Marie Osmond Performs The Dadaist Poem ‘Karawane’

If only today’s country singers or daytime talk show hosts would do riveting renditions of 100-year-old Dadaist sound poems on occasion. In a lost moment of television greatness, Marie Osmond takes on Hugo Ball:

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  • Joe Nolan

    Brilliant. I enjoy the political stuff here and I’d like to see even more of these counter culture artistic/creative expressions on the site. Good on you, Jacob.

  • InfvoCuernos

    wow. She’s a much better actress than I ever gave her credit for.

  • BuzzCoastin

    A pause.
    Their orison arises misquewhite as Osman glory,
    ebbing wasteward,
    eaves to the soul of light its fading silence (allahlah lahlah lah!),
    a turquewashed sky.
    — Xanthos! Xanthos! Xanthos!
    We thank to thine, mighty innocent, that diddest
    bring it off fuitefuite.

  • Todd X

    This was a great way to start my morning. The only thing that would have made it better is if she wore the outfit.

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