Venusian Prophet Omnec Onec On The Jerry Springer Show

In an unusually mind-bending moment for daytime television, Omnec Onec, a charismatic woman with a devoted following to this day who claims she was sent to Earth from Venus, appeared on the Jerry Springer Show in 1993 and makes a convincing case for her origins:

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  1. It is impressive how much the answers are thought through.

    Zombie Zombie – Rocket Number 9 (Gesaffelstein Remix)

  2. What she says sounds much more realistic, than assumptions of neoclassical economics. The problem is that you laugh at her now, but you pay money to professors who teach you neoclassical nonsense, you seriously learn their stories which describe non-humans living on non-earth.

  3. kowalityjesus | Jan 6, 2013 at 8:14 am |

    The premise for this woman’s story is not outside the realm of possibility, even if it is inconsistent that she would say that her city is beneath a dome on the surface of the planet, but that she is not from this dimension. I think the interview was handled rather compassionately.

    I remember seeing a cartoon miniseries called Red Planet when I was a kid that might have acclimated me to this type of idea, though. The cartoon took place on Mars in a relatively new era of human colonization. It featured tall snuffaluffagus-like creatures that lived below the surface, but could disappear or teleport into the ground. The primary antagonists were pointy scary creatures that sought water in a violent manner. At the end of the series, Mars was restored to its primal state of flourishing meadows, not unlike the finale of Schwarzenegger’s Journey to Mars. Strange how consistent the zeitgeist was, maybe this was all part of a scheduled acclimation by our interplanetary overlords.

    Whatever the case, God bless her, because it made me feel that it was somehow profoundly necessary to treat other people kindly and raise the level of compassion to and of my fellow man.

    Did anyone notice the subtle carry-over of Springer’s Jewish anti-Christian rationalization that took place at 14:00 even using the phrase “greatest story ever told”? Also there was some accusation against the obfuscating machinations of clergy in addition to those of government, which is much less common in these dialogues, but not of much less veracity, probably.

  4. She seems sincere. I did miss parts of the interview like when the “experts” came out. There is a dusty old crevasse of my brain that almost remembers hearing about this interview the time it was recorded as I was just graduating from high school in 1993 and Jerry was pretty popular to our generation in as much as “senior’s” taking “senior trips” to Chicago just to go to his show and the fact that he was a news anchor in Cincinnati prior to doing this show would have also peaked my interest, since I am indeed a native of the Cincinnati area. What I find interesting now is how much more open I am to the possibility of this being a reality then I was back in ’93. I was thinking today even as I watched the latest episode of Ancient Aliens I had DVR’ed from Friday how, really, if your not open to the premise of that show that your not really ready for anything to happen but fortunately for me, a lot of things are about to happen. Most of what we knew as “society” in the last several decades is dissolving and will continue to dissolve. But I don’t think we will have a “grand” collapse as so many anticipate. We will, as it happens, develop each incremental step as it makes itself manifest. We are not about such a magnificent logistical mind on the proper ways to move into a society worthy of today’s knowledge but we are resilient and as our little boxes of programmed ideologies dissolve with most of us unaware it’s happening, we will see the new day of Enlightenment.

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