Military Helicopters And ‘Gunfire’ Over Miami, Houston

In today’s David Seaman Hour! video segment, I talked about a report posted by ABC 13 Houston that there were, in fact, military helicopters running aggressive urban warfare exercises over parts of the city — this comes just days after disturbing social media reports of similar ‘war games’ in Miami. (See this post – ed.)

If these exercises are merely to train our troops for existing combat zones — namely, Afghanistan — what city over there resembles Houston or Miami? (Hint: None of them do.)

And even if these exercises were being conducted with the utmost transparency, would this be a reasonable use of our tax dollars, at a time when millions are unemployed, our education system is falling behind, and our infrastructure is in dire need of upgrades…

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  1. I no longer support the troops. Its a professional Army, no one is drafted. They are doing more and more shady things aimed at US civilians, abroad they simply support war profiteering.

    People used to make fun of gays all the time and even beat them up and it was more or less accepted. Now, through people working for cultural evolution, there is now a stigma to acting homophobic.

    I think there needs to be a similar cultural stigma towards joining the military. Because ultimately these soldiers aren’t defending the country from foreign invaders, but rather working for the Oppressors. Its not a joke. I even illegally took part on Law enforcement work in the late 1990’s while serving in the Army. We were told to lie and tell friends and family we were doing military exercises but actually we were patrolling National Forests for Meth Labs and pot plantations. Since then its only gotten worse.

    • InfvoCuernos | Jan 30, 2013 at 7:42 pm |

      I try to remind ( in subtle ways) any military persons that I deal with of their obligation to disobey unlawful orders. It is an all volunteer military, and the amazing part of that is that they have been going strong and meeting recruitment quotas for ten + years now during wartime. Quite a few of these kids are joining up for the job and education and could care less about the causes they are fighting for, but they need to be made aware that they will be held accountable in the end. If they think their bosses will protect them, they should just look at the long history of scapegoats in the military. I would rather recruit those trained motivated youths than oppose them, and you can expect that if there is some uprising, there will be a large number of them upholding the constitution in opposition of the regime.

      • In theory you have the right to disobey lawful orders but in practice you don’t.

        • I did, and nothing happened as a result.

          • well, it depends what the order is and how high up it comes from. If a Buck Sergeant tells you to hide drugs for him or something fucked up like that, you can turn him in and there can be an investigation, but if your unit gets deployed on a mission that is highly illegal and you go AWOL in protest you are in deep shit.

        • You’re kidding, right?
          The military fears nothing so much as a scandal. If GEN Petraeus can effectively end his career over an extramarital affair or GEN McChrystal can get forcibly retired for saying a few disparaging comments, then there’s no way that anyone in the chain of command could flagrantly hand out illegal orders and not expect to be cashiered immediately. Hell, the ROE is so restrictive downrange nowadays that it practically takes an act of Congress just to return fire at a known enemy position.

      • steveday72 | Jan 31, 2013 at 4:53 am |

        Why then is Obama asking his top military brass if they are willing to open fire on American Citizens. If they say no, they’re out. ??

        • Can ;you please shed some light on this for me? When did this conversation take place and where can I go to verify it?

          • steveday72 | Jan 31, 2013 at 4:56 pm |

            Here is the Facebook post by Dr. Jim Garrow (noble peace price nominee) who was told first-hand by a senior military leader:

          • Matt Staggs | Jan 31, 2013 at 10:21 pm |

            Garrow has an honorary PhD from a tiny non-accredited Bible college. His book and organization are both known primarily through coverage on World Net Daily…the publisher of his book. His source is anonymous – we’re supposed to take his word for it that this person exists. Just about anyone can be a Nobel Peace Prize nominee, and there’s no firm documentation that he was even nominated and certainly no
            information about who nominated him or when. If you’re looking at the nomination as a mark of credibility or worth (and I wouldn’t and don’t) then you should remember that Obama actually has a Nobel Peace Prize. This guy is about as credible as I am or you are. How do I know? An anonymous source told me so.

        • nicehandnick | Feb 3, 2013 at 12:46 pm |

          Steve Day where did you hear this? Wow is their video of this conversation to show that it is true, or that there could be any possiblity it’s true? My God that’s horrible if what you way is true!!!

        • nicehandnick | Feb 3, 2013 at 12:56 pm |

          Oh I see stevday72 is a living breathing apostle of Breitbart school of tinfoil hat thuggery Ever go over there? Those people are the lowest of the low. I have zero respect for those posters.

    • As a former member of that professional group, I highly disagree with you. The American soldier is first and foremost, a defender of this country, his loved ones and his home. While, in any group, there are always bad apples and brainwashed people, the vast majority of American service personnel in all the branches of the Armed Forces, would NEVER take up arms against their own American people. That would be a reason for whole sale mutiny.

      • Did you not hear what Ted said. He served in the Army. ” I even illegally took part on Law enforcement work in the late 1990’s while serving in the Army. We were told to lie and tell friends and family we were doing military exercises but actually we were patrolling National Forests for Meth Labs and pot plantations. Since then its only gotten worse.” What would have happened if he would have refused his orders. What about the Military Presence at Occupy Wall Street? Those were mostly college kids having peaceful demonstrations. What about the soldiers who willing followed orders to have these sick exercises in a residential community?

      • “The American soldier is first and foremost, a defender of this country, his loved ones and his home.”

        If you replace “American Soldier” with “Armed Citizen” it would make more sense, since most people that join the military end up going to Iraq or Afghanistan abandoning their country, loved ones and home, often coming back maimed, physically or psychologically.

        Its a tough pill to swallow, bit its a mercenry millitary. It not about defense. Its just not.

    • Just because Ted served in the army during the Clinton administration does not make him an expert on current doctrine. “I saw Buffalo Soldiers! Aaah! All soldiers must be murderers and thieves!”

      Give me a break. Better yet, take off the tinfoil hat and make a coherent point.

      The military conducts exercises from time to time in urban areas because there’s only so much you can simulate on a military training site – but only after tacit coordination with the city and its law enforcement. BFD. So sorry if the noise of a few rotor blades reminds the populace that we actually have a military that serves to defend our national security.

      Most of the posts on this thread are absurd, spoken purely from ignorance. I imagine that former SPC Ted did his three years and left the Army, but seems more than happy to act as though he’s a retired CSM. Care to rebut?
      jafo979, CW2, “scary helicopter pilot”

  2. BuzzCoastin | Jan 30, 2013 at 7:18 pm |

    what a relief
    usually there’s a terrorist attack
    just before a Homeland terrorist drill
    instead they’re just wasting tax money on fun & games
    how great it must be to live in a free cuntry

  3. These were done in Minneapolis last summer, with no public outcry…other than myself. And I was labeled paranoid because Obama is in power, not Bush. I really don’t quite get the connection. Don’t even get me started on the increase of “homeland” use of drones. Time to frick’in WAKE UP people!

  4. Kevin Leonard | Jan 30, 2013 at 11:41 pm |

    shit. i live in houston.
    didn’t see ’em, but houston is the epitome of urban sprawl.
    makes me real nervous about the ship channel

  5. I think this was staged for this film project:

  6. Matt Staggs | Jan 31, 2013 at 9:21 am |

    The length to which Obamapologists will go astounds me. For the record, I loathed Bush, too, and sure as hell didn’t vote for Romney.

  7. mrsgilly | Feb 3, 2013 at 1:53 am |

    When they did this in Minneapolis, the helicopters would go from the Federal Reserve Bldg’s roof and then they would dart around tall condo and apartment buildings going in one big long circle above the Mississippi River back and forth and back and forth with one helicopter following another one. This went on way too long and the noise was deafening. They would get down as far as the Stone Arch bridge and make a big swoop and circle the Gold Medal Flour sign before heading back towards the Federal Reserve building. There was no firing of guns just a very loud noise that helicopter’s make when flying all together information. As we sat on our balconies watching all of this unexpected noise and craziness, we thought they must be training to go into some middle eastern city in the near future. What else could you think. The best part of all of this was that the helicopters stayed up in the air and no one on the ground, bridges or in the neighboring condos and apartment buildings were injured in this melee of loud noises and up and down helicopter antics.


    So I see these stories of Military “Air Shows
    (Drills)” with gu ns blazing being done all over the place now lately
    Miami, TX n LA now and the fact I know there is a GERMAN Airf orce base in TX too
    that have already allegedly admitted pretty openly that they WILL NOT
    HESITATE to FIRE ON AMERICAN CITIZENS should martial law be in effect as well
    as other UN troop bases being snuck in under the cover of night to our
    Country as of late then to add it up with all these Military style
    “Drills” being done in schools all across this nation, the addition
    of the Nude Scanners on street corners in NY and schools everywhere ( i know
    of such reports here in MD as FACT as well on the school “unnamed devices”
    being installed or plans to install)as well as armed guards or even the call
    for armed guards in schools alone; it seems to me to be some Alerting Signs
    or Red Flags if you will……to me… sounds to me like they plan to
    snatch all the kids from schools b4 they openly declare marshal law, that way
    they can just about guarantee the parents/family compliance in the

    I’m interested to verify these details however as I’m not one to FearMonger
    shit that I don’t know about or am unsure about the credibility of so anyone
    that is LOCAL to any of these events I would love to see your comments,
    opinions, verifications of said “facts”, rejections of these
    “Facts” and so on right here with this posting!! Be Vigilant cause
    if these are Facts then I feel that we are being conditioned to feel this
    stuff is normal so that when the Real Event Happens that no one so much
    as blinks b4 they realize what’s really goin on n by then it’s
    already too late!!?!?

    If indeed all the
    Reports of the Helicopter and/or Miltary Drills are Proven Fact then…….

    Region I: Boston MA ~ Base; nearby base IS Boston

    *Region II: New York NY ~

    *Region II: Puerto Rico PR ~ (*EVENT STILL UNKNOWN*)
    Apparently another microbase!?!

    Region III :
    Philadelphia PA~ Base; just in reach
    give or take it’s in the 100km ish area to Harrisburg
    PA ok or was Long Branch in PA?

    Region III :
    Washington DC. ~ H Q; VA I suppose!? Just happens to be near Long Branch again about 100km ish is all, if
    not this qualifies as another curious coincidence..?!?!idk I’m getting hits all
    over the place of odd events of all sorts in all kinda Long Brach/s, VA, PA NJ
    IDFK here lol tho correct me if I’m wrong?! but that’s what I got when I looked
    these up

    Region IV: Atlanta GA
    ~ Base; nearby within 100km ish of!? No But, Miami
    event is however in the Region of interest to Atlanta Planning

    Region V: Chicago IL
    ~ Base; nearby base IS Chicago IL, also Minneapolis to Chicago seems aprox 500km

    Region VI: Denton TX
    ~ Houston TX is aprox 200km ish away

    Region VII: Kansas
    City MO ~ St.
    Louis. Seem to be aprox just over 200 to 220km ish mark

    *Region VIII: Denver

    Region IX: San
    Francisco CA ~ L.A. aprox 400km from San Fran

    *Region IX:Hawii HI ~
    (*EVENT STILL UNKNOWN*) Apparently another microbase!?!

    *Region X: Bothwell

    Notes: A lil
    something else I happened to notice while I mapped these all out…..Bases seem
    to range in the 100 km range ish ie direct 100km ish from base to another base
    or 100km ish range from one base to another bases 100km ish range ie 200km but
    where both ranges meet! So they really
    like the 100km area!?! At Least starting on the east coast; things get a bit
    sloppier when you go out west!?

    *Boston to NY aprox
    200 km range to range set up

    *Ny to Philadelphia
    aprox 100km base to base formation

    *Philadelphia aprox
    to D C 100 km base to base

    *D C to Atlanta GA
    however is way outside the 100km area

    *Houston just so happens to be aprox 200km to New Orleans

    *Chicago seems to be
    aprox 400km ish from Kansas City

    *Chicago seems to be
    aprox 300km ish from St Louis

    * Minneapolis to
    Chicago seems to be aprox 500km

    Please feel free to
    share freely and add to or correct etc as u go!!!

  9. GeorgiaPeach | Feb 5, 2013 at 8:10 pm |

    “Columbia County (GA) might hear gunfire during training exercise ”

    Tuesday, Feb. 5, 2013 9:19 AM
    The Augusta Chronicle – Augusta, GA

    Columbia County residents near the Stevens Creek power plant on
    the Savannah River might hear sporadic gunfire Tuesday night as part of a
    U.S. Marine Corps training exercise.

    Students from the U.S. Marine Corps Forces Special Operations
    Command’s Marine Special Operations School, from Camp Lejeune, N.C., are
    in the midst of a 20-day training exercise across a five-county area
    that includes Columbia County and portions of South Carolina through
    Feb. 12, according to an recent announcement from the Marine Corps.

    Most of the exercise, which involves students from the school and
    about 270 service members from throughout the military, has been taking
    place in remote areas of Sumter National Forest, but county officials
    had been told to expect today’s activities at the South Carolina
    Electric and Gas hydroelectric facility, said Columbia County sheriff’s
    Capt. Steve Morris.

    The exercise Tuesday night around 9 p.m. will include blank gunfire,
    said Emergency and Operations Director Pam Tucker in an email.

    “There is absolutely no need to be alarmed,” she said. “It’s just an exercise.”

    The exercise, called Derna Bridge, is being conducted in or near
    Columbia County, along with the South Carolina counties of Richland,
    Sumter, Edgefield, Saluda, McCormick, Greenwood and Abbeville, around
    Sumter National Forest, according to the announcement from the Marine

    Wednesday, Jan. 23, 2013 6:33 PM

  10. Courtney | Feb 8, 2013 at 3:47 pm |

    FYI- last friday there were similar drills over Atlanta. 4 flew over my house, and I saw many- 15ish all over the Atlanta sky line.

  11. Courtney | Feb 8, 2013 at 3:47 pm |

    FYI- last friday there were similar drills over Atlanta. 4 flew over my house, and I saw many- 15ish all over the Atlanta sky line.

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