TI&TB: The Inspiring Wendy Rule

The Infinite and the BeyondPodcast: Episode 030 — The Inspiring Wendy Rule

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In the latest episode of The Infinite and the Beyond, we speak with Australian visionary songstress Wendy Rule and have a very enjoyable time with her as we discuss her work, her online course Living a Life of Magick, hanging out with the fae, her future album and her current US tour. All while being completely captivated by her music which plays throughout the episode. In A Corner in the Occult, we learn about the controversial, “King of the Witches,” Alex Sanders, the founder of Alexandrian Wicca and in the spirit of creativity we contemplate the ideas surrounding the Awen in The Essence of Magick. All this and more in this haunting and inspiring episode with the lovely Wendy Rule!


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Chris Orapello

Pagan artist, witch, animist, and host of "Down at the Crossroads" a podcast that features one on one interviews and discussions with today’s most influential Pagan artists, authors, musicians, teachers, leaders, bloggers, podcasters, and more! Exploring topics that will turn the Pagan community on its head in an attempt to gain a new perspective on life, all while hearing some great music by today’s greatest Pagan and Pagan inspired musicians and bands.Down at the Crossroads is where today’s Paganism crosses paths with the world!

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