DisinfoCast 45: Micah Hanks, ‘The UFO Singularity’

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Technology, aliens, other dimensions, time travel and the Singularity! UFOlogist and Gralien Report host Micah Hanks drops by to discuss his new book The UFO Singularity: Why Are Past Unexplained Phenomena Changing Our Future? Where Will Transcending the Bounds of Current Thinking Lead? How Near is the Singularity? in this episode of the DisinfoCast.

3 Comments on "DisinfoCast 45: Micah Hanks, ‘The UFO Singularity’"

  1. Hey Matt are you 100% sure that guy was not an Alien himself?

  2. Interesting perspective, and an example of a healthy open minded skeptic. Thanks for sharing,

    This makes me think of the Bell Labs reverse engineering of alien technology theory. http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/ciencia/ciencia_extraterrestrialtech02.htm

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