Neil Gaiman Wants You As His Co-Author

If the BlackBerry smartphone dies at the hands of iPhone and Android, it won’t be because the marketing team failed to rope in pop culture luminaries. Following the rather embarrassing announcement of iPhone user Alicia Keys as BlackBerry ambassador, Neil Gaiman is being promoted as a BlackBerry toting superhero of artistic collaboration:

Neil Gaiman is one of today’s best-loved authors. He famously collaborates with artists across the globe to create graphic novels, books, films, music and poetry.

Now he wants to collaborate with you.

Neil wants you to inspire him with themes for A Calendar of Tales. He’ll develop a collection of twelve tales from your ideas and then invite you to submit illustrations, choosing his favourite for each tale. This collection will transform into an amazing calendar showcasing your illustrations beside Neil’s stories.


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  • justagirl

    maybe this is his last brilliant idea.

  • justagirl

    maybe this is his last brilliant idea.

  • InfvoCuernos

    Blackberry-the Ford Escort of the cell phone world.