Freemasons To Have A Reality Show On Australian TV

I’m expecting the ritualistic hedonism of traditional reality programs, but with an occult flair. ANIMAL New York writes:

Freemasons have always had a bit of an image problem. Apparently, a clandestine fraternal order that counts world leaders among its ranks and which engages in secret occult rituals makes everyday people suspicious. So, over the past few decades, Masonic organizations have tried to change the public’s perception of their mysterious group.

Adding to this collective PR effort is a new 26 episode TV series called Freemasons: The Inside Story. It will profile masons in Victoria, Australia and promises that watchers will “gain unprecedented access into the truth about Freemasonry. Its people, its purpose and its past.” But with the majority of its members unaware of the more esoteric manifestations of the all-boys club, don’t expect any ‘Da Vinci Code’-like revelations.

4 Comments on "Freemasons To Have A Reality Show On Australian TV"

  1. Now, at last, the Freemasons will be exposed for just how boring they actually are.

  2. This is surely the end of the Freemason’s sexy conspiratorial mystique.

  3. To quote an old gentleman ”Only puny secrets need protection. Big discoveries are protected by public incredulity.” Yet again,we find that both supporters and haters of Freemasonry are way off when it comes to understanding the brotherhood.I rejoice in that fact.

  4. Tim Checker | Mar 27, 2013 at 4:05 am |

    The FM’s are not a bad society…the spiraling of illuminati r the ones u got watch ur back with. Scots n French mean no harm but the man behind the curtain is the control freak so stay away from the great n powerful Ozz. haha

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