Anti-Austerity March Hoped To Be The Biggest Protest In U.K. History

Organizers of the largest protest in history to this point, the 2003 march against the invasion of Iraq, are among those hopping to orchestrate a watershed moment for the global movement against austerity, writes the Independent:

The new “People’s Assembly Against Austerity” will march through London on 22 June, and, with the help of the Stop The War Coalition, intends to break that group’s record for the largest public rally in the nation’s history. The group claims it will be “an alternative democratic forum to a Parliament that has failed the people it is supposed to represent.” It will be, they hope “the launch-pad for mass resistance to austerity”.

Green Party Member of Parliament Caroline Lucas, Labour’s Katy Clark, Director of Executive Policy at the Unite trade union Steve Turner, head of the National Union of Teachers Kevin Courtney, comedian and disabled activist Francesca Martinez, as well as Independent columnists Owen Jones and Mark Steel, are the figureheads of a group they hope will appeal to anyone against austerity, regardless of background.

John Rees, a national officer for the Stop The War Coalition, said the planned march on 22 June would “have to be bigger than the ‘stop the war’ march”, which took place on the 15 February 2003, in protest at the growing likelihood of an invasion of Iraq, a march which “we now know” he says, “came very close to stopping the war”. Estimates for numbers at that rally range from 750,000 to 2,000,000 people.

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  1. Many people misunderstand the nature of protests. Often one hears the cynic complain that protests don’t change anything; that without a clear political platform, the protest is a useless assembly of people. This is backwards. Protests are a sign of change, not the precursor. Change only comes from within.

    • LucidDreamR | Mar 29, 2013 at 1:05 pm |

      Protests, especially of this magnitude, accomplish far more than most people even realize. It shows the powers that be that we can organize in large numbers for a cause. They must know that somewhere there is a breaking point where the people can use this power to organize in other ways if backed into a corner.

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