DisinfoCast 46: Johnny F. “Peace Anonymous: The 12 Steps to Peace”

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Recovering alcoholic, former oil industry employee and current peace activist Johnny F. is here to discuss his book Peace Anonymous: The 12 Steps to Peace. What can we do as individuals to hasten change in the world today?

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  1. I’m so glad I heard this interview and will spread word of the book as widely as possible. The interview was great – questions identified possible reader ‘worries’ about whether or not the author’s ideas would work.

    I agree with the author – the main change that needs to happen is that, as individuals, we need to ask ourselves questions and reflect on them at some depth. What our nation has come to on the global stage? What profit motives drive our policy and is this what we really want? What role does propaganda play in shaping our thoughts? What is courage and could we display more? What role as individuals do we play in speaking within our own groups to question dominant “us/them” mentality?

    All these questions and more raised by the author can be explored privately and in groups from a few to many, in venues real and virtual. IF such reflection were practiced, even for a few months, a great shift would begin to take place, in my opinion. I believe media, government bodies, and the corporate world would begin to shift accordingly. Certainly they would note the challenge in the buzz.

    I am delighted the author points out that cultural ‘memes’ and beliefs emerge from the individuals who make up the group. I think this is a key understanding in human affairs. I am convinced that, as a ‘start’, nothing but reflection and conversation need happen. These might be all the challenge our culture can handle as a first step. Additional steps – for instance to get business out of government – will become clear in time. With the power of change underway due to discussion, they (additional steps) will develop more smoothly. And – as per a foundation built on individual reflection – the changes will come from “the people”!

  2. This content is relevant to my interests, on many levels.

  3. This content is relevant to my interests, on many levels.

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