Today’s Blue Light Special: 10 Pounds of Weed

A fantastic headline courtesy of SPD Blotter:

Police seized a big package of pot earlier this week after the weed took a wrong turn on a cross-country trip and landed in the stock room at a north Seattle Kmart.

Just after noon on January 28th, Kmart employees called police to their store at 132nd and Aurora Avenue N. after a package—filled with 10 pounds of weed wrapped in garbage bags, packing peanuts, and cleaning-fluid-soaked pages from a Korean newspaper (?!?)—arrived at the store.

Delivery information on the package indicates it was originally shipped via UPS from Los Angeles to a Philadelphia address, but never made it to its intended destination in Philly.

Whoever sent the package listed the address of the Seattle Kmart on the return label…

[continues at SPD Blotter]


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6 Comments on "Today’s Blue Light Special: 10 Pounds of Weed"

  1. If I discovered that, the last damned thing I would do is phone the cops.

  2. They should have let the employee’s split it as a bonus. God and KMart knows they could have used it, their mood would be better even though they were screwed by their employers every day, and once it landed in Seattle it was pretty close to legal. Let’s see… 16 X 10 = 160 employees sent out the door with the legal amount allowed.

    Ah well, Korean dope, we have better here in Washington anyway.

    • Quick question, if it’s illegal to open mail, how the fuck did they find out it was pot?

  3. If it was mail, their address was the return address, so…

    If it was air freight, like Fed Ex or UPS or DHL any of their employees has the right to open any package they deem suspicious for any reason whatsoever. If it is drugs the DEA is usually called, they borrow a carrier’s uniform and the DEA makes the delivery. Once you except the package from the faux air freight man he arrests you. Even though marijuana is legal in the State of Washington, sending it across State lines or out of the country is still very illegal.

    I used to work for DHL but most people learn this last part the hard way.

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