The Corporate Funders Of Obama’s Second Inauguration

Unlike in 2009 (when corporate donations were not used), much of the bill for today’s festivities in Washington D.C. is being paid by powerful corporate interests. Truthout writes:

Obama’s inaugural festivities Monday are bankrolled by several of the nation’s most powerful corporate lobbying forces. Chief among corporate inaugural donors: AT&T Inc., Microsoft Corp., energy giant Southern Co., biotechnology firm Genentech and health plan manager Centene Corp.

Together, more than 300 registered lobbyists worked on the five companies’ behalf to influence legislation and government policy. Among numerous other influence efforts, Southern Co. lobbied the Executive Office of the President to curtail environmental regulations. AT&T pressed the Treasury Department to extend research and development tax credits and lobbied heavily — and unsuccessfully — to win regulatory approval of a merger with rival T-Mobile. Microsoft targeted the [federal government] for support in strengthening online piracy and intellectual property regulations.

2 Comments on "The Corporate Funders Of Obama’s Second Inauguration"

  1. BuzzCoastin | Jan 21, 2013 at 7:04 pm |

    I would think the corporate elite
    would want to honor their puppet prez as much as possible
    if they hadn’t shelled out the big bucks
    Uncle Homz would have to print some to pay for the par-T

  2. They don’t even hide that White House is owned by banks and corporations anymore. It’s not normal for any country be financed in that way by the private sector.

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