The Inquisition Can be a Witch’s Best friend – An Open Letter to ‘Occult Experts’

This is a sort of rambling, open letter to all “occult experts” who find themselves in the position to promote panic among the community and law enforcement when something weird pops up in the woods, local cemetery or any other place with potential to be mytho-poetically relevant. You’ve appeared again in the news, and your presence is as annoying and unnerving as ever. Did you know that the Inquisition can be a witch’s best friend? Well, let me be a bit more direct…by your own definition you are the witch in this situation.

“Oh no! I’m a god fearing scholar,  a concerned citizen doing my duty to inform the public about the nefarious doings of black magic and evil witchcraft!”

Really? If you honestly think so, please go and study some basic psychology before you start ranting to the public about spells and sorcerers. The more media attention that your crazy talk gets the more you’re priming the community for something to actually occur, and I’m not talking supernatural, I’m talking folks getting dumb ideas and getting violent. Yes, think about that, you are priming the community with fear, mistrust, and delusional ideas.  You are also priming the law enforcement community with a heap load of crap that confuses them when they are trying to do their job. Do you know what they deal with everyday, and now you’re making them look for imaginary witches? What does that make you?

Not convinced yet? Well I could start out with a simple bit of semantic trickery, you claim to be an “occult expert,” so you are an expert in the occult? Using the kind of vague logic you normally come up with for what constitutes witchcraft you fit your own definition. I’ll let you twist words and manipulate the facts though, let’s be more concrete and look at the Witchcraft Act of 1542 (remember the good old days, back when your kind of rhetoric lead to the murder of innocents?) which says that it is a crime to:

“… use devise practise or exercise, or cause to be devysed practised or exercised, any Invovacons or cojuracons of Sprites witchecraftes enchauntementes or sorceries to thentent to fynde money or treasure or to waste consume or destroy any persone in his bodie membres, or to pvoke any persone to unlawfull love, or for any other unlawfull intente or purpose … or for dispite of Cryste, or for lucre of money, dygge up or pull downe any Crosse or Crosses or by such Invovacons or cojuracons of Sprites witchecraftes enchauntementes or sorceries or any of them take upon them to tell or declare where goodes stollen or lost shall become …”

We’ll start with “use, devise, practice or exercise, or cause to be devised, practiced or exercised, any Invocation or conjurations of Spirits, witchcrafts, enchantments, or sorceries…etc, etc, etc.”

So you’ve just blasted your message of fear across the whole town, these days that gets picked up in digital media and spreads throughout the world. Hmmm, yep, looks like you invoked and conjured the Spirit, or daemon (you like to take out the ‘a’ and pretend it makes the word evil,) of Fear.  Well, what was your intent…uh oh…it was to “consume or destroy” your enemy. Wow, we can’t even get through the first bit here and you’re already strapped to a stake and roasting aren’t you?

I’d like to give you the benefit of the doubt, but if you actually cared you’d do some scholarship, study your topic, and wouldn’t leap at each chance that comes along to get yourself squeezed into a news story every time a squirrel’s hit by a car and ends up in a funny position on someone’s lawn, or somebody spills red paint in an abandoned house. Remember the Memphis 3? Remember kids getting put in jail for “occult crimes,”  who turned out to be innocent, but folks like you sat up in the witness stand and issued “expert testimony” about a subject you don’t know anything about?  Where is the real killer now “occult expert?” Because, the folks you put away weren’t guilty.  Sounds like black magic to me.

No, you don’t remember because you’ve got a head full of imaginary witches that are driving you nuts. Are you familiar with those spirits of madness digging out any sense you might have? Are those familiar spirits whispering dark thoughts into your empty head perhaps?

Ironically,  the little fear seeds you like to sow everywhere, with your wild accusations and imbecile stories of Satanism, grow into urban legends that lead kids out at midnight to the crossroads, abandoned buildings, and other haunts where they meet with whatever phantasmagorical idea you implanted there. Thanks for setting up our initiations for us, it seems that your occult expertise may actually have some worth after all, but nature is kind like that and a defect in one area often proves a blessing in another. I know when I was younger I found great delight in the imaginal world you created in those hidden spots.

If this sounds a bit personal, it is, I know people who grew up in small towns, whose creativity was considered the work of the devil because of the kind of atmosphere ignorant, self aggrandizing pigs like you create. Their lives growing up were hell, and you stole their innocence by spreading your delusions far and wide. Thankfully I grew up around Chicago and didn’t have to deal with your hateful vision of reality, but that doesn’t mean I don’t get a bit pissed thinking on what you did to people I care about. Every time one of you shows up in the news I’m reminded you’re still there, in whatever hidden places you lurk in, waiting to belch out more lies when something sparks your interest.

What’s most despicable, is that while you run around stirring up everyone over your hallucinatory visions of evil, there’s very real evil in the world, folks like Jimmy Savile, all those pedo-priests, rapists, psychopathic CEO’s, all protected by the cultural status quo you roll around in like it’s cotton candy. You fog the screen, plant false leads, waste our time and draw our attention away from real problems.

You wouldn’t know anything about that though, would you, because all you have, you damned little egoists, is the ghosts in your head to keep you company while your words lead some to jail, some to hell, and some to greater glory. May the voices of those you and yours have sentenced to unjust persecution guide you to the end of your days until you drink from the well that you yourself poisoned, and find your mouth bitter with the fruit of your labors.

Sound spooky to you my friend? That’s not witchcraft, that’s justice, and it’s straight from the Bible, you reap what you sow.

αλλα και εαν ημεις η αγγελος εξ ουρανου ευαγγελιζηται υμιν παρ ο ευηγγελισαμεθα υμιν αναθεμα εστω

ως προειρηκαμεν και αρτι παλιν λεγω ει τις υμας ευαγγελιζεται παρ ο παρελαβετε αναθεμα εστω

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  1. I’m kind of torn on the issue.

    Random Goth kids dressing up like Vampires=probably completely Harmless
    Billionaires and members of Intelligence Organizations and various Establishments dressing up like Vampires and casting spells=Probably not harmless

    • David Metcalfe | Jan 25, 2013 at 2:11 pm |

      That’s what I pointed out about them fogging the issues. They focus on imaginary issues, while really socially damaging elements go unmentioned.

      • I think people such as Michael Aquino are pretty damned disturbing. He was found not guilty, I acknowledge, and there was a “Satanic Scare” at the time of his trials, but that’s not to say he wasn’t in a position of power and that he didn’t do lots of other disturbing shit. I think the existence of an elite Satanic pedophile ring among European Royalty and elite Military Intelligence, Captains of Industry, Banksters etc. is really not that far fetched.

        Google Searches of “Michael Aquino” will bring up all kinds of campy links. But one link that is not campy and is really well researched and documented is this one, in terms of elite pedophilia networks:

        This goes all the way to the top escelons of the EU, military Intelligence and Banking.

        • You are looking at the wrong rabbit hole dude, the only thing disturbing about Aquino were his eyebrows. The guy had his head screwed on fairly tight, I sincerely doubt he was involved with sex trafficking.

          • His memo is disturbing:


            I think its pretty fucked up all the way through. Unless you think human rights and democracy are silly that is, which maybe you do.

          • David Metcalfe | Jan 25, 2013 at 7:55 pm |

            I would be surprised if the “occult experts” that are tapped in these kind of cases would even know who Aquino was, they certainly wouldn’t know a contemporary equivalent if they emerged in the midst of a trial. Now that Aquino has been tied to SRA they would know him specifically, but they still wouldn’t have the expertise to draw any real conclusions from his ideology or practice, making them useless even if a crime did tie back to an organized ritual.

          • Well, I get your point. I am for Religious Freedom of all kinds. Pagans, witches, Wiccan’s Kabbalists, Kaos Magicians, etc. I am sure it can be hard to be a member of those groups in small town middle America. Then there are cases of kids, that find themselves being outsiders, just trying be dramatic and rebellious and Gothy, that are vulnerable to bullying.

            But at the same time, in these cases of abuse chronicled in the above link, local children are abducted into these networks, by small time players. So some weird stuff you find out in the woods could be the result of SRA. I don’t think such things should be ruled out out of hand. Some rumors might be true.

            Some local weirdo, might actually have a dungeon filled with young girls. That was the case with Dutroux.

          • If you are interested in this Belgian case, with the connection between Satanism and child abuse, research the “Abrasax cult.”

          • David Metcalfe | Jan 25, 2013 at 9:51 pm |

            “Some rumors might be true.” – all the more reason to have legitimate scholars weighing in, or practitioners themselves, so that the information gleaned is actually useful. Instead the media goes to the academics who will say the craziest most hyped up story.

          • David Metcalfe | Jan 26, 2013 at 12:13 am |

            No, absolutely not. Savile is a sick bastard and anybody associated with keeping him protected deserves to be brought to light.

          • OK, I mean I’m not implying you supported Saville. But I am just wondering who this is in response to. Is it mostly related to the Mexican thing?

            And like I said I have ambivalent feelings on this topic. I mean there have been total frauds capitalizing on these scares like Warneke in the 80’s, but then again, also, at least from what i have researched, there could be something to it, in terms of elite Satanists.

          • David Metcalfe | Jan 26, 2013 at 12:31 am |

            That was a good clarification to ask about Ted, definitely not about the Savile thing. In terms of law enforcement the only thing that knowing whether or not a crime is a ritual crime is figuring out how that might lead to the arrest of those involved. The occult experts I’m talking about first of encourage mob justice (of varying degrees of violence) on innocents, second of all they mislead people as to what relevance any occult practice would have to a crime, and third they add an element of superstition which again makes it difficult to actually discover the people involved when an actual crime is committed.

          • Well my personal view, is that for me, The Devil has been kind of deconstructed. I mean you have Satan of the the book of Job, Lucifer other places in the Bible, which arguably another character entirely, then various Zoroastrian deities like Ahriman, then Pan, who was kind of co-opted by Christianity to become the devil, added to the mix.

            So to me, Satanism, is not really anything in and of itself. But that is not to say there aren’t occult groups practicing some type of vampirism, where they seek to gain power or something by feeding on innocent children. Or there could be something related to the Wetiko phenomenon, that manifests itself in a particularly egregious way in the highest eschelons of power.

            So it takes some delicacy to work through these issues.

          • Aquino, was a well known campy Satanist. He was Laveyan and then split off. He dressed like Dracula, had a bunch of Nazi paraphernalia in his house. He was a rich Stockbroker and Intelligence officer and also owned a Daycare for some reason.

            He wrote memos of why Mind Control through EMF waves might be a good thing for the US military to implement.

            Sometimes a Duck is a Duck.

          • He also Admittedly performed Black mass in a Nazi castle, while on the pay roll of the US military.

    • You’ve read Peter Levenda, right?

  2. Is this a response to something? do I have to read the whole thing or is this just verbal diaherrea about how we shouldn’t beat up on occultist people.

    • Matt Staggs | Jan 25, 2013 at 3:06 pm |

      One shouldn’t describe an author’s writing as “verbal diaherrea” if one has trouble spelling “diarrhea”.

    • David Metcalfe | Jan 25, 2013 at 8:30 pm |

      It’s a response to every story that comes out with one of these experts pulled in.

      Here’s what someone said on Twitter:

      “Reminds me of the satanic ritual abuse story in UK in 80s and the daimonic social worker creatures that created it. I was in a coven in 80s, 7 kids between us, I was scared of social services kicking door in and stealing the kids.”

  3. What you discuss is precisely what these Religious Right crazies are trying to do. The intent is to rouse xenophobia against anyone who is “different” in the pursuit of power and donations. So don’t bother trying to appeal to their sense of shame or professional integrity.

    Best that can be done is to persuade the legacy media to black-hole their press releases, to not contact them for interviews on Halloween, and in general, restrict their influence to the Religious Right megachurches. Lots of luck on that, the controllers of the MSM have no more integrity than those experts.

    Research Religious Right extremism, Dominionism, etc. for more of this kind of craziness and the political intent behind it. (Street Prophets blog, I think)

  4. "Big" Richard Johnson | Jan 25, 2013 at 7:33 pm |

    The Inquisition does not exist. Any who are spreading rumors that the Inquisition exists are to be reported to the Inquisition.

  5. disqus_RuSHYMCMFa | Jan 26, 2013 at 2:07 pm |

    Reminds me about a documentary I saw about the witch children of Africa.

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