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I’ve been a fan of Krystle Cole for a while now. She’s well known for her numerous informational videos about psychedelics. Her website,, provides information for a broad spectrum of entheogens, entactogens, and other little helpers to the human pursuit for greater understanding in the bigger picture of life. We spoke about her perspective on psychedelics and life in general.

Roberts: You’re a person who has experienced a broad spectrum of psychedelics. You’re probably one of the most encyclopedic reference points for the breadth of the psychedelic experience. How has your perspective on psychedelics changed since the first time you did it?

Cole: When I started using entheogens, the first I used was MDMA — which is more of an entactogen than an entheogen — but that’s the first time I delved into the psychedelic experience. My level of understanding has really grown since then. It’s not just from the amount of other substances I’ve done that are stronger than MDMA, but also from life in general, and everything I do that doesn’t relate to psychedelics. I think that’s the case with everyone. We all grow as life goes on, and so I interpret some of what I’ve experienced differently now.

Read the full interview here.

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  • Matt Prather

    Good catch Gabriel.

    I discovered her and her site last December.

    People should know Neurosoup exists, and you went and did an interview with Krystle! Amazing.

    If only I wasn’t the only commenter (a month after you posted), I wouldn’t feel like such a weirdo… hmmm….

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