The Infinite and Beyond: The Necronomicon Mythos

The Infinite and the BeyondPodcast: Episode 029 — The Necronomicon Mythos

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In the latest episode of The Infinite and the Beyond, we discuss The Necronomicon Mythos with author Donald Tyson who in the last several years has added four significant texts to the magickal legacy and reality of the Necronomicon, with his own copy of “The Necronomicon,” his nozel “Alhazred,” the “Grimoire of the Necronomicon,” and his workbook “The 13 Gates of the Necronomicon” all released by Llewellyn Publications believe it or not? In A Corner in the Occult we learn about the life of beloved weird fiction author H. P. Lovecraft. We explore some fun and heartfelt music by our featured artist Leslie Fish from her album “Avalon Is Risen.” I announce a contest that will conclude in episode #31 so checkout the announcement later in this episode to hear all the details. And In the Essence of Magick, we discuss Magickal Paradigms. All this and more in this installment of The Infinite and the Beyond!


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