Rumors Abound of Cannibalism in Indian Plantation Uprising

Picture: JoyDeep (CC)

There’s a history of powerful people using accusations of cannibalism to vilify their enemies. This may or may not be one of those instances:


Police in northeast India say they believe workers on a tea plantation who bludgeoned their boss and his wife to death last month also ate parts of their bodies.

A crowd of 1000 workers at the privately-owned M.K.B. Tea Estate in the state of Assam surrounded the plantation owner’s bungalow last week. A mob then set it on fire in violence blamed on festering labour unrest in the region.

“Our investigations say that at least five plantation workers ate the flesh of the tea planter and his wife after they were brutally killed,” Numol Mahatao, deputy police chief of Tinsukia district, told journalists.

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  1. Why not? Worked for the Romans… and has been used by colonialists since Rome fell. (in part, due to colonial exploitation)

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