British Woman Allegedly Recovers After Dying For 45 Minutes

The question is, to where did her consciousness migrate during that time? Biblical heaven? A flying saucer? The black lodge from Twin Peaks? The BBC reports that she does not recall:

A 63-year-old woman who was expected to die after her heart stopped for 45 minutes is recovering well. Carol Brothers, from Easterton near Devizes, collapsed outside her home from a heart attack, last month.

Mrs. Brothers was returning home from a shopping trip with her daughter when she collapsed, said her husband David: “She was flat out on the floor, just changing colour – a horrible colour and basically I panicked.”

Paramedics managed to restart her heart after 45 minutes and she was airlifted to hospital. Mrs. Brothers is now recovering at home but says she has no memory of her ordeal.

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  1. If you think this is impressive go check out Dr. Sam Parnia’s work:

    He was also a recent guest on CtC, and it will blow your mind. I think he’s got a book out there as well. There have been people dead for literally hours who have been revived, and they have some pretty great stories to tell.

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