DisinfoCast 50: Justin “The Viking” Wren: Fight for the Forgotten

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Heavyweight UFC fighter and “The Ultimate Fighter” star Justin “The Viking” Wren has just taken on the fight of his life: Free the Congo’s Pygmy people from oppression and slavery. How will he do it? Learn in this episode of the DisinfoCast, and then join the fight at www.fightfortheforgotten.com.

4 Comments on "DisinfoCast 50: Justin “The Viking” Wren: Fight for the Forgotten"

  1. Really awesome story. He should hit up David Choe. I hear he has got a couple million laying around, and has also been to the Congo. Choe is a Christian too believe it or not. I am serious about this.

  2. This hits the feelers… I do not have the cash to support, yet I can support by spreading the word. It’s not as much as I’d like to do, but it’s what I can do. Awesome stuff.

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