Psychogeography, Altered States of Consciousness and The Spiritual Technology of The Ancients

Our second episode features two occult luminaries Randall Carlson and David B. Metcalfe traversing the hazy bogs and mythical highlands of the occult landscape in conversation together.

Topics discussed include:

  • The Grail Quest, Masonic Travelers and Gnostic Pilgrimages.
  • ESP, Tectonic Stress, UFO apparitions and the Oracle of Delphi
  • The systematic global network of Sacred Geometrically inspired Temples, Henges, Cathedrals, Earthwork complexes and Pyramids.
  • The conscious modification of the Sacred landscape by a mysterious class of Master Builders.
  • The correlation between tectonic fault lines, paranormal phenomena, prophecy and divination in the ancient and modern world.
  • Parapsychology, Psychoreactive Plasmas, Poltergiests, Geomagnetic and Ionic effects on human consciousness and the potential physical basis of anomalous phenomena.
  • Scientific Enlightenment, Rationality, Rosicrucianism, The Dark Ages, The Black Plague, and The Holy Grail as Renaissance Technology.
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