The Navy’s Plan To Turn Underground Wisconsin Into A Global Radio Transmitter

A dose of strange history via BLDGBLOG:

Project Sanguine was a U.S. Navy program from the 1980s that “would have involved 41 percent of Wisconsin,” turning that state into a giant “antenna farm” capable of communicating with what Wikipedia calls “deeply-submerged submarines.”

Each individual antenna would have been “buried five feet deep” in the fertile soil of the Cheese State, creating a networked system with nearly 6,000 miles’ worth of cables and receiving stations. The Navy was hoping, we read, for a system “that could transmit tactical orders one-way to U.S. nuclear submarines anywhere in the world, and survive a direct nuclear attack.” In other words, the bedrock of the Earth itself could be turned into a colossal radio station.

The project was controversial from the start and was attacked by politicians, antiwar and environmental groups concerned about the effects of high ground currents and electromagnetic fields on the environment. The Navy [ultimately] abandoned Sanguine. A similar system, installed for preliminary tests in North Carolina and Virginia, “apparently flickered lightbulbs in the area and caused spurious ringing of telephones.”

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  1. kowalityjesus | Jan 5, 2013 at 8:34 am |

    I remember hearing about an antenna in the Australian outback being used to contact deep submarines. So I was told, it consumed giant amounts of power through underground wires which extended for miles. Probably what made the story most memorable was that one could stick a headphone jack in the dirt many miles away and hear the signal.

    Seriously though, what an absurd apparatus. Mutually Assured Destruction is the most un-Christian policy ever.

    • Far, far too often these days Christian and Christ-like are antonyms.

      • kowalityjesus | Jan 5, 2013 at 1:03 pm |

        MAD is the superlative-opposite of loving thy neighbor and turning the other cheek. Woe to these terrible hypocrites.

        If it was easy to be like Christ then people would be more prone to it; but it is painful and full of injury to one’s ego and pride, including what we would often term our “better senses;” Wide is the gate that leads to Hell and many are those who pass through it.

  2. drew hempel | Jan 5, 2013 at 7:37 pm |

    Wisconsin had Project ELF annual Mother Day protests with civil disobedience. I was arrested after using a ladder to climb the Navy fence with the lead organizer of the protests — I had him singing John Lennon’s Give Peace A Chance. Also we used yarn for giant spider webs — some Ecofeminist deal. I didn’t go to court and my drivers license was revoked in WI although I was never given notice that I remember. Then ten years later I got a summons for my arrest and so I paid a fine after I appealed to my boss to give me vacation money. Yeah Project ELF was shut down but the protests definitely helped — there were even studies showing the ELF waves damaged the fauna. Here is the main protest organizers that helped shut down Project ELF.

  3. Shades of EM-16
    WE can only hope that there is much more hidden
    from the American public than this, because what we do know now has left us in
    fear, buying assault weapons at all time high rates, building
    personal arsenals, worshipping military assault philosophies, personal
    survival technologies, offensive, aggression based, individualistic
    theorem over communal survival notions, group leveraged powers, even
    building personal nuclear shelters, and preparing for very hard
    personal times, even an economic crash, hiding with hidden caches of
    dry foods, water, off-grid survival units, deposits in foreign banks,
    foreign currencies, even gold, silver collections, armed bunkers, gated villages,
    accepting gropings, even of children and elderly before plane rides,
    now armed guards for schools, security cameras, private police,
    armies of security workers, aerial surveillance, phone tapping,
    computer privacy invasions, and the like. So sad to see a whole
    nation quivering in fear, hiding in the ground, even paying for
    ‘protection’ from the largest and most disproportionate Military
    Machine on earth, even as the Chinese and a new ‘Asian Reality’
    over-comes America on the economic battlefields of this modern world,
    technological fields, manufacturing fields, design engineering
    fields, even in heavy industry fields, space exploration fields,
    energy fields, but not the Military one? Have we witnessed the birth
    of a new reality for all mankind coming from China, Asia, Pan
    Eurasian Alliances, with irrepressible spread like a contagious
    disease rather than like a political ideology or a military conquest?
    Through economics, through exploding a planned ‘population bomb’,
    through scientific prowess as never witnessed before by mankind, from
    the massive ‘intelligentsia’ of Asia? The rate of progress outside the
    stagnant, rutted, and deeply in debt U.S.A. is exponential and at
    computer speeds in this modern world now? Will a super-secret U.S.
    submarine program return America to her “Cheap Oil Era”
    driven, “Golden Age of the 20th Century”? Will anyone living
    in this 21st century of multi-cultural multi-lingual, worker’s
    comfort’s focused age care? Will amassing a personal fortune over
    others matter? Has America gone ‘off-track’ so far as to no longer
    matter? 350 M like minded, relatively under productive, greedy, “dissidents”, consuming over 70% of
    the world’s resources in ecological, environmentally damaging, and unsustainable
    manner, with ideological differences, notions of “superiority”
    bordering on insane, even “entitlement” similarly
    categorized, schools now 19th in world ratings and failing fast, a
    diminishing population, Oil Energy obsessed, speed obsessed, ROI
    obsessed, Profits, dividend obsessed, drug and alcohol obsessed, with distorted sexuality notions, propaganda blinkered views,
    and a driving ambition to live better for themselves at the expense
    of their fellow man, all other men, one left at the “finish Line”
    possessing all, even at home and abroad? – In a majority of 7000 M
    humans with otherwise thinking? Other wise mind sets?
    Communal/National/World progress, survival of the whole, as a
    personal goal? More education than ever in all history? Better (
    Solar, Wave, Wind, Hydro, Tidal, Geothermal, Biological,Thorium
    fissioned) Energy systems, Healthy eating habits, rules, limitations?
    Sane breeding policies? – Dissonance here? Have we broken the rules of
    the Great Corporate American Propaganda Whores? Reached past the
    political propagandists? Peeked at an iceberg of reality awaiting
    U.S.A. when their debts are called in? There U.S. Dollar fails? When
    they do “Mercenary Services” under false flag and political
    smoke screens in the South China Seas and around the world at China’s
    behest? Like they did for the Saudis in Iraq? (ask now, is the price
    at your local pumps lower or higher? Who made the sacrifices? Who
    carries the war debt on their shoulders? Who’s childrens’ children
    will still be paying? To whom? Who profited? Who collects the
    interest on this debt?) Don’t be concerned or distracted by a bunch
    of long-wire transmitters in Wisconsin. LORAN in Cuttler Maine and
    another in Seattle, Washington ran for years, for same purposes, hurt no-one.
    Look away from this smaller meaningless distraction to the larger
    picture American.

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