMISE OF THE SHOW.

  10. I think that this Vigilant Christian article is in and of itself an Illuminati conspiracy. I say this because now I want to see this show. Well done.

  11. captainobvious | Jan 19, 2013 at 3:21 am |

    I caught myself doing something earlier today that a lot of people are doing in this comment thread; I was defending some of the symbolism and naming schemes in Halo just because I like the Halo series. While many of you have legitimate arguments against this article (personally I hate it when people use the word “illuminati”) try to catch yourself if you notice that you’re only defending something because you like it or have bias towards it.

  12. Jared Ojeda | Mar 30, 2013 at 10:05 pm |

    theory 1: Gravity Falls wants to scare us
    2: They are

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