Love in My Tummy

Has anyone ever heard of Julie London? She has an amazing seductive voice and a striking figure. A queen of sultry lounge vinyl.  Yummy Yummy Yummy is the perfect song for all the wrong, or maybe even right reasons.  Just give it a spin and you decide.

“yummy, yummy, yummy I’ve got love in my tummy…”

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5 Comments on "Love in My Tummy"

  1. Of course I heard of her! Cry Me a River was her big hit. Plus she was Nurse Dixie McColl on Emergency!

  2. Oh sure. make me feel real old first thing in the morning… I remember when it came out, I just didn’t know who sang it. Dixie on Emergency? Didn’t know that either, but I remember her on that show as well.

  3. Rex Vestri | Jan 5, 2013 at 4:34 pm |

    Yummy yummy yummy
    Shot my load on your tummy

    • That was the original meaning but less overtly dominating. Dom is only as mainstream as shades of grey and no clue if that’s a fair representation of domination.

  4. Did I hallucinate a whole other conversation here a few days ago?

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