Wall Street’s Steeply Increasing Republicanism

We’ve seen massive amounts of dark money in politics co-opt and buy our former democracy wholesale. This was especially clear in the post-Citizen’s United elections in the U.S., with special interests, corporations and/or lobbyists spending billions of dollars (that they otherwise argue they need to keep hold of with preferential legal and legislative treatment).

Wall Street, in particular, holds sway over the thinking in Washington, D.C. Our elected policy-makers are increasingly owned, or at least bought and paid for, in other words; whores. So they’re exercising their freedom of speech, and just as with their other shady deal-making, they tend to bet big. Wall Street gave big to the Democrats and Obama in particular in 2008. They gave to him early on before backing Romney as ‘one of their own’ in the financial sector.

But is there anything to the idea that their toxic objectivism is severely conservative nowadays? Open Secrets Blog, a great research site from the Center for Responsive Politics that was instrumental during the election, before and since, for exposing the flow of money from profiteering barons to pandering politicians. It seems they are, in fact, trending Republican:

According to the latest Center for Responsive Politics analysis, there has been a defined shift in campaign giving by commercial banks and securities and investment firms , which now heavily favor Republican candidates.


For the record, this is only a trend. A steep and extreme trend, but a trend nonetheless. This may be an artifact of being an election year, and it does appear that a similar amount was spent as in 2008, just not split between the two candidates and overwhelmingly for “their guy.”

Although, I personally don’t believe there is much of difference, since national politics is mostly a game where Republicans and Democrats play-fight for the public while betraying voters on a daily basis.

I highly recommend Open Secrets for your references, as they will shine light on corruption of any moneyed group or politician, regardless of their claimed affiliation.


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  1. If you’re looking for information on political organization funding, there’s Sourcewatch http://www.sourcewatch.org , here’s a sample entry on the Reason Foundation behind Reason Magazine – http://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php/Reason – it’s funding is essentially the conservative corporate GOP network.

    High tech is increasingly going GOP, too. Representative high-tech billionaire behind Singularity – http://www.opensecrets.org/outsidespending/donor_detail.php?cycle=2012&id=U0000004022&type=I&super=N&name=Thiel%2C+Peter+A. – this money goes into more directly election-oriented GOP fundraising groups.

    Mentioned this here because I found about Reason and Theil through a casual glance at Singularity / Transhumanist funding. I’d like to see a competent investigative journalist dig into this, Futurism, like Libertarianism looks like a candy-coated version of the conservative right-wing GOP agenda,

    Most of you probably have heard that Google got off the hook on it’s over anti-competitive practices FTC investigation through working with the GOP conservative Heartland Institute.


  2. BuzzCoastin | Jan 13, 2013 at 7:17 pm |

    this is significant

    if you think there’s a difference between the Reds & Blues
    if you examine the record of the last 150 years
    you’ll find political donations from Wall Street always back both the candidates
    whichever Party, Red or Blue

    • You’re absolutely right. And whenever they think the public is onto their game (Congressional Republicans are notoriously unpopular right now), they switch places:


      Part of it is the corporate backers hedging their bets (though they sort of went ‘all-in’ with Romney there at the end), but a big part of it is that the politicians are all too happy to scratch backs, accept bribes, rub elbows, and shoot down any attempt at accountability. We need to keep money out of politics as much as possible. There is no reasonable expectation that corporate money elites or our ‘elected’ leaders will ever act ethically.

  3. "Big" Richard Johnson | Jan 13, 2013 at 8:16 pm |

    Republicans give the best head. Thats why bankers love them.

  4. So basically, filthy rich, arrogant scumbags would rather hire a personal assistant that will tell them they’re always right about everything no matter what than a personal assistant that sometimes tells them they need to work on cleaning up their image.
    Who knew?

    • Mr. Burns: Where did I go wrong? I made all the right moves, didn’t I?

      Underlings: Yes, sir. Absolutely.

      Mr. Burns: Oh, I see it now; you’re nothing but a bunch of yes-men. I was making all the wrong moves, and you were too gutless to tell me!

      Underlings: Yes, sir. Absolutely. Every move the wrong one.

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