Argo and the Stolen Truth About Iran

Mahmood Delkhasteh writes at Counterpunch:

This year’s Oscar-winning movie ‘Argo’ recently spurred Iran’s former president, Abolhassan Banisadr to write an article about the ‘October Surprise’. In it, he discusses the secret deal between Ronald Reagan and Ayatollah Khomeini which, by delaying the release of the hostages being held in the US embassy in Tehran, swayed the results of the 1980 US presidential election to favour Reagan over the incumbent Jimmy Carter. Banisadr argues that through ‘falsifying, misrepresenting and taking critical facts out of context,’ the film ‘delivers a pro-CIA message,’ and that by portraying Iranians as irrational and aggressive people it prepares the US public to support a war should the current nuclear negotiations fail.

The day after Banisadr’s article was published, Robert Parry, who had written previously about the ‘short-sighted history of Argo’, wrote a second article supporting these arguments. He added that ‘the House Task Force which was examining this so-called October Surprise controversy in 1992 had come to the conclusion that they had found “no credible evidence” of a Republican-Iranian deal had reached such a conclusion only by ignoring important facts and burying a letter from Banisadr letter detailing his behind-the-scenes struggle with Khomeini and Khomeini’s son Ahmad over their secret dealing with the Reagan campaign.

Soon after, Barbara Honneger, a former White House Domestic Policy Advisor who had played a major role in exposing this secret deal, wrote an extended comment on Parry’s article. Her article illuminates how the report by the Task Force, which was chaired by Rep. Lee Hamilton, was nothing but a ‘white wash and cover up.’ One of its members, Dymally, drafted a Minority Report, but Hamilton prevented him from publishing it through bullying and threatening to fire his entire Congressional Staff. Honneger reveals how Banisadr’s letter was coordinated with a two-hour press conference where she presented reporters at the National Press Club with reams of incriminating evidence on the October Surprise cover up (she is now planning to release a videotape of this two-hour press conference). As she writes, this ‘flood of last-minute’ evidence on that historic day implicated the Reagan-Bush campaign in plans in delaying the release of the hostages, and led the Task Force Chief Council Lawrence Barcella to ask Lee Hamilton to extend the enquiry for a further three months. Hamilton refused.

This may seem puzzling at first. Why would Hamilton prefer to produce a ‘white wash and cover up’ report rather than extend the enquiry? The answer could lie in a conversation he had with Banisadr before the Task Force was established. In a personal interview, Banisadr revealed that Hamilton told him if there had been a clandestine deal between Reagan and Khomeini, all governments in the last twelve years would be considered illegal, and that this would be extremely harmful for the political system. Banisadr told him that the price of lying would be even higher, as the American people would lose trust not only in politicians but the entire political system if they became aware of this lie, which soon or late they would.

Here, we can see that Hamilton had already decided to produce his report even before setting up the Task Force, as he had calculated that the price of telling the truth would be extremely high. Had had he told the truth, it is nearly certain that many of the political decisions which have had disastrous global consequences, such as the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, would not have taken place.

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Regarding the “legality” of U.S. governments, see also: Newly Declassified Recordings: Candidate Nixon Sabotaged Vietnam Peace to Get Elected

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  1. BuzzCoastin | Mar 24, 2013 at 10:31 pm |

    Hollywood & the CIA
    is there anyone here who doesn’t yet know that Hollywood is Big Homelander’s shill, and
    that all mainstream & a lot of alternative entertrainment is designed to pacify the sheeple?

    the duplicitous dealings of the Bush family mafia and their puppets
    it’s a tired story now and if you get too close & too loud about it
    you commit suicide

    • Or get ousted as a pill popper?

    • David Duke-Astin | Mar 25, 2013 at 6:29 am |

      surely you don’t mean Liberal Hollywood and their gay marriaging and their occasional race-mixing!

      But seriously, folks, whenever something that challenges hegemony slips through, it’s suppressed either by being shelved or it is marketed as an Art House item. Of course, they have a long record or simply re-writing history with an amazing power.

      • BuzzCoastin | Mar 25, 2013 at 6:43 am |

        Hollywood plays both sides against the middle
        sometimes partisan, sometimes critical
        but always a loyal bitch to monied interests
        because Hollywood is a monied interest too

        Hollywood has waged war on the copyright & fair use
        and is always ready to shovel out some jingoistic Soma for the sheeple to graze on
        nonetheless people maintain a job so they can buy that bullshit
        and call it freedom

      • Jin The Ninja | Mar 25, 2013 at 10:27 am |

        emphasis on occasional. hollywood prefers racebending and whitewashing to mixing.

        • Racebending… I just learned a new word.

          • Jin The Ninja | Mar 25, 2013 at 3:39 pm |

            it was coined during that travesty of a movie ‘avatar: last airbender” by a scholar in the (h)APA (hapa/asian/pacific islander) studies field, and everybody in that little neck of the netiverse now uses it to describe similar phenomenon re: race and media.

          • Interesting, of all the things in that movie, what they did with the races in that movie was probably the most blatant bit of weirdness. I could not really describe it in words… until now; racebending really does fit so well in so many ways(i’m sure its name is also referencing to the powers of “bending” from the mythos as well).

          • Jin The Ninja | Mar 28, 2013 at 8:01 pm |

            you are absolutely correct about meaning of the word (very apropos considering). there was quite the internet outrage about the movie/casting from the (h)APA community- and interestingly enough, the creator of ATLAB who is white, cheekily released concept art after the very racist casting call was made public- that pretty much solidified Aang as east asian/tibetan, katara as inuit, toth as chinese/korean and zuko as japanese/chinese. i mean the entire world of the animation is very much set in an east asian/indigenous-universe with elements of s.e. asian culture, steampunk, and shaw brothers. the bending styles are all based on real world styles of chinese kungfu, the writing is all hanzi/kanji.
            the movie was an absolute farce that disregarded all the intended elements. but it was very typical of hollywood.

    • It says a lot that they can basically let the cat out of the bag put out a film about Hollywood colluding with the CIA, and nobody asks “How much more of this is going on?” Why is this story being told now, just when diplomatic tensions with Iran are peaking?

      • BuzzCoastin | Mar 25, 2013 at 9:03 am |

        It’s not widely known, but easily discovered that the CIA ran a media production complex in Laural Canyon @ 1164 Laurel Canyon Blvd. Not sure it ever closed.

        They seem to be doing the jingo dance right now because the need to invade Iran to keep the MIBC churning along. Hollywood is part of the MIBC.

      • ParanoidCoast | Mar 25, 2013 at 11:16 am |

        Also, the CIA funded the Abstract Expressionists. Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, et al were all indirectly on the CIA payroll! Strange but true:

    • Funny you should mention the Bush’s right now. It just so happens I am on the second read of The Secret War Against The Jews by Aarons and Loftus. In fact, right at this moment I am on the part about the Iran/Contra deal and the release of the very same hostages including CIA operative Bill Buckley. As you read the story above you really should substitute Bush for Reagan, as we are told in this book by “old spies” that Reagan read his speeches well but he was tired. The hostage deal is laid squarely at George Sr.s feet with the help of Bill Casey and Lee Aspin. According to Loftus and Aarons sources Reagan is excluded and North is said to have been pro-Israel and anti terrorist, and therefore kept on the outer fringes until late in the game. Even then they were keeping their options open to use North as a scapegoat.

      This is not to sing the virtues of Oliver North, when it became clearer to Ollie that we were not so anti-terrorist or pro Israel as we claimed, North did manage to put his feelings aside in order to better serve the group.

      What group you might ask? The “Crisis Pre-Planning Group” or CPPG. It is also pointed out that the CIA was not involved at all, but rather that the Vice President put together his own intelligence group called the CPPG and ran the hostage deal out of the VPs office alone. The only intelligence groups which were included were the British MI6 – to avoid Congressional bans against CIA activities – and the Soviet GRU which was actually arranging the weapons supply from Communist weapons manufacturers. Therefore, in effect, the GRU was getting paid by the White House to supply some of their own puppet States with their own weapons. Dizzying isn’t it?

      So now let’s look at the broad historical timeline here. Allen Dulles protege Nixon lets his old Bay of Pigs friends screw it up at Watergate. Resignation. Enter Gerald Ford – all three of these guys from the Warren Commission. Ford does a soft shoe and pardons Nixon. Reagan is going to defeat Carter – the CIA and the State Department have been working against him throughout his term anyway – but Reagan is told that he can have the Republican nomination only if he takes Nixon protege George Bush, former CIA director, as his running mate. George and his personal cronies don’t wait, they make this bargain to put off the hostage release, which after the election they completely botched. A similar deal was made during the Nixon re-election race to put off the Paris peace agreement, if I remember right.

      Now let’s jump ahead to the son…

      No, let’s don’t. It’s my day off and this is starting to get a little depressing. But you see what I am saying; an invisible coup sort of thing with the same illegal activity continuing and increasing in scope. In the CPPG we see foreshadowing of Rumsfeld’s later private Pentagon Intelligence group, which though private, was publicly known. And on the Mid East and economics we now have in the White House another Bush in a suit from Chicago. And so few even see it…

      So to lighten things up how about a video?

      My apologies for that, it just seemed to fit so well right there, as a former D.J. I just couldn’t stop myself. Cut it if you want Matt.

      • BuzzCoastin | Mar 25, 2013 at 10:25 am |

        It seems to have started with Prescott making Nixon a Bush pawn in the late 30’s. He was later transferred to Poppy’s care. Poppy Bush was the head of the GOP during Watergate and orchestrated Nixon’s downfall when he got uppity.

        There’s a great picture of Nixon, Prescott and Jack Ruby sharing a laugh.

        Raygun’s handler was also Poppy and Poppy ran Clinton too. Obviously he ran W. too, but I think Cheney was the main guy. Obama’s family was CIA; his Mom worked for Tim Geithner’s CIA father. His grandmother ran CIA money operation as a VP at the Bank of Hawaii.

        Most of that is probably not in the book.

        • Nope, but thanks. Good to know.

          It was pointed out that Nixon did hand off to Poppy the oversight of the ethnic division of the RNC. This group was primarily concerned with one ethnic group, former NAZIs. It seems that the RNC was painfully aware that Jews voted democratic by and large and therefore the former NAZIs were expected to get out the votes for the Republicans as a counter balance.

          Again we have the thread from Dulles on down, since the Dulles gang were the ones to import these war criminals.

          As for Clinton, no surprise there. We all know about Mina AR and what went on there while he was Governor. Factor in the Gary Webb/Freeway Rickie Ross/CIA connection from the same time period and I think we can connect a few more dots and say that Clinton was a veteran team player. Which explains how someone we never heard of, once again, jumped up out of obscurity and became President.

          • BuzzCoastin | Mar 25, 2013 at 8:38 pm |

            > It was pointed out that Nixon did hand off to Poppy

            Nixon got canned because he couldn’t follow the script. Poppy was his boss; he couldn’t hand-off anything to Poppy.

            > Which explains how someone we never heard of, once again, jumped up out of obscurity and became President.

            Obummer was Poppy’s greatest victory; just ask him.
            Oh course you know Prescott was Hitler’s American bankster, right?

            As far as I can tell, the Nazi’s won WW2.

          • Well, Nixon was the mentor until he screwed up. Bush was his protege to begin with but at the urging of Dulles, but then again Nixon never did feel like he was let into the circle of the true elite and resented it sharply. Joseph P. Kennedy always had similar feeling because of his Catholicism.

            Yeah, figured I would leave Prescott out of it as his little escapades could fill a book all by themselves. He was also involved in the Business Plot.

            As for the winners of WWII I agree, and so does author Jim Marrs. At the very least, if they lost we moved almost all of the machinery to the Western hemisphere so that it could keep on rolling.

            But I’ll go one further, i agree with Marrs that Hitler had the A’bomb before we did. Captured documents from occupied Germany and Hitler’s comments reveal that his Postmaster General was enriching atomic fuel elctrostatically. His use of Fluoride in their water system tends to bear that out. On top of that we were not enriching fuel fast enough to drop what we did when we did. Where did the extra come from all of a sudden? This was never officially explained, but by the time we had it Germany was already defeated.

          • BuzzCoastin | Mar 26, 2013 at 7:48 pm |

            Nixon was a small time California rube when Prescott found him around 38ish and Prescott moved him to DC in 42. Nixon went back to Cali in 46ish and started his political career, six years later he was VP of the US.
            That picture you saw of Prescott tweaking Nixon’s hat in front of Jack Ruby was taken while Nixon was VP. Prescott is clearly the boss in that pic.

            Otherwise, yeah, we agree, the Nazi’s won.

  2. DrDavidKelly | Mar 25, 2013 at 12:43 am |

    I can’t believe Ben Affleck lied to me!!!! [sob]

  3. I know this may sound like I’m nitpicking, and I am, but there are small details that could be fixed in order to add credibility to this article. I believe this, don’t get me wrong, but for people who disagree these points might be fuel to their fire. Examples: “burying a letter from Banisadr letter detailing his”. I believe second letter should be omitted. Also, “soon or late they would.” might mean “sooner or later” and the last sentence begins “Had had”. Sorry, it just bothered me slightly. I might be alone in this.

  4. America; swaying elections and manipulating public opinion since 1898. That would be the beginning of the Spanish/American war when America bombed the USS Maine (our own ship) to justify entry into the war. We’ve been getting more subtle since then.

  5. Will Coles | Mar 25, 2013 at 2:04 pm |

    When the US military has a special office to co-ordinate with Hollywood films then it should surprise no one that the CIA would be operating in a similar way, if slightly more clandestine. Hollywood has always played on people’s fears but the US government is taking a more & more active role in manipulating those fears using movies as its propaganda weapon, cranking up the fear & allowing public acceptance of supposed enemies & therefore supporting the action the US government wants to take against them.

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