The Icelandic Elf School Of Álfaskólinn

Looking to go back to school? Atlas Obscura on Álfaskólinn, an institution in Iceland specializing in the study of elves:

Some Icelanders take their belief in elves very seriously — road crews in Iceland will sometimes hire folklore experts to determine if certain boulders are homes to elves, and will divert the road around the boulder if it turns out there are little people living within it.

There’s an entire school dedicated learning about these hidden people. Located in the thoroughly modern city of Reykjavik, the school has a full curriculum of study about the 13 types of elves in Iceland. This concentration comes with a set of published textbooks with drawn depictions of these creatures for reference.

The school studies Iceland’s other supernatural flora as well, such as fairies, trolls, dwarves and gnomes, but they mainly focus on elves, because they are the most commonly believed in and “seen”.

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  1. They live in non-ordinary reality.

  2. Its really kind of smart to consult people before you bulldoze the shit out of something. Lots of wild places have kind of a mysterious energy or presence about them, that’s hard to explain.

  3. A degree from the Icelandic Elf School of Alfaskolinn is just what I need to round out my resume.

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