Liquid Sky: Me and My Rhythm Box

So imagine you are deep into the promiscuous androgynous heroin fueled 1980’s New Wave underground. You’re listening to your drug addled synth music, your face painted wilder than Bowie’s ever was, you have the most abstract hair-do,  and you’re high as hell.  Then some UFO’s come down and zap you into non-existence while you are having sex.  The reason why:  they feed off the endorphins released into your brain during orgasm.  What would you or anyone else do in these circumstances?  Well, the obvious answer:  Just continue stumbling along in a drug-induced haze, listening to cold heroin driven synth music in seedy New Wave clubs looking for a good lay.

Enter the world of Liquid Sky.  A maddening, visually amazing film that can be boring, beautiful, campy and unsettling at the same time. Images and sound speak louder than words for this movie, so without further ado, here’s the blood/mind freezing song Me and My Rhythm Box and a trailer for the movie.  Everyone should track down the soundtrack to this as well.

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  • Calypso_1

    An absolute classic.

    The face paint is glorious – especially with properly enhanced sugar cubes to snack on.

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