The Words of Traitors: bridging expectation, mediums and genres

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Described as “Beautiful!” by award-winning sequential artist and author David Mack (Kabuki, Daredevil, Dexter), Words of Traitors is an attempt at laying bare the inner workings of hope and loss, love and despair, with the raw fury of a complete mental breakdown. At the brink of death, our life flashes before our eyes. Are those memories nothing more than lies? Our memories construct our sense of identity, but can we rely on them?

This work explores the fallibility of memory and how much our memories change over time and ultimately betray us, becoming “words of traitors.” Each story is based on a jigsaw of real memories told by a fictional narrator. The combination of magical realism and real life allows both the writer and the reader to explore the language of the  subconscious.

The production process was an intense alchemical experience, much of which was documented behind-the-scenes on the Words of Traitors website. Each story was written as a part of the overall creative process, visual pieces inspiring the narrative and vice versa. Many of the pieces are dioramas constructed from a wide array of materials ranging from
fragments of art, old love letters and mementos, and pieces representative of the concept of book-as-body: metal, wood, flowers, water, bones, blood, even a heart given by a cow that didn’t need it anymore.

In addition to James‘ work, this project features many edgy, innovative visual artists including the brilliant color sense of renowned Philadelphia-based painter and muralist James Dupree, Bethany Shorb‘s pointed minimalism (echoed in her creations at Cyberoptix Tie Lab), the hauntingly detailed dream-images produced by UK artist Laurie Lipton, S. Jenx‘s gritty photography, Russian-based Alexey Andreev’s surprisingly human CG work, and many others.

The first limited exhibition of the pieces was at the Extreme Futurist Festival in Los Angeles Dec 21 – 22, 2012, followed by the official release party beginning Jan 14th at the Gold Standard Cafe in Philadelphia, and running for one month. This will begin an ongoing, roving art and literary show.

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James Curcio

I was raped by a family of polar bears as a child and now have a deep seated terror of peanut butter. Psychological transference is weird. Author, artist, freak.

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    Nice links, original content artists are a whole other breed. I am still waiting for films of people’s dreams reconstructed from brain activity. This is on the scientific edge and WAY ahead of its time imo.
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