Taiwanese UFO Group Releases Policeman’s Photo Of A ‘Transparent Being’

I certainly hope this is what spirits look like. The International Business Times reports:

The Taiwan UFOlogy Society (TUFOS) released over the weekend a photo taken by a policeman at Jiaming Lake in Taiwan’s Taitung County. The policeman claimed he didn’t realize there was something unusual about his photo until he got the chance to look at it more closely.

The photo shows a semi-transparent or transparent human-like figure, seemingly walking uphill with hands hanging just below waist level. The odd shape of the creature’s hands is like the shadow of snorkeling fins or Spiderman’s open palms.

“It does not appear to be an edited photo,” the Taipei Times reported expert Chien Jung-tai’s observation. But he hinted it could have been affected by a leftover image in the memory card of the camera. He said experts in optical imaging technology for flash memory devices should look into the image.

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  1. Look at the ground around the figure closely. It’s a double image of a man in a hat, probably carrying a rope in his hand.

  2. That silhouette looks surprisingly familiar.

    If I ever recall where I’ve seen it before I’ll come back here and link the image.

    • I’ve seen stuff too man.

      small spinning spheres in my room one when I was a kid. 2 other friends of mine and I saw a group of these guys (the following link) all dressed in white in a car. The vibe felt a little odd but the way my other too friend felt a weird vibe too after those “aliens” drove off, got me thinking deeper about it. They were all cloaked in white and they were all staring forward with slow movements (if any). 5yrs later I find the following website a long with some other links about the “tall white” alien mofo’s http://alienshift.com/id98.html

  3. Merkasylum | Jan 7, 2013 at 11:59 am |

    Andrew, you’re right about the ground. The ground has a double image and the figure matches the doubling. The photographer stayed quite still but had a very slight movement, giving the double image for the ground & figure. The figure was also probably moving, adding to the distortion. Not to mention the figure is pretty far away. You can get an effect of light when it’s at a distance like that. The object is moving, the light has a glowy effect and ‘wraps’ around the image a bit, making the object less defined and recognizable.

  4. Again with the Humanoid idiom. My Jesus Christ was a dark skinned curly haired native Jew, and told us clearly that He had “taken human form”, so by extrapolation most certainly had a very different natural form? And: He walked through walls, raised the dead, so was able to do time travel, was inter-dimensional, and He did miracles – even medical miracles, so came from an advanced system? He rose, or disappeared into thin air too? Still few believe that what He said what he taught was of any real value, especially in the cruel corporate/capitalist America of today? Aliens abound, but unfortunately human history is a record of aggressives, the victors, and is recorded that way.

  5. This is not exactly the effect from simple handshake. This is effect of HDR option of iPhone 4 camera. I think that it was on, because both sky and ground are well saturated, that is the main purpose of HDR option. It makes two subsequent shots with different exposure and then combines them to produce a final picture. And this is a common effect when the man has moved between these two shots, and then only small fraction of image was overlayed and produced dark color, while the rest is opaque.

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