Bruce Sterling On Technology, Our Fate, And Eternity

Publisher 40kBooks has fresh answers from key science fiction and futurism writer Bruce Sterling, in response to questions from Cory Doctorow and others:

[Is the world] improved by technology? From the point of view of almost anything in this world that’s not a human being like you and me, the answer’s almost certainly No. You might get a few Yea votes from albino rabbits and gene-spliced tobacco plants. Ask any living thing that’s been around in the world since before the Greeks made up the word “technology,” like say a bristlecone pine or a coral reef.

It’s mostly the past’s things that will outlive us. Things that have already successfully lived a long time, such as the Pyramids, are likely to stay around longer than 99.9% of our things. It’s a bit startling to realize that it’s mostly our paper that will survive us as data, while our electronics will succumb to erasure, loss, and bit rot.

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  1. makes a good case for the likelihood of technologically advanced Ancient Civilizations…

  2. BuzzCoastin | Feb 19, 2013 at 8:33 pm |

    if you’ve ever tried to trace a genealogy
    you quickly discover that the few historical records that survive
    are obscure, imprecise and confusing
    and that you can’t really go back more than 400 years with any degree of accuracy

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