Have You Heard the One About the Comedian, the Millionaire and the Orangutan?

Photo: Gage Skidmore (CC)

That would be Bill Maher, Donald Trump and Trump’s father (or not). Unfortunately, the Donald doesn’t find the joke funny, reports Reuters:

A comedian, a millionaire and an orangutan. It may sound like the beginning of a screwball joke, but Donald Trump isn’t laughing.

The famously outspoken real estate magnate has sued famously outspoken television host Bill Maher, demanding the $5 million Maher offered to give to charity if Trump could prove his father is not an orangutan.

But legal experts say Trump is unlikely to get a dime from Maher, the host of the HBO series Real Time With Bill Maher, because his offer was clearly made in jest.

“It’s parody,” said Bryan Sullivan, a Los Angeles entertainment lawyer. “You know Bill Maher is a comedian and a satirist. The offer is so ridiculous.”

Trump, however, has taken the comic at his word…

[continues at Reuters]


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9 Comments on "Have You Heard the One About the Comedian, the Millionaire and the Orangutan?"

  1. Tchoutoye | Feb 12, 2013 at 4:05 am |

    Maher ought to apologize to orangutans.

  2. BuzzCoastin | Feb 12, 2013 at 4:20 am |

    La Donald scores again
    didn’t he just resign being Pope?

  3. Jett Rink | Feb 12, 2013 at 7:25 am |

    I cant stand either of these morons. Tie goes to the runner, I wish Trump would win this one. Maher is the bigger douchebag

    • Rickenbacker4001 | Feb 12, 2013 at 9:44 am |

      Does Trump ever smile? From his shady real estate holdings to his bizarre requests on birth certificates, I’d give the douche award to someone who , can’t tell a joke, make a joke, or understand humour.

      • mannyfurious | Feb 12, 2013 at 3:51 pm |

        I agree that Maher is a douche and rubs me the wrong way a lot of the times. But… he’s also right about most things. Being a douche and being right aren’t mutually exclusive. Fuck Trump.

  4. Obliviousness | Feb 12, 2013 at 9:59 am |

    The most greedy and power-hungry are simultaneously the most brain damaged among us http://leftinthedark.org.uk/sites/default/files/Left%20in%20the%20Dark%20free%20edition.pdf

  5. Like Jett Rink, I can’t stand either of these two ass-clowns. But I think Trump is the bigger douche.
    There should a game show along the the lines of ¿Quien es Mas Douchey? Or Who is More Douchey? It would pit different well-known douches from various media spaces to determin who is the biggest douche.

  6. First off, Bill Maher has at least one good precident.

    A few years back, I think a 90s thing, a radio station went “If you tattoo our logo on your forehead, we will support you for life!” – and guess what!? Two st-st-steuyupids came in that day with facial tattoos… And the DJ said “you are stupid, F— off!” and they got FIRED by their bosses who said “You are so st-st-stupid the sh-t I make you clean off the floor will spontaneously ignite at your stupidity and burn my business down…”

    So they tried to sue the Radio station, Judge flushed it and set a precedent. Tried to sue the ex employer, well that’s “Right to work” for you…

    So in short there’s solid precedent protecting Maher.

    But Trump has an ego big as a mountain and lots of money. And a like of suing people.

    So, I’d suggest more public education about this topic and “Jury Nullification”. People need to be educated they can pretend they know nothin bout Nullification, then USE IT.

    And I don’t just mean protect a millionaire comedian from a Billionaire ego trip… This is “Dump Trump” in one side player checkmate. You see, you can also issue a statement that as the jury you have decided the TRUTH is that Trump is indeed a “Legitimate APE”. That he is legally a human/Orangutan hybrid! Even if Trump waves a genetic test, you the jury decide the LEGAL TRUTH. All you got to do is get the other jurors to go with you. Maher is a popular celebrity, Trump is an unpopular celebrity…

    And it’s not just humiliation if he’s found to be “Legitimate Ape” either…

    Would a court uphold a contract with an Orangutang?

    Would the police do anything save animal cruelty charges if you clobbered/mugged/robbed an Orangutang? – don’t try on a real one, they could rip you in half –

    Can an Orangutang run around without a leash?

    Must it be in the zoo or shot as a wild animal?

    He’d end up bankrupt as his business friends abandoned him using that technicality to delay legal actions as he cried for the police to get at the ones that robbed him. Eventually he’d pull every single favor he’s ever earned and beg twice as many to push through some kind of declaration he’s a human being. But it would ruin his wealth and fame, he’d still be much richer than most of us ever will be but no more mega personality.

    I have no personal malice towards him. Matter of fact, I remember something profound he said on Sally or Oprah years back.

    But an autocracy/plutocracy is not a government I want, and we must move against it. Something like this would scare them almost as much as Pol Pot revealing that he was alive and having proof he was born in America somehow (like an unusual vacation by his prosperous parents) and he’s running for President. “Yu Rike my Poritikal symbol? Pickaxe tu Skull! Cule Fol all Social Evil!!”

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