• Ittabena

    Well, Abbey – and know that I defended you right here when you made your last post – you said that we all ate it up when referring to the Kelly Lynch story, but I for one tend to disbelieve anything that comes out through the Major Media. This is not to say that I believe everything the so-called independents say, but if you have a friend whom you know to be a habitual and pathological liar (Would rather climb a tree and tell a lie that stand flat footed on the ground and tell the truth!) you tend to disbelieve everything he has to say. I have been that way about the Major Media since early 70’s when I learned about the JFK assassination and I think there are quite a few out that who feel the same..

    As for the others, some people actually prefer the “blue pill”. It does give you a more comfortable feeling than the “red” one. you have to admit that…