Arizona Moves To Approve Gold And Silver As Legal Currency

The return-to-old-timey measure follows a similar development by Utah. The Arizona Daily Star explains:

State senators voted [last] Wednesday to make gold and silver legal tender in Arizona. They persuaded Sen. Chester Crandell, a Heber Republican, to give privately minted gold and silver coins the same legal status to pay bills. The proposal, SB 1439, stems from concerns of some that the paper money is losing value.

The U.S. Constitution specifically prohibits states from creating their own currency. But supporters contend that does not preclude states from recognizing coins minted by private organizations. The legislation would not require anyone to accept these coins.

Crandell acknowledged his legislation probably is unworkable, for now. So he agreed to delay its effective date until after 2014, giving lawmakers a chance to work out any of the kinks. A final roll-call vote is needed before the measure is sent to the House.

  • mikrat

    People need to learn what “Legal Status” means.

    Gold and Silver are already Lawful Money. Legal is another corporate animal.

  • Andrew

    If society collapses, I’d rather have seeds and a plot of land. Gold would be much easier to steal.

  • Matt G

    The world has changed and there will never be a gold standard again. Precious metal simple doesn’t scale enough to meet modern economic needs. The “Run to gold” is right wing pundit fear mongering. You can’t sell gold until you sell the fear.

    • Robert Jackson

      Wow only right wingers buy gold? Are you mentally fuckingretarded?

    • Robert Jackson

      Wow only right wingers buy gold? Are you mentally fuckingretarded?

      • Andrew

        He didn’t say only right wingers buy gold.

    • Chaorder Gradient

      For a gold standard to exist, with the amount of money in existence right now, compared with the amount of gold in existence on planet earth, gold dust would have to be legal tender.

      Note this Huuge chart:

      I linked where my point is understood, but theres a lot of other interesting stuff in there.

  • Chris Michael

    U.S. coins are already minted by a private organization. The Federal Reserve’s been doing it since 1913.

    • amerikagulag

      Yeah but the problem with the Federal Reserve is that they’ve usurped the power of the Congress alone to print currency – and illegally. Also with every dollar BORROWED by the Government FROM the Fed, there’s is INTEREST ATTACHED. So….the debt can NEVER BE REPAID.

      Perhaps you can see now the depth of the SCAM being perpetrated on Americans with respect to their currency. Nothing backs the dollar. It’s fiat currency. It’s just paper with nothing to back it. The FED is a private, for-profit corporation. The federal reserve act should be repealed and Bernanke sent packing to Israel.

      It’s also instructive to note that the FED as well as ALL the central banks of Europe are Rothschild-owned. “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws.”
      – Mayer Amschel Rothschild

  • emperorreagan

    This is incredibly stupid.

    You can already develop private currencies and use them locally. Most are pegged to some sort of buy-in in dollars, but you could use gold or silver or whatever you wanted. You just have to convince local businesses to accept the currency. There’s the Ithaca Hour, Baltimore has the B-Note, there are other currencies in Wisconsin, Oregon, and elsewhere. A system that works based on free association…

    Gold/Silver as currency is a fantasy of people particularly beholden to a generally fanciful history & philosophy of economics, where “money” has some intrinsic value apart from social interaction. Yet note here that this movement isn’t one where people independently exchange in a manner of their choosing: they are looking for the state to force their idiocy down the throats of everyone. A system that works only based on coercion by the state…

  • NMonde

    Loving the awareness shown in these comments!

  • Hadrian999

    but when will Wisconsin approve curds as currency

  • Hadrian999

    but when will Wisconsin approve curds as currency