Illinois High School To Stage ‘Active Shooter Drills’ With Simulated Gunfire

At the intersection of paranoia and random violence lies high school. CBS Chicago reports:

A school shooting drill planned on Wednesday in Chicago’s northwestern suburbs has many parents upset.

According to a letter from Cary-Grove High School principal Jay Sargeant, there will be a code red drill at the school that will include somebody shooting blanks from a gun in the hallway “in an effort to provide our teachers and students some familiarity with the sound of gunfire.”

During the drill, teachers will keep students in their rooms, lock their doors, and draw their curtains. Police will sweep the building, while someone will fire blanks from a starter pistol.

School spokesman Jeff Puma said parents who have contacted the school are evenly split for and against the drill. Parent Sharon Miller said the drill is absurd, [while] Dina Coutre said, “Nowadays it’s better to be safe than sorry.”

10 Comments on "Illinois High School To Stage ‘Active Shooter Drills’ With Simulated Gunfire"

  1. Bet there are kids in US that are going to school in kevlar vests. Fucking ridiculous.

  2. I guess there’s no need for an “active shooter drill” in the urban schools since that stuff happens most of the time. This could be a way to de-sensitize kids to “real live” violence.

    • Ittabena | Feb 5, 2013 at 4:38 pm |

      That was the Fifties, now it “Observe and Report”. I will forward the Homeland Security Naming Convention to you. Found it laying in the aisle of a local Wal-Mart.

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