A 1950s PSA On The Danger Of Homosexuals

What do we learn from the school-and-police-department-produced children’s PSA “Boys Beware”? Chiefly, gayness is contagious “like small pox”, homosexuals are lurking everywhere, are murderous, and wear sunglasses during the daytime:

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  1. InfvoCuernos | Feb 15, 2013 at 1:20 pm |

    anybody that plays basketball with a bowtie and suit on is obviously a deviant. Stranger Danger!

  2. Well, I had a much different experience hitch hiking around when I was 18 (and looked 16) in California in the late 1990’s then I did hitch hiking when I was in my 40’s. I will say that. Hitch hiking from Monterey to San Fran, once I got propositioned three times out of 4 rides.

    I think back in the 1990’s and earlier it was a major way to cruise for guys. A few years ago, Hitch hiking through Alaska and the Yukon and Washington, I had a completely different experience. But then I was 40 years old bald and with a beard and over 200 lbs.

    I think homosexuality having been so stigmitized kind of brought out a lot more clandestine scenarios. Probably less of this goes on now. But I don’t know if I would exactly recommend hitch hiking to teen agers of either sex.

  3. Its old and dated obviously, But if you replace “homosexual” with “pederast” (and remove the negative connotation with consenting adults who may be LGBT) I think it stands up.

    • I agree, cause I do a lot of hitchin and you really gotta be on your toes if yer a young man, but more so if yer a woman. Most people assume if yer a traveler you got loose morals and are always up for a party
      . I’ve decided to actually apply the advice in the movie and txt msg my sister or mother the license # of the car I get in. That way if they start shit, I am prepared. Despite my aversion to tech., it is definitely one good use for it.
      I wouldn’t say I wouldn’t recommend hitch hiking, but I do recommend being very wary(of drunx n meth heads especially) and preferably not going alone
      That’s one reason I prefer going by freight 🙂

      • Good advice. Do you wear earplugs when you train hop? I have never done that myself.

        • no, I find the rhythmic rumble soothing, actually.
          do have to say, I learned the hard way that a boxcar is the coldest car on the train during winter, despite the wind protection. it’s like a walk-in freezer. we were on it for 3 days and thought we’d go hypothermic or insane. still worth it, though.

  4. Myself and two others made a documentary on the director, Sid Davis, of this classroom film. It was not produced by any school or police department, The police certainly helped, but Sid made his movies entirely on his own dime and found professionals that were more on the crime side of things. Which is why there is such a heavy handed and somewhat unenlightened view.

    Sid stated that he wished the exposition addressed pedophiles, however the professionals of the time sort of lumped it all together. Sid saw this a crime against children.

    Sid was an interesting fella. Not that it matters but two of the guys he made several films of his classroom films were an openly gay couple. When he told us this he wanted to make certain that we did not have a problem with gays. He was a very protective and somehow rigidly liberal.

    Sid make s a cameo in this movie. He is the man following the boy through the short cut on the beach

    • That makes sense, because, the movie really describes how pederasts groom kids. It doesn’t really describe homosexuals in general.

    • Matt Staggs | Feb 16, 2013 at 2:37 pm |

      What’s the name of the doc?

      • Sid Vision you can find it at Archive.org for free. We cut a lot out that we probably should not have, Like the fact that Sid held a record for mountain climbing as an octogenarian, More tales of how the films were made. The theme song from the Peoples Court used in a film about rape prevention.

  5. I love 50’s paranoia 🙂 five to one odds…the middle aged dude grooming his ‘date’ from the local junior high instead of finding a guy his own age and getting horizontal like a normal person…is a church going, locally beloved, stolidly Republican, lifetime Rotarian ‘pillar of the community’ type. It used to be ‘the stranger on the corner’ in all the stories…of course I wonder now if the stories were actually written by real pedos…to keep people from noticing that they were right there next to you, grooming your child through carefully won trust and access. That single black and white retro film is nearly a classic echo of the dodgy logic of Conventional Wisdom…which turned out to be nearly useless as an educational tool against real predators, whose camouflage always includes being draped in whatever trusted institution will give them apparent legitimacy.

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