Institute Pinpoints Which Cities May Be Consumed By Rising Sea Levels

If you’re planning on being cryogenically frozen and then revived in the 22nd century, consider selling your apartment in Tokyo now. New Scientist writes:

Sydney, Tokyo and Buenos Aires watch out. These cities will experience some of the greatest sea level rises by 2100, according to one of the most comprehensive predictions to date.

Sea levels have been rising for over 100 years – not evenly, though. Several processes are at work, says Mahé Perrette of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in Germany. Some land is sinking, some is rising. The gravitational pull of disappearing ice sheets lead to a fall in sea levels in their surrounding areas.

Perrette has modeled all of these effects and calculated local sea level rises in 2100 for the entire planet. The global average rise is predicted to be between 30 and 106 centimeters. Coasts around the Indian Ocean will be hard hit, as will Japan, south-east Australia and Argentina. New York’s position may be less perilous than previously thought.

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  1. I wonder what the excuse will be when they’re wrong. Oh well, it’s 87 years from now, nobody will remember how wrong they were, because there will be a new climate meme making the rounds.

    • They’ll just say it’s the natural cycle of warming after the post-glacial Holocene era. That’s what they are already saying.

    • Lost in Thought | Feb 20, 2013 at 2:51 pm |

      Why do you say “when” rather than “if?”

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