America’s False Flag Attacks

Remember the Maine? On the 115th anniversary of the Maine explosion, Breaking the Set’s Abby Martin explored US False Flag Attacks as being at the heart of every major US war of aggression in history.

Abby Martin

Abby Martin

Creator at The Empire Files
Creator The Empire Files on teleSUR, Founder Media Roots, BOD Project Censored & Former Host Breaking the Set
Abby Martin

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  1. The first couple of times I watched reports from Abby Martin it was very cathartic, considering American news networks are corporate puppets. Yet recently I feel that her reporting is just as one sided as Fox news or MSNBC, in addition she works for a government funded Russian T.V. network. I am not having anxiety from the Cold War, nor am I stating capitalism is better then Socialism. Has anyone ever heard her criticize Vladimir Putin or Russian atrocities in Chechnya? This website states that, “Everything you know is wrong.” If you make that statement then you need to back it up by being accurate in your reporting. If not then you are no different then corporate networks.

    • Everything you know is wrong was made popular by Russ Kick when he was editing his books. If you had read these you would know that he gathered some of the finest essays from some of the finest writers in the world. Having said that I think you will find that the motto is less a guarantee than it is of reiterating Jefferson’s admonition to question everything, literally everything. Therefore I think you will find that the motto is more another way of saying; How deep is the rabbit hole?

      Of course the above question has no answer per say. To me saying everything you know is wrong – which was a title of a very good book by disinfo BTW – is roughly equal to my motto on my now defunct website; Nothing is as it seems. As it goes both statements are true, but neither were offered as a guarantee.

      Indeed it reminds me of symbolism as covered by Manly P. Hall in his great book; The Secret Teachings Of All Ages. Symbolism means one thing to one person and another to another person depending on how far the individual has progressed, but the meanings for each person is true, for that person.

      You would do better if you took the motto in the spirit it was intended, which to me is more of a battle cry and a wake up call than a guarantee. It is a signpost on your journey, but it is not the journey itself. In order to give only facts with no mistakes and nothing incorrect we would have to all become superhuman or indeed Godlike, and this is never possible.

      Should Abbey not be allowed to post here because she is doing her best to work inside the constraints of the job she has? I can’t see that, can you? If you had her job and you criticized Putin wouldn’t that be tantamount to turning in your resignation? And even if Abbey decided to do that, would the video of her doing such a thing ever see the light of day? So what would be the point?

      This is not a place for anger – there are plenty of those – this is a place to discuss with an even temper, and a place for all of us to help each other see different sides and find the way. Even so, each person’s way is distinct and as different as they are themselves.

      Hope this helps.


      • Calypso_1 | Feb 22, 2013 at 10:26 am |

        What of even-temper masquerading as anger?

        • Liam_McGonagle | Feb 22, 2013 at 11:04 am |

          I didn’t see any fury in Matt’s statement either. (I assume that’s what you’re getting at).

          It is a bit disappointing that the best response we’ve been able to muster to propaganda is counter-propaganda, but I guess that’s the nature of the beast. Propaganda doesn’t have to be false to be effective.

          It’s the audience’s conclusions and reactions that the propagandist seeks to exploit, to the exclusion of almost all other considerations. The factuality of a statement may almost be besides the point.

          • Calypso_1 | Feb 22, 2013 at 12:37 pm |

            Indeed that was the intended tangential reference. Also a rhetorical position. I do not assume others, nor do I find my own emotive output being a singular layer. Not only in it’s natural course but open to construction & guileful intent of various magnitude.

            Thus is also the case with the response to the attempts to propagate the affective ideas of such thought ministries.

            As to it’s counter: I long ago fell into the arms of the Dadaists – sympatico drivings & tremulous desperation in the face of the Grand-Guignol body politic. However, as of late I am finding a great deal to be learned in the work of the deconstructuralists, though this may be a long endeavor & require the implantation of rat derived extrasensory perceptions given the degree of abstraction, extensions of causality & abandonment of the entire construction of state imposed phenomenology.

            In the vein of such sentiment I will cut-up some para-quotes into something perhaps relevant.

            “The more incapable people are of grasping a specific causality in extension, the more they pretend to understand the phenomenon in question. The break with this structure of belonging can only be produced by using the stratagems of the field against it, a force, a thought, a solitude intertwined with a people to come, one that invokes and awaits that people. We exist only through that force, though not yet here. A force of dislocation that spreads throughout the system, fissuring it in every direction, delimiting its power. The more the axiomatic state overcodes it’s control the more decoded flow escapes to the periphery outside of its intentionality.”

            It would be my vision, if so invoked, that this point in our bio-social evolution, this exchange of forces between the dominance of state & the individual, at strongest is no more than some weak nuclear force. That our molecular evolution as civilization has only yet begun and that the current paltry variances displayed by the dominating forces will give way to incredible dimension of richness that is demonstrated in other aspects of our universe, not the least the individual consciousness.

        • I don’t understand your reference. Could you elaborate a little?

          • Calypso_1 | Feb 22, 2013 at 1:08 pm |

            elaboration ensued in the reply to McGonagle.

            it is a penchant of mine to be oblique & cryptic….and given to moods of bizarre nature (feigned or otherwise).

            There is however usually a multiplicity of intent in any given reply, some of which may not be intended or accessible to the recipient given my familiarity with the other posters & desire to communicate through layered knowledge content.

            In reference specifically & simply to your own post, I thought it was rather good, but as Liam pointed out, I did not see any anger in Matt’s thoughts. This led me to wonder if you were actually addressing the statement to him or just giving a general opinion.

            I probably have differing opinions about anger in postings than yourself. That however, was not my main thought. My phrasing was in the use of anger as a technique not as an emotive experience. For example, I can be even-tempered inside and act angry if needed.

            The thought in general was a play of words & trite, a small shiny thing. Some might find it evokes deeper thoughts. It might catch another passing reader who knows me better to post, as was the case. Thus offering a lure for the conversation cascades that come about on Disinfo in rather curious ways…and why, among other reasons, I like this place.

          • Thank you for the clarification.

            No, it was a general statement. I am a relatively recent, self imposed refugee from ATS and I know that the anger that any differing opinion is greeted with there is a problem the staff is wrestling with every day. So far we have avoided this behavior, partly due to the efforts of Matt Staggs, and it was in the hopes that we continued to do so that the statement was made.

            Had I directed this statement to Matt, I would have said so clearly, and I would have been doing something I obviously feel is a very bad idea.

          • Calypso_1 | Feb 22, 2013 at 2:42 pm |

            ATS Oh, my. No further explanation necessary. Welcome aboard.

  2. Operation Northwoods:

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  5. “Those who cannot learn from the past are ______.”

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