Dorner Surrounded By Police – Gun Battle – Hundreds Of Rounds Fired

BREAKING NEWS, via the LA Times:

“Hundreds of rounds” were exchanged in about half an hour during the gun battle between fugitive former police officer Christopher Dorner and law enforcement officers Tuesday afternoon, sources said.

At least two San Bernardino County sheriff’s deputies were wounded, sources said. Their conditions were not immediately known.

Days ago, Dorner broke into a cabin off Route 38, a source said. He allegedly tied up the couple inside and held them hostage until Tuesday morning when he left. It is unclear whether Dorner stole their vehicle or another, but Fish and Wildlife officers knew to be on the lookout for a white pickup truck when they spotted Dorner driving one and attempted to stop him, the source said.

Dorner crashed the truck during the ensuing chase and allegedly exchanged gunfire with the officers as he fled into another cabin, where he was quickly surrounded by San Bernardino sheriff’s deputies. The source said one deputy was hit as Dorner fired out of the cabin and a second was injured when Dorner exited the back of the cabin, deployed a smoke bomb and opened fire again in an apparent attempt to flee. Dorner was driven back inside the cabin, the source said…

[more at the the LA Times]


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  • Raz

    So, the cops shoot hundreds of slugs at him and still he lives? What, you can buy a freaking arsenal but shooting class is expensive?

  • Andrew

    The blockade of Route 38 was probably lifted after they captured or killed Dorner. They are now probably burning his body and any evidence.

  • Rex Vestri

    Hopefully he’ll kill off a few of those sorry fuckers and then slip out under the cover of darkness and escape.

    Go Christopher!

    • Timothy

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  • BuzzCoastin

    nice show
    Der Homeland’s Most Wanted
    the best part
    cops killing and wounding each other for a change

  • Nickoli Mad Russian Volkoff
    • LucidDreamR

      Ugh… go back to youtube please…

      • Nickoli Mad Russian Volkoff

        Lol not right now…but thanks

  • Hadrian999

    looks like he go WACOed

    • InfvoCuernos

      that’s what I was thinking too.

      • Hadrian999

        except now the lapd are saying no body was found so either dorner is a straight up ninja or the the cops just got into a siege and shootout with an empty cabin

        • InfvoCuernos

          It does seem like the man gave them the slip. I doubt you could plan a better disappearing act if you were Ian Flemming. Burnt human remains and a gun battle with cops with helicopters watching should throw off the scent for long enough so that Chris can get over the border into Pakistan…er, I mean Mexico.

  • InfvoCuernos

    I sure hope he squeeks out of this one. I have heard that one of those two deputies that he shot today has died and the other is at the moment in surgery. There is a part of me that was hoping against hope that other members of law enforcement would rise up, but I guess the “glory” of being the guy that caps Chris Dorner is just too sweet a prize to pass up on just to do the right thing. When law enforcement places its own survival ahead of what’s right, then they are no better than the common street gangs that they are supposed to protect us from. I hope that this incident is an eye opener for middle America, but more likely this will be forgotten in a week.

    • Ted Heistman

      You should google “the mad trapper of rat river” inspiring story, but it didn’t end well.

  • Monkey See Monkey Do

    We need to infiltrate the police force, set up sleeper cells all over, there needs to be help and support for whistle blower’s like Chris if the revolution is going to work.