Woman Dies From Drinking Too Much Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola Glas mit EisLet’s face it, drinking Coke just isn’t good for you. Not many people are going to die from it, but on the other hand why risk damaging your health at all? BBC News reports on the Kiwi who took her addiction to Coca-Cola way too far:

Drinking large quantities of Coca-Cola was a “substantial factor” in the death of a 30-year-old woman in New Zealand, a coroner has said.

Natasha Harris, who died three years ago after a cardiac arrest, drank up to 10 litres of the fizzy drink each day.

This is twice the recommended safe limit of caffeine and more than 11 times the recommended sugar intake.

Coca-Cola had argued that it could not be proved its product had contributed to Ms Harris’ death.

The coroner’s verdict came on the day Coca-Cola Sales said sales in Europe and China fell in the last quarter of 2012, and warned of a “volatile” year to come.

‘Clear warnings’ needed
Natasha Harris, a mother of eight from the southern New Zealand city of Invercargill, suffered from ill health for years before her death.

Her family said she had developed an addiction to Coca-Cola and would get withdrawal symptoms, including “the shakes”, if she went without her favourite drink.

“(She would) go crazy if she ran out… she would get the shakes, withdrawal symptoms, be angry, on edge and snappy,” her mother-in-law Vivien Hodgkinson told the coroner’s inquest last year.

Ms Harris drank Coke throughout her waking hours and her teeth had been removed because of decay…

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18 Comments on "Woman Dies From Drinking Too Much Coca-Cola"

  1. In fairness, the fact of whether or not she was diabetic or obese- or both- goes unanswered in this article. Still, 10 liters of candy-water a day is sickening & sounds unhealthy as Hell. Wonder if she ever drank real water.

    • Hadrian999 | Feb 13, 2013 at 4:15 pm |

      if i drink a more than a large soft drink it really messes with my stomach and makes me jittery, my mind boggles at what drinking 10 litres per day would do to me

  2. How does one even afford to drink that much a day, let alone be able to do so?

  3. Man, that’s a lot of High Fructose Genetically Modified Corn Syrup to ingest in one day. The real question is would Mexican Coke with real sugar let her survive? Today coke is not just coke.

  4. “‘Clear warnings’ needed”

    WARNING: Do not drink 10 litres of fizzy drink every day.

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  5. Herp Derp | Feb 12, 2013 at 7:12 pm |

    And nothing of value was lost.

  6. Yuck! Who the fuck drinks coke without rum?

  7. Dyzo Bandit | Feb 13, 2013 at 12:57 am |

    I hate articles like these. “Drinking Coke is bad for you (if you drink 10 litres of it at once)! Evil soda!”

    The alarmist food articles on Disinfo are about to put me off the site, after following it for over a decade. It’s just getting tired.

  8. lazy_friend | Feb 13, 2013 at 8:37 am |

    She also was the mother of 8 coke laced kids.

  9. I’ll testify to having had withdrawals from Coca-cola. It was a similar feeling to the kinda buzz in your head when you want a cigarette, but it wasn’t from caffeine or sugar, drinking a coke is the only thing that would satisfy it.

  10. Brian The Bastard | Feb 14, 2013 at 3:01 am |

    another headline could be “More evidence to support theory of Natural Selection”

  11. Cokes not the best in terms of health, but the amount she drunk was INSANE, if I drank that much I’d be the bloody flash

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