The Media Loves Manhunts: Can Chris Dorner Survive?

Only in California, home of the late Huey P. Newton and then the Symbionese Liberation Army that went several steps further, do characters emerge that transcend every action movie fantasy and stereotype, characters like an ex-cop who has declared war on the police on, of all places, Facebook in a 6000 word statement that’s being described as “rambling.” (He never claimed he was writer.)

He denounces police practices that he considers racist and abusive, although the sheer drama of the manhunt will make it unlikely that media outlets will seriously delve into the substance of his charges.

Here is the full, uncensored text of his posting.

Christopher Jordan Dorner is being pictured as the “mad man” of the hour, playing himself in the manhunt of the week, accused of three murders that he denies, or appears deny as the author of a statement that’s being labeled a manifesto adding political weight to what began as personal crusade for self-vindication.

He is a presented as an irrational and scary armed black man out for revenge. So far, he has eluded capture, out maneuvering a small army of stalkers and posses in blue.

He’s being pictured as a well-trained killing machine with every police force out to get him, perhaps Bin Laden style, before he gets a chance to speak to the public about his detailed grievances with the LAPD. He is clearly at war with his former colleagues, writing:

“Unfortunately, this is a necessary evil that I do not enjoy but must partake and complete for substantial change to occur within the LAPD and reclaim my name.”

Does that Evil justify  “murder?” Unclear!

This is now a juicy media story. He has sent documents to journalists. He has praised CNN and MSNBC. The FBI is reportedly studying a package sent to Anderson Cooper. He is playing to the press and they are featuring him, but not in the way he would like.

As of Friday night, reports the New York Times, he has slipped away:

“With the search for a former Los Angeles police officer wanted in three killings yielding no sign of him Friday morning in a snowy valley high in the San Bernardino Mountains, the authorities were wondering whether he had somehow managed to slip the dragnet.”

(Great word, remember the police series, “Dragnet?”)

The public has been terrified by the dramatic media coverage: “For the second day in a row,” the Times tells us,

“local schoolchildren were getting a day off school, keeping them and their yellow buses off the mountain roads in the midst of the search…

Cindy Johnston, who lives in San Dimas, was in the Big Bear Lake area for the weekend to ski with her family and said: “We’re being a little bit more careful, but that’s about it. We’re keeping the kids closer together and not going out so much at night. I think he’d be stupid if he was here, and he doesn’t seem stupid. There are too many people looking for him….”

Remember those words: “He doesn’t seem stupid.”

He is treating his attempt to escape as a war game steeped in the alphabet soup lexicon of covert ops, telling his former colleagues:

“I know your TTP’s, (techniques, tactics, and procedures). Any threat assessments you generate will be useless. This is simple, I know your TTP’s and PPR’s. I will mitigate any of your attempts at preservation. ORM is my friend. I will mitigate all risks, threats and hazards. I assure you that Incident Command Posts will be target rich environments. KMA-367 license plate frames are great target indicators and make target selection even easier.

I will conduct DA operations to destroy, exploit and seize designated targets. If unsuccessful or unable to meet objectives in these initial small-scale offensive actions, I will reassess my BDA and re-attack until objectives are met. I have nothing to lose. My personal casualty means nothing. Just alike AAF’s, ACM’s, and AIF’s, you cannot prevail against an enemy combatant who has no fear of death. An enemy who embraces death is a lose, lose situation for their enemy combatants.”

Mike Ruppert, a former LAPD cop, often accused of being a conspiracy nut is not buying the official story. He writes:

“Chris Dorner could possibly break down all of law enforcement in SoCal and also foment internal revolts inside law enforcement.

He is a supremely-skilled warrior and living proof of the psychosis that comes from training warriors, telling them they are honorable, and then tasking them to kill women and non-combatants exactly as he is now doing here at home. He apparently has a little more control of his ROE than US personnel have used in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I am still digesting. I have read most of his so-called “manifesto” which is posted here. It is not a manifesto. It is an indictment. It makes complete sense to me. I believe all of his allegations and I suspect that Shamar Thomas and Captain Ray Lewis do too. While not condoning, but absolutely understanding his reasoning, I think he is being taken with the utmost seriousness because he can do real damage to institutions and “the s…ystem” as a whole.

I can say several things with certainty.

He is scaring the shit out of people in Washington, DC, at the FBI, at the DoJ, at the Pentagon and at CIA. This is a warrior capable of wreaking havoc. He’s already provoked a mistaken-identity shooting of innocents in Torrance.”

(CLG reports “A lawyer says two women delivering newspapers had no warning before they were mistakenly shot by Los Angeles police officers searching for triple murder suspect Christopher Dorner. Investigators say 47-year-old Maggie Carranza and her 71-year-old mother Emma Hernandez were in a Toyota Tundra pickup truck similar to Dorner’s vehicle. They were delivering newspapers in Torrance when LAPD officers guarding a target named in Dorner’s manifesto peppered the pickup with bullets, wounding the women, before dawn on Thursday.”)

Adds Ruppert, “At this moment I am absolutely certain that covert CIA/JSOC hit teams are being deployed all over Southern California. Their urgent orders would be to ‘kill on sight’. The last thing anyone wants now is for him to come in alive and testify.”

That may be, but there is no evidence yet for this hyperbolic and sensational claim.

He does make more sense in his conclusion: “I just hope he understands that he can do far more damage alive than dead.”

Dorner is disturbed, for sure, but has also, no doubt, had lots of disturbing experiences. I can’t comment on his mental condition but there is a lot that is maddening and mad in that culture. He’s not the first cop to go off the reservation. Some kill their families before killing themselves.

The plot is thickening. What makes it fascinating too is that Dorner is no ideological lefty—he says he likes Bush Sr. He references his detailed experiences in the police culture. They sound very believable, but this is a culture that is barely covered and where dissidents rarely enjoy any sympathy.

Let’s hope that this man will survive but, given the forces ranged against him, and given the ‘shoot first, ask questions later’ MO that characterizes police reactions in the increasingly common violent incidents like this, that may be asking a lot.

My suggestion to him is to do what another alleged “cop killer” did in New York in the 1950’s. His name was Jerry Rosenberg, a.k.a “Jerry The Jew,” who became well known later during the Attica rebellion.

He was then a kid, a driver in a robbery that turned violent. There was a huge manhunt out to get him. It was a headline story in all the tabloids. He claimed he shot no one and turned himself into the Daily News newsroom in New York after he stripped naked and had pictures taken to show he has not been beaten. He used the media to survive certain capture and probably execution.

Armed police surrounded the building. Threats were made. But the paper turned him over in the glare of publicity, and he was not killed or brutalized. He was, however, later convicted on a life sentence on a felony murder charge that said if he took part in the robbery, he could be held accountable for what happened there. He spent years behind bars as a successful prison lawyer.

Stay tuned. There is more to come in this escapade of life emulating the movies. And speaking of movies, what California studio will get the movie rights? Has reality finally outdone the big screen?

News Dissector Danny Schechter blogs at He is the director of the film Plunder: The Crime of our Time.

33 Comments on "The Media Loves Manhunts: Can Chris Dorner Survive?"

  1. f_galton | Feb 9, 2013 at 2:25 pm |

    “He is a presented as an irrational and scary armed black man out for revenge.”

    I think his murdering three people has a little bit to do with that.

    • The rambling manifesto that he published online, so that Tebow and Ellen would be able to hear his sage career advice before his extended suicide by cop performance art reaches its inevitable end, would probably be a factor too.

    • You have no evidence that this man has murdered anyone,surely that is for a court to decide,trial by media or law officials should be illegal

  2. WTFMFWOMG | Feb 9, 2013 at 5:43 pm |

    The thing is, LAPD’s tactics have been known for decades. Much ink and film have been given to stories of corruption and abuse. Many have sufferd and died at their hands, yet it continues. It should be no surprise that someone finally snapped.

    An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. I do not condone his reaction to many decades of injustice, but I am reminded of Newton’s law.

  3. “….(He never claimed he was writer.)” And you never claimed to proof read your articles. This is in the first paragraph for fuck sake.

  4. “accused of three murders that he denies, or appears deny as the author of a statement that’s being labeled a manifesto” – What?

  5. InfvoCuernos | Feb 9, 2013 at 6:48 pm |

    Run, Chris, Run. I knew this would be big when I first heard about it. While I don’t condone the killing of the ex chief’s daughter, I think that LAPD has had enough time and warning to get the rotten apples out and try to change and they haven’t shown any interest in doing that, so they should expect this sort of explosion to happen. If half the stuff in that manifesto is true, its a surprise it didn’t happen sooner. I hope Chris makes it into some kind of federal protective custody but I think his fate was sealed when he killed that girl. All the same, this red flag should not be dismissed.

  6. There are a lot of disputes about the authenticity of the longer form of the manifesto featuring those weird celebrity shout-outs and the like. Initially, the only one available was the short form manifesto which pertained only to his words to police. There are several different versions of the manifesto with various redactions and interpolations.

    I’m inclined to believe that only the original manifesto is genuine. I think the longer one is disinfo. The writing style and pacing and word choice just doesn’t match. There are also a lot more grammatical and spelling errors in the latter half. Whether it’s a psyop or some idiot who thought it would be cool to throw a bunch of extra junk in there, I don’t know. We still don’t know what was on all those dvds he allegedly sent out.

    I mean basically, it would be in the best interests of law enforcement and government to edit the shit out of his words and pass it off as his to serve whatever agendas they may.

    • Apathesis | Feb 9, 2013 at 11:38 pm |

      I also noticed the increase in spelling errors in the second half of the “uncensored version”, which instantly made me question its veracity.

      It’s all very fishy to me.

    • Smith Smith | Feb 10, 2013 at 8:46 am |

      Seems your conspiracy theories serve whatever agenda you may have.

  7. Smith Smith | Feb 10, 2013 at 8:43 am |

    “What makes it fascinating too is that Dorner is no ideological lefty…” What makes it fascinating is how you could come away with such a statement after reading the lengthy list of lefty shout-outs that constitutes the bulk of his “manifesto”. Disinfo indeed.

  8. Check out the british Daily mail published online today.It states that chris dorner was hailed a hero 11 years ago in oklahoma for finding a bag of cash belonging to a church and handed it in.Seems he was a very honest cop,I find it strange that this story has been picked up by the british media but i haven’t found any reference to it in the american press

    • Yeah, that is interesting, thanks for sharing with us. This manhunt sounds like psych ops

  9. Marina Meadows | Feb 10, 2013 at 9:43 pm |

    Explain to me WHY NONE resources are use to STOP Corruption and Corrupts??? That is why this is what happening to my family and many, many families all over USA for Protesting on the Streets and expose Corruption and Corrupts, still we are KILL w/out GUNS!! We have been”Kill Alive”because of the Retaliation of some JUDGES! Read my tweets at pradera123 Watch video & make it Viral, so it does not happen to anybody else! Spread, Share The Truth: in YTube /IR7b6uiofjg Plz watch this short video it is the product of the retaliation of some of the Judges…..It took us over 10 Years to upload, because we are blocked mostly everywhere! Begins in Spanish for a minute.. folowws in English Read tweets at pradera123 or join my FB page TheMeadowsFmly at aol Unfortunately Blocking us to shut us up! Manipulating my mail, internet and ph(305)788-7679 with ATT, but My family exist! WE ARE NOT “SPAM” If everything blocked perhaps you can Google my name: Marina Meadows We are in need of Urgent Help !!

  10. My gosh, if this is psychological ops as some say. How exactly does that happen? They make Chris go crazy? Pick up a bunch of guns? Decide to go on rampage? how exactly does our government do that to ONE person and WHY target him? What does make sense is that to get drone approval of killing US citizens, it would be hard without a precedent, and Dorner could be that precedent!

  11. charlieprimero | Feb 11, 2013 at 5:58 am |

    He was trained all his life via football, military, and cop school to be
    an loyal, obedient dog and proudly serve his noble masters. Then he
    learns the hard way that his masters are not so noble, and has a
    break-down because of it.

    I never felt sorry for people on the Texas dog-fighting circuit who got
    torn up by a dog they trained.

  12. That’s excactly what i thought,maybe it’s to stop discussion on the sandy hook psy-op,fill the media with something else

  13. WTFMFWOMG | Feb 12, 2013 at 1:11 am |

    Another African American Ex-LAPD cop speak out. He understands, but hopes Dorner will stop:

  14. "Big" Richard Johnson | Feb 12, 2013 at 2:39 am |

    I hope he kills every pig in LA. He has the skills, and with some luck, he can do it.

    I look forward to the screaming and crying of the widows.

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