Mutiny Radio: Year Two

This week, Eddie Winters will be undertaking an attempt at the world’s longest podcast recording in San Francisco. This rounds out several weeks of events celebrating Mutiny Radio’s second year of existence.

Via Mutiny Radio:

Tune in to Mutiny Radio or stop on in at the corner of 21st and Florida (deep within the Mission of SF, California) for some history in the making! Legendary Disc Jockey Eddie Winters along with
Co-Host Alex Q. Huffman will be attempting to make the longest podcast ever recorded.
This will be the event of a lifetime which may be the very event that ends Eddie’s life! There will be food and drinks, Live Stand up performances by the Bay Area’s most …talented comics, Celebrity phone-in Interviews, Live Quija Board sessions, Eddie Winters #1 fan competition, Pietro Laugh-Off, prizes and give-aways too! This is an open, global event where we will give away a prize for the longest distance caller to phone in. It’s going to be insane and it will also be a world record breaking podcast. Sober up and come down and get drunk on Eddie’s wizard juice! Tune in Live at

We continue to expand our community radio reach, giving microphone access to more podcasters, poets, political activists, musicians, comedians, kids, and filmmakers. Now, we’re hoping to build better internet radio technology that will benefit others, and will make it easier to record live events, remotely upload podcasts, do community reporting and citizen journalism, instant archiving, automated playback and promotion, and improve on our website, educational programs, events and art space.

In the past we’ve been proud to host local bands, artists, spoken-word sessions, stand-up comedy, film screenings, Occupy the Debates, block parties and even George Clinton.

If you can help, please visit our site or our Kickstarter. We’re also always looking to recruit DJ volunteers and collaboration projects.

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